Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 445

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Chapter 445: Chapter 445 - Not That Much

“Overseer, this matter is a little odd . Although we exposed those documents and dealt a certain blow to the bureau, the bureau seems to have gone mad recently . It’s like a rabid dog that’s biting people everywhere . Their reaction is much worse than we expected,” An Sheng said as he read the latest intelligence .

An Tianzuo was also looking at the information . He had similar views to An Sheng . It seemed odd that the bureau had gone to such great lengths .

An Sheng was about to say something when his phone suddenly rang . An Sheng looked at the caller ID and said to An Tianzuo, “The informer I left on campus says that Zhou Wen is back . ”

An Sheng had previously gone to the capital but had failed to find Zhou Wen . He was certain that Zhou Wen hadn’t been there .

As he had no idea where Zhou Wen had gone . Without any leads, An Sheng had no choice but to return to Luoyang .

An Tianzuo looked at An Sheng without saying a word . An Sheng understood what An Tianzuo was getting at and answered the call .

After a while, An Sheng hung up and said to An Tianzuo, “Zhou Wen has returned . Should I call him and ask him?”

“That’s your business,” An Tianzuo said coldly .

An Sheng called Zhou Wen . “Young Master Wen, where have you been the past few days? Madam has been very worried about you . ”

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and said, “I visited Don’t Cry Valley and got some things from there . ”

He had caused too great a stir and Zhou Wen knew that he couldn’t hide it . Even if the bureau couldn’t figure out that he was the one behind it, An Sheng and company would figure out something in the future . After all, the time he went missing coincided with it .

Rather than waiting for them to find out, he might as well say it himself .

“Don’t Cry Valley… Wait… Are you talking about the Special Inspector Bureau’s Primordial Crystal mine…” An Sheng said in surprise .

“The mineral deposits are a gift from the land . If the bureau can take it, I should be able to take it too, right?” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“Did you really enter Don’t Cry Valley’s Primordial Crystal mine? How much did you get?” An Sheng immediately asked .

“Not that much . I just took some of the reserves and dug a little more,” Zhou Wen said .

An Sheng’s expression turned odd . Zhou Wen made it sound simple, but the recent crazy actions of the bureau made An Sheng realize that it wasn’t as simple as Zhou Wen had claimed .

“About how much did you take?” An Sheng asked .

“I’m not too sure of the number . There are probably a few hundred chests . One chest weighs about a ton,” Zhou Wen said .

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An Sheng gaped in disbelief .

After a long while, An Sheng came to his senses and exhorted Zhou Wen . “Stay on campus and don’t go anywhere . Don’t touch the Primordial Crystal ores you have . Don’t let anyone know about it . ” He then hung up .

“Zhou Wen stole the Primordial Crystal ores from the bureau . It’s a massive amount,” An Sheng said to An Tianzuo .

“I heard that . ” An Tianzuo’s expression was somewhat odd . Even he found it unbelievable that a person had snatched hundreds of tonnes of Primordial Crystal ores from the bureau .

“It’s no wonder the Special Inspector Bureau has gone mad . A few hundred tonnes of Primordial Crystal ores . This isn’t about stealing ores, it’s about killing the bureau! Young Master Wen really is gutsy, and he actually did it . It’s hard to imagine how he managed to do it alone . It looks like he’s growing faster than we expected,” An Sheng praised .

An Tianzuo wasn’t in the mood to bicker with An Sheng as he said with a sigh, “Go deal with the aftermath and try to find out more from the Special Inspector Bureau to see what’s going on . ”

“Yes . ” An Sheng also knew that this wasn’t the time to say these words . He had to seize every moment to wipe away the traces that Zhou Wen might have left behind . He couldn’t let the bureau know that it was Zhou Wen who had done it .

Half a day later, a piece of information was placed in front of An Tianzuo . After he had finished reading it, his expression became more complicated .

An Sheng also wore an odd expression as he looked at An Tianzuo and said, “According to the intelligence, Cai Jin has already been transferred back . Quite a number of experts from the Primordial Crystal mine have been transferred back as well . Very few people remain behind . Young Master Wen didn’t steal from them . He clearly uprooted the bureau’s finances . ”

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An Tianzuo burned the document and threw it into the trash bin . “Do what you need to do . Just take it that nothing ever happened . ”

“Yes,” An Sheng answered solemnly .

That punk is really daring . When An Tianzuo was the only one left in the office, he looked at Zhou Wen’s information on the computer and muttered to himself with an odd expression .

After Zhou Wen returned to school, he took a nap before continuing his grinding .

With the Demon Dragon True Body, Zhou Wen could finally attempt to challenge a Mythical creature . Although he only had ten seconds, Zhou Wen no longer died so easily when he went to the temple in the ruins .

However, against the Mythical creature guarding the temple, Zhou Wen still needed to use some Primordial Energy Skills in addition to the Demon Dragon True Body to prevent himself from being killed . In fact, he didn’t last ten seconds .

Although switching to Slaughterer could restore his Primordial Energy, switching back to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and then using the Demon Dragon True Body required time . This was enough time for the Mythical creature to kill the blood-colored avatar .

Although he could only last for a few seconds, Zhou Wen finally wasn’t slaughtered without any resistance . At least in these few seconds, he could face the Mythical creatures head-on, giving him a chance of discovering their weaknesses .

Of course, this required repeated deaths . If Zhou Wen wasn’t in a hurry to enter the temple to find the former principal, there would be no need for him to be in such a rush .

There were two temples—the left and right . The creature in one of the temples resembled a wolf or tiger . It had wings on its backs and it was unbelievably fast . Zhou Wen had to use Ghost Steps when in Demon Dragon True Body form to keep up with it . He couldn’t last long against it .

In the other temple, the Mythical Creature resembled a huge snake that could spew out large amounts of poisonous gas, but its speed was much slower than another Mythical creature .

Zhou Wen could barely keep up with its speed in the Demon Dragon True Body without using Ghost Steps; hence, he placed his focus on the snake .

Zhou Wen’s Poison Resistance and the augmentation of the Demon Dragon True Body couldn’t withstand the snake’s terrifying poison . He could clearly sense the symptoms of poisoning .

However, he would be killed before the poison could take effect . Therefore, the lethality of the poison didn’t matter for now .

Apart from the poison, the snake still had several abilities . Some of them were alright—Zhou Wen could at least understand them . As long as he could understand them, he had a chance of cracking them . However, Zhou Wen didn’t understand one of the snake’s powers .

Every time the snake’s eyes turned into a mirror, the blood-colored avatar would reflect in its eyes before dying .

No matter how fast Zhou Wen’s movement technique was, it was impossible for him to be so fast that the snake couldn’t see the blood-colored avatar . Therefore, every time the snake used this skill, the blood-colored avatar died .

Zhou Wen tried many times, but he failed to figure out what was going on .

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