Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: Chapter 430 - Entering Chess Mountain

Chapter 430 Entering Chess Mountain

Zhou Wen had a limited understanding of the bureau . He couldn’t do anything even if he had the intention .

Therefore, he made a phone call to An Sheng and asked him for information regarding the bureau .

“Young Master Wen, although Ják was very strong, he was locked up for so many years . His strength alone was far inferior to the bureau’s . ” An Sheng paused before saying, “Don’t worry about this . The An family definitely won’t let this matter rest . They will definitely make the bureau pay for it . We are already taking action . ”

“I just want to know more about my enemy . ” Zhou Wen didn’t explain further .

“That’s true . You will definitely have to deal with the bureau in the future . Indeed, you should have a detailed understanding of them . Why don’t you give me some time? I’ll organize the information and send you a copy . It won’t be appropriate passing some of the materials over the Internet,” An Sheng said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush . He hadn’t thought of what to do either .

“Did you really kill Ják?” An Sheng asked curiously as there were no traces of Ják’s corpse on the spot .

“I don’t know what to say . In theory, he should be dead,” Zhou Wen said .

“Then does that mean there’s still a chance of survival?” An Sheng asked .

“You don’t have to worry about Ják’s problem,” Zhou Wen said with certainty .

The reason he didn’t say that Ják was dead was that he had vanished in this world because the Companion Eggs produced by the Dead Man Tree were different from ordinary Companion Eggs . They carried things from their past lives, making them a type of clone .

Zhou Wen was still very expectant of the Companion Beast transformed by Ják . If he could have the ability to produce Life Blast, it would be of great help to Zhou Wen in his future battles .

Although he could use spatial trajectories to achieve the effect of a Life Blast, it was much less practical . It wasn’t as easy or convenient as Life Blast .

Furthermore, Ják was an expert in shadow escape and various curses . The only thing Zhou Wen wasn’t sure of was the number of techniques he could retain after Ják transformed into a Companion Beast .

Beep! Beep! A message came through the phone .

Zhou Wen took out his phone to take a look and realized that it was a message from The Thearch .

“I need these things . Buy them for me . ” A long list followed the message .

Zhou Wen took a look and realized that they were all equipment, instruments, and materials related to chemistry .

“What do you want these things for?” Zhou Wen found it odd . He remembered that he hadn’t introduced television dramas related to chemistry to The Thearch .

“For learning . ” The Thearch’s answer was very simple .

Learning chemistry? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he asked, “Have you watched the television dramas I introduced?”

“They’re too fake . Too boring . The fake stuff you humans cook up is useless . Only stuff like chemistry and technology is interesting . Hurry up and buy them . I want to see those things before tomorrow’s sunset . ”

“That’s impossible . Many of the things you want need to be purchased in a large city . I can’t get them in a small city at all . If I go to a big city, I’ll take half a month to return . ” Zhou Wen was telling the truth . It was possible to buy something like a beaker in a typical small city, but it was impossible to buy those instruments .

The Thearch seemed to have learned a lot about the Federation from the Internet . She probably knew that Zhou Wen wasn’t lying . After some silence, she sent another message .

“I want you to enter Chess Mountain once . Get something inside . ”

“The Thearch, you also know how weak I am . If you let me enter Chess Mountain, won’t that kill me?” Zhou Wen immediately sent a message rejecting the request .

“As long as you do as I say, absolutely nothing will happen . If you don’t go, I’ll make a wish to sever all your limbs,” The Thearch said .

“What do you want me to go in for?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly . If The Thearch wanted him to enter to break the seal, that would be a huge problem .

“To take a treasure from inside . With that treasure, in the future, you can pass things to me directly through the treasure . There’s no need to run around again . You can save a lot of time,” said The Thearch .

“There’s actually such a treasure? What is it?” Zhou Wen was delighted when he heard that .

From the current situation, The Thearch really needed him to do errands, so it didn’t make sense for her to harm him . If he could enter Chess Mountain to take a gander at the situation inside, it would be helpful when he had to clear the Chess Mountain dungeon in the future . Furthermore, there were treasures that he could take .

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The Thearch said, “It’s nothing special . It’s just a flower . However, that flower is growing inside Chess Mountain . You have to enter the belly of the mountain to take it out . I can’t help you take it out . ”

“Is it really not dangerous?” Zhou Wen was still somewhat hesitant .

“Chess Mountain is indeed very dangerous, but as long as you follow my instructions, there won’t be any danger . Unless you have a death wish and choose not to listen to my orders . ” The Thearch paused and said, “You don’t have the right to choose . Show yourself at Chess Mountain in an hour or else…”

“Got it . All limbs severed, right?” Zhou Wen added .

Although he was unwilling, Zhou Wen still had to go . He had seen The Thearch’s strength before . The wish force was too terrifying . Even Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification couldn’t resolve the problem . He really had to go .

It’s indeed bad to take risks . I won’t randomly go to unfamiliar dimensional zones in the future . Zhou Wen packed and rushed to Chess Mountain .

When he saw the flower again, The Thearch didn’t say anything to him . He saw that there was a crack on the mountain wall from where the flower was rooted . It could probably allow someone to squeeze in .

“Come in . ” The Thearch’s voice came from within the flower .

Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and crawled into the crack by turning sideways .

The crack was narrow, so all Zhou Wen could do was slowly walk sidewards . The further he went in, the darker it became . Soon, it was pitch-black . Thankfully, Zhou Wen had Truth Listener, so he knew of the surrounding situation . It wasn’t that terrifying .

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After walking for quite some time, the rift finally opened up . Zhou Wen realized that in front of him was a huge space .

Zhou Wen was in the middle of the mountain belly . And at the bottom of it, there was a massive, strange building .

Zhou Wen had seen quite a number of ancient architectural maps, but this was the first time he had seen such a building . It had layers that resembled stairs, but they were extremely huge . Each layer was similar to a huge square .

At the very top was an ancient building . There was a rainbow-colored treasure halo that surged up into the sky, illuminating the interior of the mountain belly .

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