Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: Chapter 436 - Don“t Cry Valley

436 Don“t Cry Valley

The moment he gripped the stone saber, Zhou Wen immediately felt an ancient aura emitting from it . It left his mind reeling as he involuntarily clenched the hilt .

With a gentle tug, he began to pull out the stone saber . Zhou Wen immediately felt the whole of Guide Ancient City quake . Flames spewed out from the furnace, as though countless lives were roaring inside .

Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly as he immediately pressed the stone saber back . Only then did the terrifying feeling vanish .

This stone saber… Don’t tell me it’s like the jade box on Chess Mountain… It’s an item that seals the dimensional zone? Zhou Wen released the stone saber, afraid to touch it .

Although he didn’t know the consequences of pulling out the stone saber, Zhou Wen chose not to touch it .

Only when he got off the Fire God Platform did Zhou Wen realize that something was amiss . The Skeleton Soldiers had been most common in Guide Ancient City with Skeleton Generals being in the minority .

Now, Zhou Wen saw more than ten Skeleton Generals nearby . He hadn’t seen them when he came in . Clearly, they had just appeared .

Indeed, there are effects from my pulling the stone saber . Zhou Wen continued walking out and discovered that there were indeed many Skeleton Generals .

It was already impressive enough to encounter one or two Skeleton Generals in Ancient City, but Zhou Wen ended up seeing more than fifty along the way . He had no idea how many he had missed .

The appearance of so many Skeleton Generals delighted the garrison . They were only able to kill Skeleton Soldiers most of the time, but now there were so many Skeleton Generals . The increased drop rates naturally excited them .

Zhou Wen was somewhat worried . Based on the present situation, if the dimensional zone’s seal was removed, the situation would be worse than he imagined .

After returning to his old residence and staying the entire night, Zhou Wen set off for the Special Inspector Bureau’s Primordial Crystal mine the next day .

The dimensional zone where the mine was located was named “Don’t Cry Valley . ” Legend had it that it was a very beautiful valley with a young couple living in it . The woman planted flowers in the valley while the man went up the mountain to hunt . They led lives like an immortal couple .

Once, the man didn’t return after heading up the mountain to hunt . The woman waited bitterly for his return, but he did not come back .

After that, the nearby villagers continued to hear the sobbing noises coming from the mountain valley . It almost never stopped .

Some of the villagers were bold and entered the valley in the day . Then, they realized that the woman had been dead for a long time . Her body had dried up and there was a knife in her abdomen . It looked like she had committed suicide .

The villagers buried the woman’s body and changed the name of the valley to Don’t Cry . They hoped that the woman could rest in peace and stop crying . However, they could still hear the female crying coming from the valley at night .

Of course, these were just legends . There was no crying inside Don’t Cry Valley, but ever since the dimensional storms, cries sounded from the valley, but it wasn’t from that woman .

Anyone who entered the valley would involuntarily cry . No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t control themselves . If they went too deep, they would die for no reason amidst their crying .

The bureau had clearly grasped the secret of Don’t Cry Valley, so they could move about freely without being affected by the mysterious force .

However, the other factions had sent quite a number of people to find out the secret of Don’t Cry Valley and snatch the Primordial Crystal mine inside . They returned without any success and many people died .

This included the people from the An family . Only two survived Don’t Cry Valley, and it was thanks to them that the An family obtained the information .

Zhou Wen suspected that the sobbing power was similar to the power of a curse . Truth Listener was effective against curses . Therefore, Zhou Wen decided to try entering Don’t Cry Valley .

If he could really restrain Don’t Cry Valley’s powers he would have a chance of entering the Primordial Crystal mine .

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t take the risk to enter . Firstly, Tyrant Behemoth hadn’t finished evolving . Secondly, he wanted to find the tiny palm symbol outside . If he could find it, he could give it a try in-game . That would bolster his confidence .

In the An family of Luoyang, An Tianzuo frowned at An Sheng and said, “What do you mean that you lost contact with the brat?”

“When he went to Guide Ancient City, he still remained in contact with me . However, after that, there was zero news . It’s been four days and there hasn’t been any news of him . He hasn’t returned to Luoyang or Guide City . There’s no news of him at Chess Mountain either,” An Sheng said .

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“Then where is he?” An Tianzuo asked .

An Sheng pondered for a moment before saying, “Overseer, I think he might have gone to the bureau . ”

“Nonsense . What can he do in the bureau? Does he really think that he can become an enemy of the bureau just because he killed Ják?” An Tianzuo placed the teacup on the table heavily .

An Sheng said with a bitter smile, “Young Master Wen might look gentle and mild-tempered as if he doesn’t care about anything . However, he’s extremely obstinate and unyielding like you . The bureau keeps bullying him, so Young Master Wen definitely won’t let them off . He asked me for information regarding the bureau before . He must have gone to find trouble with them . ”

“What nonsense . Becoming arrogant and conceited just because of a little achievement? He really has an exaggerated opinion of his abilities . Does he think he’s invincible just by killing a Ják?” An Tianzuo said angrily .

“Overseer, I don’t think Young Master Wen is a rash person . I think he has his own ideas and he might really do something,” An Sheng said .

“What can he do? Let’s not talk about Shen Yuchi whom I have to be wary of . However, none of his four Censors are weaker than Ják . They are extremely difficult characters . It would be fine if he just wanted to vent his anger and kill a few of the lackeys, but if he really dares to head to the Special Inspector Bureau’s headquarters, he will definitely die . ” An Tianzuo paused before saying, “If he only kills a few lackeys to vent his anger, he would be a stupid pig . Doing something like that won’t help him at all . It will only make the bureau target him even more . ”

“Young Master Wen isn’t a bloodthirsty person . He naturally wouldn’t kill someone to vent his anger . ” An Sheng thought to himself, It’s probably you who likes to kill people, right?

“Humph, who knows what nonsense he will do? Bring him back,” said An Tianzuo .

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“Overseer, didn’t you say that you don’t care about him?” An Sheng asked .

“Of course I don’t care about him . It’s best if he’s dead . I’m just afraid that he will be arrested alive by the bureau . Wouldn’t that cause the one at home to flip?” An Tianzuo glared at An Sheng and said, “Go immediately . No matter what you do, you have to bring him back . ”

“Yes, I’ll head to the capital immediately,” An Sheng replied .

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