Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: Chapter 434 - Primordial Crystal Mine

Chapter 434 Primordial Crystal Mine

Zhou Wen felt that there was no need for a man to waste time on trivial matters, but once he decided on what he wanted to do, he had to be ruthless . He had to strike to kill . If death wasn’t possible, he had to drill the pain into their bones and figuratively strike fear into their bones .

Zhou Wen found cursing, making harsh threats, smashing things, and face-slapping meaningless . Even if he were to kill two of the Special Inspector Bureau’s men—even if one was a minister—it would be considered a trivial matter for the bureau . They could just hire someone else to be the branch minister .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the strength to storm the headquarters of the bureau and destroy it yet .

Even an arrogant person like Ják had been locked up by the bureau for twenty-eight years . After he came out, he didn’t immediately seek revenge on the bureau, but followed orders to capture Zhou Wen . This proved how terrifying the bureau was .

Zhou Wen studied it for a long time before a piece of news caught his attention .

The Special Inspection Bureau was very powerful, but it was different from typical rich families . They were only a department in the Federation and were given a salary by the Federation .

Although it was very easy for a department like the bureau to earn money, Shen Yuchi had strictly forbidden corruption . At the moment, there were no cases of any such misdeeds . Zhou Wen really admired Shen Yuchi in this aspect .

To be able to control such a department to this level was not something anyone could do .

However, relying on the Federation’s funds alone was clearly insufficient for the bureau to operate . The bureau’s main income came from two sources . One was the sponsorship from various major corporations and another was a Primordial Crystal mine .

According to the information An Sheng had given him, sixty percent of the Special Inspector Bureau’s income came from this single Primordial Crystal mine .

Zhou Wen was no stranger to the Primordial Crystal mines . In the bat cave, there was quite a lot of Primordial Crystal Ore . As he couldn’t take it out, he didn’t pay much attention to it . He went to the bat cave mainly to hunt poison bats .

He hadn’t respawned the instance dungeon recently, so all the poison bats inside had long been wiped out by him . He hadn’t visited the bat cave ever since .

However, after reading the information on the Primordial Crystal mine, Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised .

The effects of Primordial Crystals were similar to Primordial Gold . They could be used to make Primordial Crystal weapons, and they could even create laser weapons . That type of lasers had a certain level of lethality to dimensional creatures .

The value of the Primordial Crystal was even higher than that of the Primordial Gold . However, the Primordial Crystal deposits were usually not as high as the Primordial Gold deposits . The few discovered Primordial Crystal mines only produced a few tonnes every year .

Zhou Wen estimated that the production of a Primordial Crystal mine for a year was about the same as the Primordial Crystals in the bat cave .

The Special Inspector Bureau’s Primordial Crystal mine had rich deposits . After digging for several years, the number of Primordial Crystals produced was still very stable . It would probably not be a problem to mine for another ten to twenty years .

Due to the tight protection of the Primordial Crystal mine, there was only this little bit of information . There wasn’t any specific production or storage information, but it was estimated to be quite substantial . Every time the bureau needed money, a large number of Primordial Crystals would be sold .

What really piqued Zhou Wen’s interest was a footnote . Some earth- or stone-type dimensional creatures treated Primordial Crystal ores as food that could catalyze their evolution .

When Zhou Wen saw the footnote, his eyes lit up .

Without any hesitation, he took out his phone and switched to the Zhuolu instance dungeon . He quickly arrived at the poison bat cave and looked at the Primordial Crystal ores that resembled stars . Zhou Wen summoned Tyrant Behemoth .

Standing at three to four meters tall, Tyrant Behemoth was already like a monster . When it saw the Primordial Crystal ores, its eyes lit up . It let out a roar and charged forward, clawed the stone wall, and bit down .

Zhou Wen was stunned when he saw Tyrant Behemoth swallowing the rocks mixed with Primordial Crystals into his stomach like candy .

Tyrant Behemoth had no intention of stopping at all . It bit down on the nearby Primordial Crystal ores without end . It even chewed and swallowed many rocks . It wasn’t picky at all .

This fellow is indeed a monster that can eat a thousand mountains daily! Zhou Wen couldn’t help but marvel . Although they were also Mythical creatures, Banana Fairy’s and Truth Listener’s appetite was much smaller than it .

As for Demonic Neonate, she had never eaten anything since she was born .

Tyrant Behemoth was like a drilling machine . Wherever it went, it bit off a wall .

He had indeed been starving Tyrant Behemoth recently because he didn’t have any dungeons to grind . In order to save food, Zhou Wen waited until it was extremely hungry before giving it some food . During this period, Tyrant Behemoth hadn’t even eaten half its fill . Needless to say, it had never been satiated .

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Now that there was food, it wasn’t willing to give up . It ate crazily across the bat cave . After half a day, it had devoured all the Primordial Crystal ores inside . Its stomach ballooned .

This fellow… I really can’t afford to raise him in the future… If it wasn’t for the game dungeon and the Primordial Crystals in the bat cave, Zhou Wen would have the urge to strangle Tyrant Behemoth to death . He had to kill it before it became a glutton prodigal, lest it brought disaster to the world .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen saw Tyrant Behemoth burping from its satiation . Then, a black glow emitted from its body before it completely enveloped its body .

Is it about to evolve into the Epic stage? Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed .

If he had known that the Primordial Crystal ores would have such a great effect on Tyrant Behemoth, Zhou Wen would have brought it here a long time ago . What a waste of all those bat caves he grinded in the past .

After advancing to the Epic stage, should Tyrant Behemoth be able to eat even more? Zhou Wen’s eyes flashed with excitement when he thought of the Primordial Crystal mine that the bureau owned .

Tyrant Behemoth kept evolving . Zhou Wen didn’t know when it would finish evolving . However, the bat cave in-game was relatively safe, so he left it there .

Zhou Wen continued studying the information regarding the bureau, especially the parts regarding the Primordial Crystal mine .

The Primordial Crystal mine wasn’t in Holy City or the capital . Instead, it was in a dimensional zone in the wilderness . However, the bureau had already sealed off the dimensional zone, and one of the four major bureau inspectors, Cai Jin watched over it with other men . It wouldn’t be easy for him to enter the dimensional zone to find the Primordial Crystal mine .

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After Zhou Wen did some studying, he realized that there were many people who had their sights on the Primordial Crystal mine, but none of them succeeded . The main reason was that the dimensional zone itself was very odd . The bureau greatly relied on this oddity . The average person would die without knowing why as soon as they entered .

According to the information, An Sheng and company had definitely sent people there . However, the results weren’t good . There were many people sent in, but only two made it out alive .

Not long after the two of them came out, they also encountered problems . One of them went mad and the other committed suicide .

The only information that the An family had on hand was provided by these two people .

After Zhou Wen read the information, he revealed a look of delight . The place was indeed odd, but he could give it a try .

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