Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: Chapter 444 - Vomiting Blood

Shen Yuchi was very satisfied with Cai Jin’s answer, but he still said calmly, “What if the enemy can pass through the bamboo forest and reach the mine?”

“Don’t worry, Director-General . The mine also has many stone-type Companion Beasts planted . They aren’t easily discovered . Needless to say in the warehouse, the Companion Beasts that are planted there were personally selected by me . They have extremely powerful concealment and reconnaissance abilities . Furthermore, their spots are adjusted every week to prevent any problems from arising,” said Cai Jin .

“Good . ” Shen Yuchi was very satisfied with Cai Jin’s answer .

The most important aspect when working for the bureau was to be meticulous . If any oversight were to happen, even a small problem might result in a chain reaction that would cause great trouble .

Just by looking at Cai Jin’s layout of the mine cave, he knew that this person was very meticulous . He was, indeed, of good caliber .

“Endure another two years . Then in two years, we’ll conquer the world together,” Shen Yuchi patted Cai Jin on the shoulder and said .

Cai Jin respectfully said, “Your humble servant is willing to follow you for life, Director-General . ”

“Heh . ” Shen Yuchi did not comment . Instead, he smiled and patted Cai Jin on the shoulder . “Let’s go . Let’s go to the warehouse to get some Primordial Crystals . The purchase of the Aurora Pith is very important, so we have to use the reserves . ”

Cai Jin led the way and as they walked he asked, “Director-General, can the Aurora Pith really advance the Holy Light Angel to the Mythical stage?”

Shen Yuchi nodded and said, “Those experts have already verified it many times . As long as there’s sufficient Aurora Pith, there’s an 80% chance that the Holy Light Angel can advance to the Mythical stage . ”

“It will be great if it succeeds . Our bureau will have an additional trump card . We will no longer need to take into account the whims and wants of those families,” said Cai Jin .

“Don’t speak nonsense . Our bureau is a subordinate organization under the Senate . We naturally have to obey orders from our superiors . Besides, it’s only a Mythical Companion Beast . Do you really think that it can compete with them?” Shen Yuchi said indifferently .

“I apologize for my words, but they’re ultimately words of hope,” said Cai Jin .

“The Primordial Crystal mine is our only hope . With it, we can exchange crystals for the resources we need . In the future, we will have a chance to nurture Mythical Companion Beasts . Watch it carefully . This is our lifeblood,” Shen Yuchi said seriously .

“Don’t worry, we will prevail with the mine in existence . ” Cai Jin issued a military order .

Just as Shen Yuchi was about to say something, he saw an inspector running over in a panic .

“What are you so flustered about? What did I teach you?” Cai Jin frowned and reprimanded the inspector .

Shen Yuchi hated people who were so flustered when they encountered something . Usually, Cai Jin didn’t see his subordinates being so crude . However, he had shown his fluster with Shen Yuchi around . Wouldn’t that make Shen Yuchi think that he was incompetent at handling his subordinates?

The inspector did not calm down because of Cai Jin’s reprimand . He continued speaking in a panic . “Sir, something happened in the mine . ”

“What happened?” Cai Jin’s heart skipped a beat . He suddenly had a bad feeling that something bad had happened—precisely when Shen Yuchi was here .

“The lower levels of the mine have collapsed . The mine below is blocked . Our men can’t head down . We don’t know what’s going on below . ” The inspector gave a summary of the situation .

“A large-scale collapse?” Cai Jin breathed a sigh of relief . If it was just a collapse, it wouldn’t be a serious problem . At most, he could just spend some time digging it out .

“Get the men to fortify the mine before digging out the collapsed area to see what’s going on,” Cai Jin instructed .

Cai Jin made the necessary arrangements before turning around to speak to Shen Yuchi . “Director-General, let’s head to the warehouse first . ”

Shen Yuchi nodded and continued walking towards the warehouse with Cai Jin . He was quite satisfied with Cai Jin’s way of handling things . The unexpected always happened and there was no lack of accidents . As long as he had the ability to handle it, it was fine .

Very quickly, the two of them passed through many checkpoints and arrived outside the warehouse . The door could only be opened when both Cai Jin and Shen Yuchi were around .

“Director-General, after you . ” Cai Jin opened the door and gestured for him to enter .

However, before Shen Yuchi could enter, his gaze landed on the warehouse and his expression immediately changed .

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“Cai Jin, what’s going on?” Demanded Shen Yuchi with an extremely livid expression . He glared at Cai Jin with a ferocious gaze .

“What do you mean?” Cai Jin looked into the warehouse and was stunned .

The warehouse was originally full of rows of metal chests, but none of them could be seen . The huge warehouse was empty except for two huge holes on the ground .

“Director-General… I really don’t know what’s going on… The Companion Beasts that are planted here are still there… Why wasn’t there any reaction? I even saw them through the observation hole yesterday… The Primordial Crystals were all here…” Cai Jin stammered .

He knew that he was in big trouble . These Primordial Crystals could be said to be the entire assets of the Special Inspector Bureau . Now that more than a thousand chests of Primordial Crystals were gone . That was a serious fault .

Shen Yuchi wore a sullen expression and didn’t say anything . His figure moved like a shadow as he entered the warehouse and stepped into one of the holes . A sword beam shot out from his finger, splitting apart the rubble in the hole as he rushed deep inside .

Cai Jin reacted and followed after him . When he caught up with Shen Yuchi, the scene in front of him left him stunned .

The massive underground Primordial Crystal mine had a huge space dug out by something . It was as if the mountain had been emptied out . Only a few rocks supported the upper layer, while the other Primordial Crystal ores were gone . This area was obviously an area that had been explored by them . It was the area with the largest deposits .

“No… Impossible…” Seeing that the top floor was collapsing, and how rocks kept falling from above, Cai Jin was dumbfounded . Such a massive endeavor would take at least a year to complete even if he were to poach Epic experts to be miners .

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However, if someone really went all out to dig for such a long time, it was impossible for him not to have noticed anything .

“Director-General… I… I really don’t know anything…” Cai Jin felt his entire body turn cold . This was a terrible disaster . He didn’t know how Shen Yuchi would deal with him .

Shen Yuchi ignored him as he stared intently at the collapsing underground hole . After a while, Shen Yuchi suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood . His face turned pale as he trembled .

“Director-General…” Cai Jin became alarmed . He hurriedly went forward to support Shen Yuchi .

At that moment, Zhou Wen had long left Don’t Cry Valley . He originally wanted Tyrant Behemoth to eat more and leave the Primordial Crystal mine with nothing . However, to his surprise, Tyrant Behemoth showed signs of evolving as he ate .

Zhou Wen was afraid that it would evolve in the mine and, since he could dig, he would be trapped when the time came . All he could do was get Tyrant Behemoth to dig him out again .

Not long after he entered the bamboo forest, Tyrant Behemoth began evolving . It had eaten too many Primordial Crystals and its body constantly emitted crystalline light, turning it into a Companion Egg state once again .

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