Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 439

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:55 AM

Chapter 439: Chapter 439 - Returning to the Deer Terrace Pavilion

The blood-colored avatar came in front of Chess Mountain’s mountain cliff . Zhou Wen had nothing to be afraid of in-game . He straightened his back and summoned Overlord Sword . With one move, he slashed out with the Demonic Astral Wheel that went against the heavens . The blood-red light wheel of light immediately tore out and slashed at the flower on the mountain wall .

The flower petal silently fell . The Demonic Astral Wheel immediately shattered the petal upon impact .

Zhou Wen wanted to know what tricks the flower had up its sleeve when he suddenly saw the blood-colored avatar collapse to the ground . The game screen also went black .

Zhou Wen felt his body turn cold . Thankfully, he hadn’t had too much conflict with The Thearch; otherwise, he would already be a rotten corpse .

How did I die? I only saw a petal drop before dying, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

It was obvious that the flower’s power of wishes didn’t share the same system as curse-related powers, but it could also kill .

They clearly kill people the same way, so why wouldn’t the power of the wishes be restrained by the Evil Nullification Life Soul? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed .

Dripping a drop of blood to revive, he came in front of Chess Mountain cliff . Zhou Wen used every attack technique he knew, as well as all sorts of Companion Beasts, but the outcome was the same .

As long as the flower dropped a petal, the blood-colored avatar would immediately die . There was no chance of survival .

Zhou Wen had also tried letting the Demonic Neonate attack with her ancient sword from a distance away, but before the ancient sword arrived, the petals fell and the blood-colored avatar collapsed to the ground once again . The game was over .

What kind of crappy flower is this? Does it give five others a chance? After Zhou Wen’s repeated deaths, he had the urge to smash his phone .

No matter how strong the other dimensional creatures were, he could at least see some possibilities . He couldn’t kill them now only because he lacked strength . When he had enough strength in the future, he naturally would have the chance to kill them .

However, this flower didn’t provide him any hope at all . If a petal fell, he would die no matter what .

Zhou Wen calmed down and began considering the problem regarding the flower .

It’s obvious that the flower in the game isn’t intelligent, much less capable of interacting with others . It’s just a flower without any level of sentience . It will only react automatically when I attack it by dropping a petal . This is completely different from The Thearch I met in real life . Is it the difference between the game and reality? Or is there another reason? Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that The Thearch wasn’t as simple as a flower . Perhaps this flower was only a tool The Thearch used to transmit her voice . The Thearch was actually someone else, but Zhou Wen didn’t know who or what she was .

He entered the game again and this time, Zhou Wen didn’t attack the flower . He attempted to ignore it before climbing up the mountain wall .

However, to his surprise, when Zhou Wen didn’t attack the flower, the flower wouldn’t attack him either . It continued growing silently on the mountain wall like an ordinary wildflower .

Zhou Wen already had experience climbing Chess Mountain, so he did the same in-game . It had an extremely powerful force that pulled at his body, making it extremely difficult to climb higher .

After struggling to reach the peak, he found a stone staircase that led to the top of the mountain just like in reality . There was a huge boulder that looked like a steam bun .

There was a snow-white jade box embedded in the center of the boulder . Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to touch the jade box, but he failed . His palm passed through the jade box as though it was a phantom, not something real .

As expected . This jade box is similar to that stone saber . It suppresses dimensional zones, so it’s impossible to touch in-game . It can only be obtained in real life . Although Zhou Wen was greedy, he knew that many people would be killed if a dimensional zone’s restrictions were removed . He couldn’t take it no matter what .

When he descended the mountain, Zhou Wen saw the flower on the mountain wall . Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind . Previously, when The Thearch got me to enter Chess Mountain, I didn’t go by the mountain pass, but a crack near the flower’s roots . Could it be that this flower is the key to entering Chess Mountain? Is this a secret tunnel?

But how can I get the flower to open the passage to Chess Mountain for me? I wonder if begging it is useful? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he tried . After all, it didn’t take much effort .

“Little Flower, the flower, can you help me open the path to Chess Mountain?” Zhou Wen asked the flower .

However, the flower didn’t react at all . It didn’t seem to have any intention of bothering with him .

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It doesn’t work? Zhou Wen thought of using the Void Flower . Since the two of them were flowers and might even be connected to each other, he decided to shout at the flower in the language that The Thearch had taught him . It meant: “Open!”


As a flower petal fell, the entire Chess Mountain shook . A mountain rift opened up near the flower’s roots .

It really works… Then all those earlier deaths were for nothing . Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed .

However, when he thought of the mountain of high-valued crystals and the dozen or so Mythical Companion Eggs in Chess Mountain, Zhou Wen stopped worrying about it . He controlled the blood-colored avatar to rush in .

Everything was the same as when The Thearch led him in . Not long after, he arrived at the Deer Terrace Pavilion in the mountain belly .

Zhou Wen still followed the previous method and climbed down the mountain wall before jumping into the river and swimming towards Deer Terrace Pavilion .

After swimming for a while, he felt that something huge was approaching the blood-colored avatar . Zhou Wen was already experienced and didn’t bother with it . However, very quickly, the red tentacles or water grass wrapped around him and pulled the blood-colored avatar into the river . Before Zhou Wen could do anything, the game screen went black .

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Holy sh*t, what’s going on? Zhou Wen felt depressed . He had done everything according to the previous method . However, without the bone flute in-game, there was no way for him to get the blood-colored avatar to bite the bone flute when entering the river . This was probably where the problem was .

Since the method doesn’t work, I have to force my way in . Zhou Wen had no way of getting the bone flute into the game, so he had no choice but to give up on his previous path .

Summoning the stone armor, he held the Overlord Sword in his hand . He also wore the Truth Listener earring . With the banana fan in his other hand, he rode the White Shadow of Poison and flew towards Deer Terrace Pavilion .

Before he could get close, he saw a black gas rise up from the ancient building, condensing into the image of a black nine-tailed fox . It rested above the ancient building and its tail, condensed from nine black gases, was swaying . Its pair of demonic, enchanting eyes were staring at the blood-colored avatar .

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