Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: Chapter 435 - Stone Saber

Chapter 435 Stone Saber

Zhou Wen carefully studied the information An Sheng had brought over, believing that the power there was likely a curse . As for Truth Listener, it had very strong restraints against curses .

However, I still have to verify the actual situation before I can be certain . It’s best if I can find a tiny palm symbol and download the dimensional zone into my phone . Zhou Wen didn’t plan on immediately heading to the Primordial Crystal mine . Tyrant Behemoth was still evolving, so it was useless even if he went there . There was no way he could dig the mine himself . Even if he were to enter now, it wouldn’t be of much use and he couldn’t take too many of the Primordial Crystals .

According to usual practice, Zhou Wen first went to the underground sea . The black dragon now had more than ten palm imprints . Apart from the palm imprints, other parts of its body also began to produce poison boils that showed some festering .

After Zhou Wen descended into the sea, the other eight black dragons attacked him, but the black dragon was in a stupor . It was as though it had almost lost consciousness from its groggy state .

From the looks of it, it should be soon . Zhou Wen was delighted, hoping that something would drop after the black dragon died .

After escaping the underground sea, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately leave the game . Instead, he observed the sapphire-like sky, but he didn’t discover anything .

Previously, he had approached it only to suddenly die . There was probably a terrifying creature in the sapphire-like sky, but, to date, he had failed to discover its existence .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to exit the game, he suddenly saw a blue light flash across the distant sapphire sky . It was like a signal from an electrocardiogram as it flashed across the sapphire sky .

The blue light came and disappeared quickly . He waited for a while, but he didn’t see the blue light appear again .

I wonder what it is . It should also be a Mythical creature, right? Zhou Wen knew that it was useless even if he knew what it was . With his present strength, killing a chained black dragon was already so difficult . He had no chance of killing an unrestrained Mythical creature .

It was unknown when Tyrant Behemoth, who was in the midst of evolving in the bat cave, would complete its evolution .

After quitting the game, Zhou Wen received a call from An Sheng .

“Young Master Wen, there’s a piece of good news for you . Our plan against the bureau is about to come to fruition,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen was naturally delighted to hear that the bureau was about to be in trouble, but he wanted to personally send them to hell .

“Ah Sheng, Ják is dead . I wish to leave Chess Mountain,” Zhou Wen said .

“Of course you can . The bureau likely doesn’t have time to deal with you for now . I’ll get someone to take you back to school tomorrow,” An Sheng said .

“There’s no need . I’ll head back myself . Before that, I wish to return to my hometown,” Zhou Wen said .

“That’s fine . Even Ják isn’t your match, so it’s not going to be easy to find someone to protect you now . You can decide on your own . ” An Sheng paused before asking, “What are you going back to Guide City for? You don’t have any relatives there, right?”

“There are some things at home that I want to bring back . By the way, can you obtain an entry pass to Guide Ancient City? I want to take a look when I’m back,” Zhou Wen said .

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“That’s easy . Just head there straight away . I’ll make a call to arrange it,” An Sheng said straightforwardly .

After hanging up, Zhou Wen packed up his things and went to tell Qin Wufu about his departure . Not only did he want to return to Guide City, but he also had to head to the Special Inspector Bureau’s Primordial Crystal mine .

The reason he wanted to head to Guide City first was that he wanted to see if there was a stone saber in the furnace on Fire God Platform in reality .

In-game, the stone saber was just an illusion . He couldn’t touch it no matter what, so he wanted to take a look while on the way .

“Are you really leaving? If you are willing, you can stay here . I’ll let you be the captain of the Special Operations Unit and be in charge of those people . I’ll be in charge of explaining to the Overseer . ” Qin Wufu wanted Zhou Wen to stay behind . He felt that it was a waste for Zhou Wen to return to school .

“Overseer, I’m still a student after all . I should still focus on my studies,” Zhou Wen said .

“Fine then . There are indeed some impressive figures in Sunset College, especially Chancellor Leng . Calling him the strongest person beneath the Mythical stage isn’t an exaggeration . It’ll be beneficial for you to learn more from him,” Qin Wufu said .

Zhou Wen nodded slightly . “Then I’ll be leaving now . ”

“That fast?” Qin Wufu was a little surprised .

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“There’s no point in staying another night . I still have some matters to do,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright then . However, you have to say farewell to those guys . Otherwise, they will definitely eat me up,” Qin Wufu said with a smile .

After leaving Chess Mountain, Zhou Wen headed straight for Guide City on the Mutated Stone Chi .

Back when he left Guide City, he was only a Mortal-stage youth . Now, in less than a year, he had advanced to the Epic stage . He was very different from before .

When he arrived at Guide Ancient City again, Zhou Wen recalled the matter of him participating in the combat test with Li Xuan . It felt like something that had happened a long time ago .

After entering the ancient city, he saw scattered instances of people fighting the Skeleton Soldiers . Zhou Wen circled around them and headed deeper into the ancient city .

Although he had only visited in real life once, he had grinded the game countless times . He was very familiar with Guide Ancient City, so he arrived at Fire God Platform quickly .

The firebirds on the Fire God Platform naturally couldn’t hurt Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen walked up the stairs and they flocked towards him . As Zhou Wen circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, the firebirds automatically flew back .

When he arrived at the top of Fire God Platform, it wasn’t much different from the game . The layout was identical, except that it was cartoonish in-game . It looked cuter and more ancient in real life .

There were flames burning in the mottled stone furnace, as well as a stone saber . It looked a little cruder than the one in-game . It was probably hand-made . There were pits and natural stone patterns on the blade . Only the edge of the blade looked fine and sharp . This could be considered a partially man-made stone saber .

Zhou Wen circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and summoned the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to attach it to him before reaching his hand into the stone furnace .

The flames in the furnace seemed to sense something as they automatically separated . Without burning Zhou Wen’s palm, they revealed the stone saber in the furnace .

Zhou Wen held the stone saber with his palm and immediately felt the roughness unique to stone . It was a little cold to the touch . He had clenched it firmly .

I gripped it . The stone saber really exists in real life! Zhou Wen was alarmed .

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