Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Chapter 437 - True Blood Demon Dragon

437 True Blood Demon Dragon

Shen Yuchi had been in a bad mood recently . One of the officers in the bureau had betrayed the bureau and stolen many secret files .

The secret files contained some of the Special Inspector Bureau’s operations, but these operations were held to target certain members of the six families . The exposure of these secret files immediately made the bureau become a public target .

The bureau was originally the watchdog for the six families . For it to attempt to bite its master, the outcome was palpable .

Shen Yuchi was already in a terrible fix . The only thing he could rejoice about was that the inspector’s rank wasn’t high enough . The files he had stolen were only a very small part of the collective, and it did not involve any core secrets .

Although the file only contained some of the less important members of the six families, Shen Yuchi was still being questioned and forced to explain to the six families . For this, the bureau had also paid a huge price .

The Cape family, who Liz was part of, provided huge amounts of financial aid to the bureau every year . In fact, the six families gave the Special Inspector Bureau the same amount of funding, but this funding was cut by all six families just before the transfer was supposed to be made .

Although the excuses used were different, Shen Yuchi knew very well that this was just a small warning from them .

It wasn’t just that . Some of the inspectors who investigated the six families had also encountered some problems . Although no one had died, Shen Yuchi knew that it wouldn’t be so simple if something like this happened again .

An Tianzuo, your revenge came really quickly . Shen Yuchi had already guessed who had done all this . Apart from An Tianzuo, there was no one else .

Even Ják had failed . This An family is getting more and more thorny . Just as Shen Yuchi was deep in thought about what to do next, he heard a knock on the door .

“Director-General, Northern Ice City has already agreed to our deal . This is the schedule of prices they offered . ” The secretary handed a document to Shen Yuchi .

Shen Yuchi carefully looked at the schedule of prices and frowned . “Why is it 30% more expensive than what we discussed previously?”

“Northern Ice City said that the Aurora Pith produced on their side has been decreasing, so they want to increase the prices . This is the lowest price they can accept,” the secretary said helplessly .

“What do they mean by decreasing? It’s clear they know that we are urgently in need of Aurora Pith . It’s just an exorbitant demand . ” Shen Yuchi snorted coldly, but he felt somewhat helpless .

He had to obtain the Aurora Pith . It was needed for the advancement of Mythical Companion Beasts, so he had to obtain it no matter how expensive it was . After the Companion Beast advanced, it would be the most powerful trump card in the bureau’s hands . This was a huge matter that couldn’t be delayed .

However, the bureau’s current financial situation was terrible . They had originally been hoping for the funding from the six families, but now that the funding had been cut, it would be difficult for the bureau to operate normally, much less buy the expensive Aurora Pith .

It looks like we can only use the Primordial Crystals in the reserves . After much thought, Shen Yuchi could only come up with this solution .

The quantity of the Primordial Crystal mine in the Special Investigation Bureau exceeded everyone’s imagination . Even Shen Yuchi didn’t expect such a massive amount of reserves when he first started mining .

However, Shen Yuchi was not in a hurry to cash out the Primordial Crystal mine . Every year, he only sold a few tons . As for the large number of Primordial Crystal ores, they were stored in the warehouse under the mine .

If he were to take out all the Primordial Crystal Ores, the future bureau wouldn’t have to worry about funding for decades .

Of course, Shen Yuchi would definitely not let anyone know that the Special Inspector Bureau had such a large sum of wealth . Even the six families thought that the Primordial Crystal mine was only an ordinary mine .

“Continue discussing with Northern Ice City . Try to lower the price as much as possible . ” Shen Yuchi said to his secretary .

Even though he had money, he definitely couldn’t waste it . Those Primordial Crystals would be of great use in the future . Unless it was a last resort, Shen Yuchi didn’t want to use a single ounce .

“Yes, Director-General,” the secretary replied .

Shen Yuchi picked up the investigation report from Luoyang and read it for a while . He couldn’t help but frown and say, “Even Ják couldn’t bring Zhou Wen back from the An family, so who should I send?”

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For a moment, Shen Yuchi was unable to think of a good candidate . It was even more difficult to get someone from the uncrowned king of Luoyang—the An family .

He had imagined that Ják would be able to resolve this matter, but Ják had failed .

“Let’s think about it carefully again . ” Shen Yuchi had no intention of giving up . Although Ják had failed, Wang Mingyuan’s matter was very important . The six families had given him an order that had to be obeyed, so he had to investigate it thoroughly no matter what . Even if he was willing to give up, the six families wouldn’t .

Zhou Wen slumped over a hill’s peak as he observed the valley not far away with his binoculars .

The valley was the legendary valley—Don’t Cry Valley . From the outside, the entrance wasn’t very big . It was probably enough for three to four trucks to pass .

There were checkpoints built, and patrolling details . However, these weren’t key . The patrols were carried out by ordinary inspectors who were only at the Legendary stage . It wouldn’t be difficult for him to charge into Don’t Cry Valley .

In fact, many people had rushed in before, but there weren’t many who left alive .

The bureau clearly didn’t focus the defense on the outside . The Primordial Crystal mine was likely their core defense . One of the four Censors, Cai Jin, was likely stationed there .

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Zhou Wen wasn’t too familiar with Cai Jin, but the information An Sheng had given him had mentioned this person in detail . He kept a very low profile, the lowest amongst the four Censors . There wasn’t much information on him other than that he was good with the saber .

However, since Shen Yuchi was willing to hand over such an important Primordial Crystal mine to him, he could tell that this person was not simple .

Drones flew past from time to time, so Zhou Wen had to hide in the shadows as he continued observing the situation in Don’t Cry Valley .

The distance is still too far . I can’t see if there’s a tiny palm symbol there . I have to get closer . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and summoned Truth Listener . He hid in the grass of the peak and let it take a look .

Truth Listener was only the size of a finger—a relatively small target that the average person couldn’t see . Ordinary radar wouldn’t discover its existence .

Truth Listener quickly ran through the grass and forests, and soon, it approached the valley’s entrance . Zhou Wen’s order was to let it search for the tiny palm symbol . Truth Listener didn’t go anywhere near the checkpoint . Under the cover of the grass, it circled around the valley’s entrance but failed to discover anything .

Since I can’t find the tiny palm symbol, I have to go in myself to give it a try . Just as Zhou Wen was pondering how he should enter, his phone vibrated . Taking it out to take a look, he discovered a notification popped up in-game .

‘Killed a Mythical Creature, True Blood Dragon . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

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