Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Chapter 443 - Let Loose and Ea

“Eat . Let loose and eat . Eat however much you can . ” Zhou Wen ordered Tyrant Behemoth .

Tyrant Behemoth let out a roar and swallowed the chest of Primordial Crystals that Zhou Wen had opened with a single mouthful . After chewing a few times, it swallowed it . It wasn’t afraid of indigestion .

The Tyrant Behemoth didn’t even look . It opened its mouth and bit down on the metal chests one by one, then chewed them to pieces . Its crushing bite was simply too astonishing . It ate metal and Primordial Crystal was like it was eating jelly beans .

Zhou Wen didn’t idle either . He opened the boxes and saw that they were filled with Primordial Energy Crystals . He directly put them into his Chaos Bead, throwing chest after chest in .

These were all worth money . Zhou Wen was used to being poor, so he had never seen so many valuables before . He just kept moving them into his Chaos Bead .

It wasn’t that he had never seen anything good, but all the good things were in-game . He couldn’t take them out no matter how good they were . These Primordial Crystals were good stuff that could be used in the real world . He could also sell them for a good price . He didn’t have to waste time grinding for any Companion Eggs or Primordial Energy Skill Crystals .

Now that he had money, he could buy them directly .

Previously, Zhou Wen didn’t know that there were so many Primordial Crystals stored here . He imagined that he would need to get Tyrant Behemoth to dig for ores, but to his surprise, the bureau had already dug them out and placed them there in chests .

If he had known this would happen, Zhou Wen would have come long ago . Why would he need to wait for Tyrant Behemoth to evolve? He could have emptied the area alone .

Tyrant Behemoth ate one chest after another while Zhou Wen moved chests into his chaos space . Both of them were busy at work .

Zhou Wen suddenly thought of a famous saying from a great person, “The people of labor are the most glorious . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t know how many chests he had stored in the Chaos Bead . In any case, apart from the ones he had moved into the Chaos Bead, the remaining were devoured by Tyrant Behemoth . He didn’t know what its stomach was made of, but after eating nearly a thousand boxes of Primordial Crystals, its stomach didn’t even swell up at all .

Seeing Tyrant Behemoth looking at him longingly, Zhou Wen subconsciously tightened his grip on his Chaos Bead . Then, he looked at Tyrant Behemoth and said, “This is a Primordial Crystal mine . There must be many more unmined deposits of Primordial Crystal ores outside . Let’s head out and eat the ones outside . You can eat as much as you want . ”

Tyrant Behemoth seemed to understand what Zhou Wen was getting at . His eyes were as bright as light bulbs . With a roar, he slammed his head against the ground .

No matter how excited you are, you shouldn’t be hitting your head? Foodies really lack brains, Zhou Wen thought .

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However, to his surprise, Tyrant Behemoth crashed into the ground of the warehouse . The horns on his head spun, opening a huge hole in the rock before burrowing down .

Zhou Wen hurriedly followed it . Tyrant Behemoth drilled for some time before it suddenly widened its mouth . It began to directly bite down on the rocks . Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the surrounding rocks had already shown signs of Primordial Crystal ores . They looked like sparkling stars .

Zhou Wen had never seen Tyrant Behemoth use the Mountain Consuming skill in combat . Now, he had truly witnessed it for himself . The skill wasn’t used for fighting, but for eating .

Tyrant Behemoth’s mouth was like a black hole as it swallowed the rocks mixed with the Primordial Crystal ores . It was like a miniature black hole .

Zhou Wen was already satisfied with obtaining so many Primordial Crystals, so he allowed Tyrant Behemoth to devour the Primordial Crystal ores .

Shen Yuchi was currently in Cai Jin’s office . The Primordial Crystal mine was the economic lifeline of the bureau . Shen Yuchi had told Cai Jin that no one could take a piece of the Primordial Crystals from here without him being here in person .

In order to purchase the Aurora Pith, he had to use some of the Primordial Crystals in the reserves . It just scratched the surface of the reserves, so Shen Yuchi was not worried about any future financial problems .

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With the Primordial Crystal mine backing him, even if he couldn’t obtain any funding for ten years, the bureau could still lead a comfortable life . Furthermore, the six families definitely wouldn’t stop funding the bureau next year . After all, many descendants of the six families were working there . Even if he didn’t want their money, they would definitely give it to him in the future .

“Cai Jin, it’s been hard on you to guard the Primordial Crystal mine for all these years . ” Shen Yuchi had always thought highly of Cai Jin . Although he wasn’t the most powerful of the four Censors, he was the most reliable one . He was meticulous and had been guarding the Primordial Crystal mine for so many years without any mistakes . He was very cautious and professional .

“Director-General, you’re too polite . This is simply my job,” Cai Jin said in neither a supercilious nor obsequious manner . He knew Shen Yuchi’s temper . If he acted overly proud and arrogant, it would probably earn Shen Yuchi’s displeasure .

“Yes . Wait for another two years and the position of deputy director-general will be open . I plan to recommend you to take over the position,” Shen Yuchi said .

“Thank you for your grooming . ” Cai Jin was truly happy .

The four Censors were very famous, but in fact, they were working under Shen Yuchi . However, becoming the deputy director-general was different . That put him in the ranks of having actual authority .

Just as Shen Yuchi was about to say something, an inspector suddenly knocked on the door and entered . He reported, “Sir, there’s news from the guards at the canyon entrance that someone has infiltrated Don’t Cry Valley . ”

“Do you know who it is?” Cai Jin’s expression didn’t change much . Over the years, various factions had sent many people to try to pry into the situation of the Primordial Crystal mine, but all of them failed . He had seen such situations aplenty .

“I don’t know . That person was too fast and they weren’t able to see him clearly . However, the surveillance camera captured the person . They printed the photo and brought it here . ” As he spoke, the inspector handed a few photos to Cai Jin .

After Cai Jin received them, he directly handed them to Shen Yuchi with both hands . With Shen Yuchi around, he naturally had to let him see them first .

Shen Yuchi looked at the photos and saw that the person was covered in stone-like armor . He couldn’t see his face clearly at all . However, the stone armor looked a little familiar to him, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen it before .

“Cai Jin, what’s your take?” Shen Yuchi pushed the photo in front of Cai Jin . He still trusted him immensely .

After taking a look at the picture, Cai Jin couldn’t tell who the person was, but he didn’t panic either . He said with a smile, “I’ve planted a lot of Companion Beasts in the bamboo forest . Those Companion Beasts were dimensional creatures that dropped in Don’t Cry Valley . They aren’t influenced by its mysterious powers . They are also difficult for the average person to notice . Even if someone discovers a few, it’d be impossible to find all three hundred of them . As long as a Companion Beast discovers them, I’ll sense them and be able to confirm his location . Now, none of the Companion Beasts have reacted, it means that the person hasn’t gone deep into the bamboo forest . Or should I say, he might have already died under the mysterious forces of Don’t Cry Valley . ”

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