Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: Chapter 449 - Life-Snatching Gu

“Li Mobai, what are you trying to do?” Li Xuan gritted his teeth and asked .

“Nothing much . After all, you are my brother . Even if you die, you have to understand why . ” Li Mobai picked up a walkie-talkie and said, “Li Weiyang, you did well on this matter . ”

Li Weiyang clearly couldn’t see the room . Upon hearing Li Mobai’s voice, she immediately looked around in panic . She realized that the sound came from a speaker, and she said agitatedly, “I’ve already done what you asked me to do . Please remove the poisonous Gu from my body . ”

Li Mobai glanced at Li Xuan and continued, “Li Xuan usually treats you so well; yet, you handed him to me . Don’t you know what happens when he falls into my hands?”

Li Xuan had planned on speaking, but he fell silent when he heard Li Mobai’s question . He looked through the mirror on the wall at Li Weiyang .

Li Weiyang turned pale . “I know I let Li Xuan down, but I just want to live . There’s nothing I can do . ”

“He’s your younger brother,” Li Mobai said mockingly .

“There’s nothing I can do . I’m just an illegitimate daughter, but he’s the third scion of the Li family who’s high and mighty . We don’t belong to the same world to begin with . He treats me well, but it’s just a farce to show to others . It’s just pity, charity…”

Li Xuan’s face turned pale when he heard that .

He had always treated Li Weiyang as his sister, but he never expected her to say something like that .

Although she was saying it with her life under duress, the words were still unacceptable to Li Xuan .

Li Mobai didn’t say a word . All he did was look at Li Xuan . However, Li Weiyang grew anxious . “I’ve already done what you asked me to do . You said you will remove the poisonous Gu from my body . Quickly, remove it…”

Li Weiyang slammed the table in annoyance, her voice sounding agitated with a hint of pleading .

“Of course, I will keep my promise . However, you still have to do one last thing for me . After doing this, you can regain your freedom,” Li Mobai said .

“What else do you want me to do?” Li Weiyang asked loudly .

“Li Weiyang, you should know that there’s no absolute secret once someone else knows it . If I release you now, one day, you will tell everyone that I killed Li Xuan,” Li Mobai said calmly .

“No, no, no . I definitely won’t say anything . I won’t say anything . You have to believe me…” Li Weiyang waved her hand in panic, fear written all over her face .

“I don’t like having my fate controlled by the hands of others . It’s easy for me to let you go . You just need to personally kill Li Xuan . That’s the only way I can let you go without worries . I don’t have to worry about exposing the secret because the first one to die will be you,” Li Mobai said .

“No, no, no . I can’t do that . ” Li Weiyang shook her head as she retreated .

“Of course, you have the right to choose, but if you don’t, I can only let you die here . Only dead people keep secrets,” Li Mobai said .

“You can’t do this to me!” Li Weiyang’s face warped as she appeared conflicted .

“Ah!” Suddenly, Li Weiyang held her stomach as she collapsed to the ground in pain .

“The poison has already taken effect . You don’t have much time left,” Li Mobai said expressionlessly .

“I… I… I promise you…” Li Weiyang said in pain .

Li Xuan felt as though he had been struck by lightning as his expression turned extremely nasty .

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“Sorry, you took too long to agree . I’ve changed my mind . Dead people are still better at keeping secrets . ” As Li Mobai spoke, he rubbed the ring on his finger . Li Weiyang immediately spasmed . In just a moment, she rolled her eyes and spat out white foam . She was quickly dying .

“Stop! She has already agreed to it . Why are you still killing her?” Li Xuan shouted .

Li Mobai said indifferently, “Because I never planned on letting her out alive . Only dead people can truly keep secrets . This world is just that cruel . ”

With that said, Li Mobai extended his hand in front of Li Xuan . A strange bug was in his palm . It looked like a centipede, but it had a scorpion’s tail . It had four transparent wings on its back, and its head looked like that of a cricket . It looked very strange .

“Do you know what this is?” Li Mobai asked with a smile .

Seeing Li Xuan stare at him with those blood-red eyes, Li Mobai continued, “It’s a special Companion Beast . Its name is Life-Snatching Gu . However, don’t worry . It won’t really kill you . The life it snatches is your Life Providence . Then it can transfer it to me and make me have dual Life Providences . ”

“You want my Life Providence? Since you want my Life Providence so badly, why don’t you cultivate the Invincible Connate Divine Art yourself?” Li Xuan stared blankly at Li Mobai .

