Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 440

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:55 AM

Chapter 440: Chapter 440 - Immortal

Two beams shot out of the fox demon’s eyes and arrived in front of the blood-colored avatar in a blink of an eye . They were so unbelievably fast that Zhou Wen wasn’t given any time to react .

Zhou Wen subconsciously used Ghost Steps and dodged to the side . However, White Shadow of Poison didn’t react quickly enough . After the beam hit it, it immediately disintegrated and vanished .

What terrifying strength! Zhou Wen was alarmed as he saw the fox demon’s eyes constantly shoot out beams at the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen was best at movement techniques, but under such speedy beams, dodging a few times quickly exhausted him . Desperate, he could only draw his sword and slash it at the fox demon’s eyes .

However, the beam didn’t seem corporeal as Overlord Sword’s sword beam pierced through the beam as it illuminated Zhou Wen and the Overlord Sword .

Zhou Wen watched the scene of Overlord Sword and the blood-colored avatar being disassembled into points of light before the game screen went black .

I’m afraid the fox demon’s gaze is about to reach the speed of light . How can it be dodged? Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless . No matter how good his movement technique was, it was difficult for him to dodge .

From the looks of it, this won’t work . I can’t take the river path . The sky has the fox demon as an obstacle . I can’t afford to provoke any of them . Zhou Wen realized that he couldn’t enter Deer Terrace Pavilion .

Is there a way to enter? Zhou Wen suddenly recalled how he had looked at the stone wall inside Deer Terrace Pavilion and simulated a Primordial Energy Art known as the Demon God Bloodline Catalog . He wondered if it was of any use .

Dripping a drop of blood to revive, he entered Chess Mountain again . This time, since they were useless, Zhou Wen didn’t hold so many weapons . In fact, he decided not to take anything . All he did was switch his Primordial Energy Art to the Demon God Bloodline Catalog which he had gained basic mastery, one that didn’t even have a Life Providence .

After he was done, Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before choosing to jump into the river .

After all, this was a path that he had taken once . If he were to take another path, he didn’t know what other problems he would encounter . If the Demon God Bloodline Catalog really worked, he could directly reach the place where the Mythical Companion Eggs were placed .

Just like the last time, the blood-colored avatar didn’t swim far before strange blood-colored tentacles appeared under the river . However, the blood-colored tentacles didn’t pull him into the water . They danced in the water like swaying seaweed .

Is the Demon God Bloodline Catalog really useful? Zhou Wen was delighted as he spread apart the tentacles and continued swimming forward . Soon, he arrived beside Deer Terrace Pavilion .

Surprisingly, nothing happened . Zhou Wen searched the left side of Deer Terrace Pavilion for quite some time, but he failed to find the hole that he had previously used to enter .

No way? That crappy hole isn’t in-game? Zhou Wen searched back and forth a few times . There was no mistake about it . There really wasn’t a hole there .

Left with no choice, Zhou Wen could only swim to the front of Deer Terrace Pavilion and climb up the stone stairs .

There were three levels to the foundation of Deer Terrace Pavilion . It was like a pyramid . Further up was the ancient building .

Previously, Zhou Wen had swum underwater . According to his estimates, after entering, he was probably at the bottom of the foundation .

There were no doors to the three levels . He could only walk up the stone stairs and reach the ancient building’s entrance .

While carefully controlling the blood-colored avatar, he nervously walked up the stone stairs . Although he had the Demon God Bloodline Catalog protecting him, it was only at basic mastery . It didn’t even have a Life Providence .

When Zhou Wen walked to the foundation at the bottom, he suddenly saw a mist spew out from the platform, transforming into many fairies and immortals that cast their gazes at the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat . He saw that these fairies and immortals were rather beautiful, but he felt an indescribable seduction . He thought of the demoness in the legend who summoned many demon spirits who could transform their appearances . They disguised themselves as immortals to drink with the tyrant .

Although they were only demon spirits, they were all figures in myths and legends . It wasn’t impossible for them to have strength at the Mythical stage .

The fairies and immortals looked at the blood-colored avatar and sized him up before ignoring him . They held alcohol flasks and glasses as they focused on drinking . There were even fairies dancing as they drank . Their dancing styles were tacky .

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This Demon God Bloodline Catalog is actually so useful . Doesn’t that mean that I can freely enter dimensional zones in the future without needing to worry about being attacked? Zhou Wen thought to himself, but he didn’t stop walking . He continued walking up the stairs .

When he arrived at the second floor of the foundation’s platform, he saw many fairies and immortals . They were similar to the previous level—they only sized up the blood-colored avatar for a moment before ignoring him .

Zhou Wen walked up all the way to the third level’s platform, which was also the level where the ancient building was . He saw some more fairies and immortals, but the outcome was the same . No one paid him any attention .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk towards the ancient building’s door . The door was open . He looked inside and saw six fairies and immortals drinking and enjoying themselves . However, they were different from the ones outside . They sat on both sides of the hall . Each of them had a short table in front of them . On the table were fine wine, fruits, and delicacies .

The moment the blood-colored avatar entered the hall, a fairy sitting close to the door looked at him . With just a glance, her expression changed as she shot out a rainbow beam .

No good! I’ve been discovered! Zhou Wen dodged and retreated, but the rainbow beam kept chasing after him like it had a life of its own . It drew an arc in the air like a rainbow .

Zhou Wen continuously changed directions and dodged a few times, but he was ultimately caught up by the rainbow beam . Helpless, he could only draw his sword and slash at it .


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The Overlord Sword struck ruthlessly . The rainbow-colored beam was actually cleaved apart by the Overlord Sword . However, the blood-colored avatar’s body was sent flying as it tumbled down the stone steps .

As such, the concealment from before had also lost its effect . The fairies and immortals on the platform charged ferociously at the blood-colored avatar .

Realizing that he was exposed, Zhou Wen didn’t hide anything . He switched back to the Lost Immortal Sutra and took out his banana fan . He fanned at the charging assailants .


The sky was filled with immortals as they were sent flying by the fan . They either slammed into the wall or fell to the ground . They spat out mouthfuls of blood and looked seriously injured . Some of them directly revealed their true bodies . Most of them were foxes, night cats, pheasants, etc .

So these guys aren’t at the Mythical stage . Zhou Wen was relieved as he fanned the fake fairies and immortals .

After sending them flying everywhere, some died upon hitting Deer Terrace Pavilion .

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