Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: Chapter 438 - Demon Dragon True Body

Chapter 438 Demon Dragon True Body

True Blood Demon Dragon? What’s that? Zhou Wen was first stunned for a second . When he realized what was happening, he was immediately overjoyed . He hurriedly took out his phone and entered the Zhuolu battlefield dungeon, controlling the blood-colored avatar to run towards the underground sea .

The crystal that the black dragon dropped won’t be swallowed by the other black dragons, right? Zhou Wen was slightly worried, but he realized that it was a game, not reality . It was unlikely that the black dragons were that intelligent .

He ran to the underground sea and plunged in . Soon, he saw eight black dragons pulling the war wagon over . One of them was gone .

I wonder where the black dragon died? Zhou Wen felt a slight headache, but it was likely nearby .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare let the blood-colored avatar die . If it died, whatever had dropped would be gone .

He controlled the blood-colored avatar to turn around and draw the eight black dragons out of the water surface . Then, he took them on a merry chase and led them to a spot close to the coast . Only then did he use teleportation to shake them off and circle back from another direction .

When Zhou Wen returned to the spot where he had encountered the eight dragons, he didn’t spend much time searching . He saw a treasure glow at the bottom of the sea . He dived over and saw a pearl that looked like a dragon pearl at the bottom of the sea . Inside the pearl was a black dragon’s shadow—it was a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the time to look carefully when he obtained the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal . He first controlled the blood-colored avatar to leave the underground sea, in case he ended being chased by the eight dragons .

Now that he didn’t have the ability to teleport, it wouldn’t be easy for him to escape the eight dragons if he were to be entangled by them .

After returning to the bat cave, Zhou Wen carefully sized up the True Blood Demon Dragon’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

True Blood Demon Dragon Crystal: Mythical

‘Requirement: Strength 40, Poison 21, Constitution-raising Life Providence, Constitution-raising Life Soul . ’

I’ve already obtained 40 points of Strength . Although I don’t know why there’s a Poison stat requirement, it has also reached the requirement . I wonder if the Ancient Sovereign Sutra can be considered as a Constitution-raising Life Providence and Life Soul? Zhou Wen found a secluded cave and prepared to attempt it . He switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra before letting the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul fuse with him .

When Zhou Wen attempted to absorb the True Blood Demon Dragon Crystal again, the dragon pearl-like crystal immediately emitted a blinding light . Wisps of black gas seeped out from the crystal and into the blood-colored avatar’s body .

Zhou Wen immediately felt a terrifying force roaring in his body as though it was about to rupture .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that something was amiss . His muscles were expanding and his bones were growing as he grew taller in a short period of time . He was about two meters tall .

Furthermore, there were scales growing on his body . However, the scales weren’t black . Under the reflection of the Ancient Sovereign Body, the scales looked like blood crystals .

Zhou Wen felt his entire body ache, and the top of his head felt as though it was about to be pierced through . His spine hurt terribly as though a blade was slicing at his flesh .

Zhou Wen endured the pain until the crystal’s energy completely melted into his body . Only then did he feel a lot better . However, using the phone’s selfie camera function to take a look at himself, he realized that he was like a humanoid dragon . Apart from the lack of a dragon’s tail, he had grown horns on his head . Dragon fins had also grown on his back . His body was covered in scales too . He didn’t look like a person at all .

He hurriedly stopped the Primordial Energy Skill he had just acquired . Then, Zhou Wen felt his body deflate like a balloon . He immediately shrank to his original size as the dragon scales and dragon horns vanished from his body .

Only then did Zhou Wen heave a sigh of relief . He hurriedly looked at the stats in-game and saw that the game had already popped up a notification: ‘Absorbed True Blood Demon Dragon Crystal . Attained Mythical Primordial Energy Skill—Demon Dragon True Body . ’

Although it’s a Mythical Primordial Energy Skill, this image is a little too odd . Zhou Wen attempted to use the Demon Dragon True Body again and discovered that this Mythical Primordial Energy Skill could only be used when he used the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul . He couldn’t transform when using other Primordial Energy Arts .

After activating the Demon Dragon True Body, Zhou Wen looked at himself through the camera and couldn’t recognize that it was him . In the sun-like glow stood a blood-red humanoid dragon . As the light was too strong, he could only see a blood-colored human dragon’s silhouette . It looked odd no matter how he looked at it .

The Demon Dragon True Body lasted for about ten seconds before Zhou Wen found his Primordial Energy depleted as he automatically returned to human form .

The Ancient Sovereign Sutra doesn’t provide unlimited Primordial Energy . This Demon Dragon True Body can only last for about ten seconds . I wonder how powerful it is . Zhou Wen didn’t dare try it out in reality, so he returned to the game and first grinded some Primordial Energy Crystals to replenish his Primordial Energy before heading to the underground sea .

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As he had restarted the game dungeon while grinding Primordial Energy Crystals, he once again encountered nine black dragons when he arrived at the underground sea .

Seeing the nine black dragons charge at him, Zhou Wen activated his Demon Dragon True Body before charging at the nine black dragons in the form of a humanoid dragon that emitted terrifying light .

About ten seconds later, Zhou Wen felt as though he had become Superman . His body’s Strength and Speed could actually clash head-on with the black dragon . He wasn’t at a disadvantage at all . He was like a humanoid dragon .

Ten seconds later, Zhou Wen returned to his original form . It didn’t take long before he was killed by the nine black dragons .

What a pity . If I could use Demon Dragon True Body while in Slaughterer state, I could storm into the bureau and destroy the bureau’s headquarters, wiping out its existence . Zhou Wen felt full of regret .

However, ten seconds was enough for Zhou Wen to do a lot of things . He just couldn’t use any other Primordial Energy Skills in that ten seconds . If his Primordial Energy was expended, the Demon Dragon True Body would automatically stop, preventing him from lasting even ten seconds .

It’s not that I can’t use the Demon Dragon True Body for long . I can just grind some Primordial Energy Crystals in-game . After the Demon Dragon True Body ends, I’ll find a place to absorb Primordial Energy Crystals . However, in that case, I’ll still need some buffer time . Zhou Wen was quite satisfied with the Demon Dragon True Body . Mythical Strength and Speed were as true as it got . Even if he didn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills, he could easily kill an Epic creature with his Strength and Speed .

It’s time to make that arrogant flower pay the price . Zhou Wen excitedly opened Chess Mountain’s instance dungeon and prepared to teach the flower a lesson . He wanted to find her weakness and never be bullied by her again .

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As Tyrant Behemoth hadn’t successfully evolved, Zhou Wen could only hide in a cave and wait for it to complete its evolution before heading to the Don’t Cry Valley . He had nothing else to do other than gaming .

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