Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: Chapter 432 - Deer Terrace Pavilion

He didn’t use his phone to take a picture, but from the terrifying fluctuations emitted by the crystals, he knew that they were definitely not ordinary .

“Walk around the treasure platform and head behind it . ” The Thearch’s voice rang out in his mind again .

“Can I take some of the crystals here? If I need to buy anything in the future, I don’t have to ask you for money again,” Zhou Wen asked as he swallowed .

Even he couldn’t help but feel his heart race as he faced the mountain of high-level crystals .

“If you don’t want to live, go ahead and take them . If you want to stay alive, stay away from them and don’t touch them,” The Thearch said .

“Stingy,” Zhou Wen muttered as he circled around the mountain of crystals . When he walked to the back of the crystal pile, he saw a strange creature sprawled on the crystal pile . Its body was curled up as though it was sleeping .

The creature was golden in color and looked like a pangolin, but it seemed different .

“What dimensional creature is that?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the pangolin sprawled on the crystal pile . Since The Thearch hadn’t warned him to be careful, there shouldn’t be any danger .

“In the words of you humans, it’s a Mythical creature . It’s called a Wealth Conserver . It devours any greedy creature that tries to take its wealth,” The Thearch said .

“Mythical creature! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly as his voice deepened .

“As long as you don’t touch those crystals, it won’t wake up . Why would I talk about it?” The Thearch said matter-of-factly .

Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed . If he hadn’t listened to The Thearch and had greedily taken the crystals, he would have been in big trouble .

Behind the treasure platform was a stone staircase . Zhou Wen walked down the stone steps and entered a hall . He saw many strange stone sculptures of various strange beasts in the hall . They were ancient and majestic, but there was nothing special about them . However, they all had different-colored eggs in their mouths .

“Are those are Companion Eggs?” Zhou Wen looked at the two rows of stone sculptures on both sides of the hall . Each stone statue contained a Companion Egg in their mouth .

“That’s right . In your human words, those are Mythical Companion Eggs,” said The Thearch .

“Mythical Companion Eggs? What kind of place is this? Why are there so many treasures here?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

There were at least ten stone statues, and all of them had Mythical Companion Eggs in their mouths . This made it a little terrifying .

“Didn’t you go to school and learn the history of the East District?” The Thearch said in disdain .

“What does this have to do with me learning history?” Zhou Wen asked .

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“Since you’ve studied history, you should be able to recognize Deer Terrace Pavilion when you see it . This is a unique building in the world,” The Thearch said .

“Deer Terrace Pavilion? The Deer Terrace Pavilion that a tyrant built after expending all his country’s resources and oppressing the citizens?” Zhou Wen was terrible at history . He only studied to deal with the examinations, but he had also heard of Deer Terrace Pavilion because it was just so famous .

Back when the tyrant built Deer Terrace Pavilion using the entire nation’s strength, he had hidden countless rare treasures in it . He reveled in eating, drinking, and having fun in it . It was excessive extravagance and debauchery . It even left Zhou Wen somewhat envious .

“That’s right . This is the legendary Deer Terrace Pavilion . However, the effect of the Deer Terrace Pavilion isn’t as simple as storing treasures as you humans say . ”

“Then what’s it for?” Zhou Wen asked .

The Thearch gave a strange laugh and said, “You must have seen the movies and films regarding the Deer Terrace Pavilion, right? One of them talks about a fox demoness that invited immortals to descend to the mortal world to drink and eat at Deer Terrace Pavilion with the tyrant, right?”

“I’ve seen that, but they weren’t actually immortals . They were all manifestations of demons that the demoness invited,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

“Although the plot isn’t very realistic, it’s still slightly relevant . The Deer Terrace Pavilion’s usage is related to dimensional creatures, so it can also be considered as inviting demons,” The Thearch said indifferently .

“Can I take these Companion Eggs away?” Zhou Wen asked as he stared at the Companion Eggs . They were all Mythical Companion Eggs . Any one of them could be sold at an astronomical price . Even if he didn’t sell them, he could use them himself .

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“What do you think?” The Thearch asked .

“Forget it, I can’t take it,” Zhou Wen said helplessly .

“Then why aren’t you speeding up? There’s a flower pot on the right side of the hall . That’s the thing you are here for,” The Thearch urged .

Zhou Wen followed the location that The Thearch had mentioned and indeed saw a flower pot in the corner . It looked very inconspicuous—a shiny clay pot . There was a flower planted inside . It lazily grew two leaves and a flower . The flower looked like a morning glory flower . It drooped listlessly as though it was malnourished and was about to wither .

“What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you taking it away?” The Thearch urged again .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to pick the flower pot up . He wasn’t in a good mood as he could only bring out the flower pot despite seeing so many high-level crystals and Mythical Companion Beasts .

“The Thearch, it’s not easy to make a trip here . Do you have anything else for me to bring out? I don’t want to make another trip again,” Zhou Wen asked, unwilling to give up .

“There are dimensional creatures guarding the Deer Terrace Pavilion . If you have the ability, go ahead and take whatever you want . I will not stop you,” The Thearch said disdainfully .

Upon hearing that, Zhou Wen dismissed the thoughts of taking anything else . As he walked back with the flower pot, he asked, “What’s the use of this flower?”

“Don’t underestimate it . This flower has the ability to teleport . In the future, when you buy something and put it in the flower, you can teleport it to me . ”

“It’s only a fixed-point teleportation device?” Zhou Wen was immediately disappointed .

“You don’t have to be disappointed . In the future, if I have something to give you, I can also transfer it to you through it . It’s much more convenient than your human phones . It’s probably about the same as the quantum transportation device that you humans are researching without any results,” The Thearch said after some thought .

Zhou Wen forced a smile, but he could only hope that he could obtain benefits from The Thearch in the future . Otherwise, this would be a wasted trip; he didn’t benefit other than the flower pot .

Zhou Wen indignantly sized up his surroundings and saw that there was a strange nine-tailed fox’s portrait engraved on the wall in front of the hall . He couldn’t help but size up the portrait and said, “Is this the legendary true form of the fox demoness?”

“That’s right . If I were you, I wouldn’t continue looking at her,” The Thearch said coldly .

“Why?” Just as Zhou Wen asked, he felt his Lost Immortal Sutra react as its circulation began to slow down .

Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen saw the nine-tailed fox’s eyes emit an evil light .

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