Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 447

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Chapter 447: Chapter 447 - Continue Working Hard

“Ming Xiu, what’s going on? Why are you leaving without fighting?” Tian Zhenzhen chased after him and asked .

“We’re done,” Ming Xiu said .

“Done? How is that possible? Didn’t you only stab him once? Why are you done? I understand now . Zhou Wen was unable to dodge your attack, so he lost, right?” Tian Zhenzhen rattled on .

“Of course not . I lost . Feng Qiuyan is right . Coach is no longer an existence on the same level as us . He could see through my weakness with a single glance and tell me my weakness through actual actions,” said Ming Xiu .

“What weakness?” Tian Zhenzhen didn’t understand what Ming Xiu was saying . All she saw was Zhou Wen standing there without doing anything .

“As it was a sparring match, I deviated a little when I struck . I was afraid that I would really harm him, but Coach saw through my hesitation at a glance, so he didn’t strike at all,” Ming Xiu said .

“That’s normal . Just continue sparring . Why did you admit defeat?” Tian Zhenzhen still didn’t understand .

Ming Xiu shook his head and said, “There’s no need to continue . If Coach had been an enemy, he would have seen through my hesitation . If he were to strike back then, I would have already been defeated . He didn’t attack to tell me that since I’ve staked my life on this strike, I should be certain that I really want to kill the person before I deliver it . If I’m not even sure myself, then I shouldn’t attack . If I have doubts in my heart, I will definitely lose when I strike out . If I can’t strike out without any hesitation, I shouldn’t draw my sword . ”

“But aren’t you sparring? Isn’t it normal to show mercy?” Tian Zhenzhen asked .

“This is where Coach is better than others . It’s obvious that he’s telling me that there are no drills in life . The past is the past . There’s no chance for a redo . Since I’ve staked my life on the sword, how can there be any sparring? I have to risk my life when I strike . There’s no chance for me to do it again . My Sword Dao cultivation is indeed not enough . To think that I actually wanted to spar with Coach . In fact, I’d already lost when I had this thought . From today onwards, unless I confirm that I want to kill my enemies, I will definitely not draw my sword again,” Ming Xiu said seriously .

“From the looks of it, coming to Sunset College was right . You’ve really grown a lot,” Tian Zhenzhen said as she looked at Ming Xiu .

“Yes, it’s my good fortune to be able to meet Coach . Unfortunately, we only have three months here . I can’t learn more from Coach . ” Ming Xiu nodded .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what Ming Xiu was thinking . He was somewhat puzzled . He originally wanted to see what Ming Xiu’s sword technique was like, but to his surprise, Ming Xiu ran after stabbing at him .

However, Ming Xiu’s strike was truly stunning . The sword technique of seriously betting everything had a shocking feeling to it .

In a battle, only bravery won . Ming Xiu’s sword technique was the easiest way to win against a strong opponent, but it was also the easiest way to die .

What Ming Xiu learned from Zhou Wen was about questioning himself and not striking out . It greatly reduced the chances of him dying . Only then would this lead to Ming Xiu becoming a stunning swordsman in the future .

Zhou Wen realized that his strength and speed were stronger than Ming Xiu’s, and his sword techniques weren’t inferior to Ming Xiu’s, but no matter how he attacked, he wasn’t as decisive as Ming Xiu .

Even if he used all his strength, he could only maximize it . He didn’t have that kind of determination .

Feng Qiuyan took his saber and said to Zhou Wen, “Coach, since we’re already here, why don’t you spar with me?”

He didn’t use a practice saber because he already had absolute confidence in his saber techniques . No matter how intense the battle was, he wouldn’t accidentally injure Zhou Wen .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen felt that he had no choice . Feng Qiuyan had requested to spar with him, so he didn’t refuse and slashed down with his sword .

Zhou Wen hadn’t really practiced his sword techniques before . With Transcendent Flying Immortal, coupled with his movement techniques, he was basically able to subdue the enemy with one strike . He didn’t need that many techniques; one strike was enough .

This was actually the same as Ming Xiu’s . The two of them didn’t usually attack with their swords, but when they did, they would use their full strength . However, due to the difference in their personalities, their techniques split into two very different branches .

Zhou Wen’s movement and sword techniques were so fast that even Feng Qiuyan couldn’t keep up with him . All he could do was passively slash his saber to block .

Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen, who were outside the door, heard the sounds from the training grounds . Knowing that Zhou Wen and company were sparring, they walked in again . Upon seeing the two of them fighting, Tian Zhenzhen said in surprise, “Feng Qiuyan has been suppressed to the point of only defending?”

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She had never seen Feng Qiuyan use a defensive stance . Feng Qiuyan often sparred with Ming Xiu, so no matter how strong Ming Xiu’s sword techniques were, Feng Qiuyan would choose to attack him without losing out .

But now, Feng Qiuyan didn’t even have the chance to counterattack under Zhou Wen’s sword techniques .

Ming Xiu watched as he said, “Coach’s sword techniques are indeed much faster and stronger than mine . Furthermore, he still has more strength he’s holding back . It’s unlike mine . Once I strike, I use all my strength and am completely unable to control myself . ”

“He hasn’t used all his strength yet?” Tian Zhenzhen was alarmed . If he had suppressed Feng Qiuyan to this extent without even using his full strength, how powerful would he be when he used all his strength?

Zhou Wen kept using Transcendent Flying Immortal . Although it was only a single move, it created different effects due to the angle of attacks when combined with the variation in movement technique .

However, Feng Qiuyan’s saber technique was like a turtle’s shell, completely impenetrable . Just a sword technique alone couldn’t break through his defense . Although he could suppress Feng Qiuyan, he was unable to defeat him .

Feng Qiuyan was also suppressed to the point of not having the ability to counterattack . After exchanging more than a hundred blows, Zhou Wen felt that he couldn’t freely engage in battle as he wished . He found it boring, so he retracted his sword and retreated . “It’s boring . That’s it . ”

“It’s because I’m not strong enough that Coach can’t enjoy it . Don’t worry, I’ll continue working hard,” Feng Qiuyan said seriously .

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“Then continue working hard . ” Zhou Wen placed the sword back on the rack and left the training grounds with Li Xuan .

“Old Zhou, you’ve already advanced to the Epic stage . What’s the point of going to school? Have you considered what you will do after graduation?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen casually as they walked through campus .

“Something related to dimensional zones . It’s best if it’s an easy job . It’s best if I can game at work,” Zhou Wen said without any thought .

“You will only be twenty when you graduate, and an Epic stage at that . Although not everyone will dare to hire you because of Wang Mingyuan, many people in Luoyang will definitely be willing to hire you . Your request isn’t a problem, but do you really plan on spending the rest of your life like this?” Li Xuan asked as he looked at Zhou Wen calmly .

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