Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: Chapter 448 - Missing

448 Missing

“I think it’s good this way . Why can’t I?” Zhou Wen wasn’t someone who liked to go too far . His greatest goal now was to rescue the former principal and find a safe place to live his life before raising his strength .

Even if the dimensional zones’ seal failed in the future, he could still protect himself and his friends and family .

“You definitely know that the occurrences of break-out creatures these days are increasing in frequency . The break-out creatures that appeared in our school previously destroyed the library . There was also the Sky Spiders that nearly destroyed Luoyang City . In the future, this world will only become more and more chaotic . What kind of job can you find to lead a peaceful life?” Li Xuan asked .

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense . When the world turned into a monster amusement park, there wouldn’t be jobs that could allow him such an idyllic life .

“Then what do you want after graduation?” Zhou Wen asked Li Xuan .

“I wish to build a city myself and gather many powerful humans . I want to build an impregnable castle . The city will be filled with my friends and family . I want to be able to protect them,” Li Xuan said .

“If you have such thoughts, you are no different from me,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“How is that the same? I’m proactively attacking . You are just passively getting beaten up,” Li Xuan said disdainfully as he cast a glance .

“Alright, let’s make an agreement here . You can leave me a room when you build the city so that I have a place to stay,” Zhou Wen said .

“Then you will have to wait . It’s impossible to build a city without the standards of a top Epic . I haven’t even come close to the Epic stage . Who knows when I can become a top Epic,” Li Xuan said with a smile .

“I believe you will definitely reach it,” Zhou Wen said seriously .

“Alright . That’s an agreement . In the future, I’ll build a city and leave the best compound for you to comfortably stay in,” Li Xuan said heroically .

The two of them chatted as they walked . However, most of the time, Zhou Wen listened to Li Xuan voice out his future ideals . As for himself, he didn’t seem to have many pursuits . The only time he felt a sense of achievement was when his level increased and his abilities improved .

“Today is my father’s birthday . Why don’t you join me? Just treat it as a free meal . It’s a waste not to eat it . ” Li Xuan dragged Zhou Wen out of the school .

Although Li Xuan greatly disliked Li Mobai, it wasn’t likely he would fall out with him in front of his father .

Apart from Li Xuan and Li Mobai, Old Master Li had also adopted many godsons and goddaughters, so the rich and famous in Luoyang came to congratulate him . Even An Tianzuo had sent someone to deliver a gift . The Li family was especially lively today .

“I really don’t have to buy a gift?” Zhou Wen had been dragged over by Li Xuan . He hadn’t bought any gifts and went to the Li family empty-handed .

“What else are you going to give me? You coming is already giving me face . Now, everyone knows that you are Ouyang Lan’s favorite son . Even An Jing isn’t as doted on as you . ” Li Xuan pointed at the buffet table and said, “Eat anything you want, drink whatever you want . As long as you don’t get drunk and go crazy . ”

“That won’t happen . I don’t drink,” Zhou Wen said .

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“I’ll take a look over there . Get something to eat first . Call me if there’s anything you need,” Li Xuan said as he went to the other side .

Zhou Wen didn’t know anyone, so he didn’t need to worry . He took the food and beverages and minded his own business by eating .

“Zhou Wen, we meet again . Have you considered the matter I told you about previously?” Li Mobai walked over and said to Zhou Wen with a smile .

“Didn’t I already give you an answer?” Zhou Wen said indifferently .

“Don’t you think about it anymore?” Li Mobai asked with a smile .

“There’s no need,” Zhou Wen answered with certainty .

“That’s such a pity . ” Li Mobai shook his head slightly before walking away .

After Li Mobai left, Zhou Wen didn’t take the matter to heart as he continued eating .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had agreed that the two of them would return to school after the birthday banquet ended . However, Zhou Wen never saw Li Xuan again . When the banquet was almost over, he didn’t see Li Xuan, nor did he pick up his phone .

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Could something have happened to Li Xuan? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat . However, with this being the Li family, who could touch Li Xuan?

Even Li Mobai didn’t have the guts to touch Li Xuan in front of Old Master Li, right?

However, Zhou Wen felt uneasy . He immediately used Truth Listener’s earring to search the Li family manor, hoping to find Li Xuan .

At this moment, in a secret chamber, Li Xuan woke up groggily . His vision gradually cleared as he realized that he was chained up with some strange metal . His body was bound to a metal chair while Li Mobai was standing in front of him .

“Li Mobai, what are you trying to do? Aren’t you afraid that the old man will know that you dared to attack me here?” Li Xuan glared fiercely at Li Mobai .

“I think you’re really not fully awake . Do you want me to help you recall how you came here?” Li Mobai’s expression remained unchanged as he smiled .

“Didn’t you…” As Li Xuan spoke, his expression changed .

He gradually recalled what had happened before he came . He was supposed to be at a banquet, but Li Weiyang had called him and said that she was at the back door of the Li family residence .

As she was an illegitimate daughter, Li Weiyang didn’t even have the right to attend the family birthday banquet . When Li Xuan went out to meet her, she said that she had a gift for Old Master Li, but since it wasn’t convenient for her to give it to him, she asked him to deliver it for her .

Li Xuan naturally agreed, but after he received the gift from Li Weiyang, who he wasn’t wary of, he fainted and woke up to find himself here .

“What’s wrong with you? Sis Weiyang? Li Mobai, if you dare touch her, I’ll kill you!” Li Xuan glared at Li Mobai and said fiercely .

Li Mobai laughed and pinched Li Xuan’s face with one hand . “Li Xuan, Li Xuan, you’re still so stupid . You don’t know the dangers of this world . I originally thought you were playing the pig, but from the looks of it, you are really a pig . ”

As he spoke, Li Mobai released Li Xuan and reached out to press the button on the remote control . Then, Li Xuan saw the wall in front of him gradually turn transparent .

It turned out that it wasn’t a real wall but a mirror . After the motorized curtain lifted, he saw the room opposite .

Li Xuan’s gaze landed on the room across him and immediately saw Li Weiyang inside .

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