Li Mobai revealed a strange smile . “Because cultivating the Invincible Connate Divine Art requires one to be a virgin . If I were to cultivate it, the Li family wouldn’t have any successors . But you are different . You’ve cultivated the Invincible Divine Art, and once I snatch your Life Providence from you I don’t need to maintain my virginity . Although it’s not as impressive as cultivating the Invincible Connate Divine Art personally, it’s still enough . ”

Without waiting for Li Xuan to speak, Li Mobai continued, “My talent is better than yours and I’m stronger than you . The old man made you cultivate the Invincible Connate Divine Art because he prepared you for me . ”

“Impossible . You are lying,” Li Xuan said loudly .

“I’m lying? Everyone knows that once one cultivates in the Invincible Connate Divine Art, one can’t have descendants . Even the original owner of the Invincible Connate Divine Art, the Xia family, didn’t cultivate it . Yet, the old man made you cultivate it . Do you think this is something a father would do?” Li Mobai said with a smile .

“I was the one who wanted to cultivate in the Invincible Connate Divine Art . It has nothing to do with the old man,” Li Xuan said .

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“Was it really your intention? Do you remember when you were young? Who told you how powerful the Invincible Connate Divine Art was? How impressive the Xia family’s patriarch was?” Li Mobai continued with a smile . “Ever since you were young, everyone told you that the Invincible Connate Divine Art was great and awesome . It subtly influenced you into thinking that it was nothing to be a virgin your entire life just to cultivate in such a Primordial Energy Art, right?”

Li Xuan wanted to retort, but it did seem like this had been the case when he was young . Including the old man, everyone had told him that the Invincible Connate Divine Art was powerful and invincible . Once he mastered it, he would become a hero of the world .

Therefore, from a young age, he felt that cultivating the Invincible Connate Divine Art was an act of a hero . Now that Li Mobai had pointed it out to him, Li Xuan felt his body turn cold .

“Impossible… The old man can’t do this to me… I’m his son… He can’t possibly do this to me…” Li Xuan seemed to be trying to convince himself .

“If you were really his son, of course he wouldn’t . Unfortunately, you aren’t . You always thought you were his biological son, but that’s not the case . You were just a tool that was prepared for me . It’s been hard on you . After all these years, your mission is completed,” Li Mobai said as he placed the Life-Snatching Gu on Li Xuan’s face .

The Life-Snatching Gu automatically crawled into Li Xuan’s nose . In its wake, Li Xuan felt as though it was slicing his body with a knife .

Soon, the pain reached his heart . At the same time, he felt a strange force spread throughout his body .

“My good brother, thank you for all your years of arduous cultivation . I’ll treat your Life Providence well . When my name becomes famous, your Life Providence will become famous alongside me . As my younger brother, you should be very happy, right?” Li Mobai’s finger slid across Li Xuan’s forehead, emitting a strange light as though it was stabbing into Li Xuan’s head .

“B*stard… You are a b*stard…” Li Xuan felt like countless steel needles were stabbing into his head, as though they were trying to suck his brain away .

Li Xuan struggled with all his might, but the metal chains had a strange effect . They didn’t only seal his body, but it also blocked his Primordial Energy circulation .

“Don’t use profanities . The Li family has raised you for so many years, so you should be grateful . ” Li Mobai continued, “By the way, you still have a very good classmate called Zhou Wen, right? You’re quite pitiful too . You can’t get close to women, so you ended up liking men . Whatever, I’ll kill him with your Life Providence in the future and get him to accompany you . ”

“Li… Xiu… Bai…” Like the straw that broke the camel’s back, Li Xuan’s eyes turned blood red . All his Primordial Energy spewed out like blood flames that burned crazily . His bones and muscles swelled as his hair stood on end . A blood-colored carapace appeared over him, forming a strange armor . Four transparent blood wings spread out from his back like a supernatural being .

On him, a red beam of light condensed, resembling a devil that came from ancient times . It attached itself to Li Xuan .


The metal chain that sealed his body and Primordial Energy broke inch by inch, no longer capable of binding his body .

“Li Xiubai, I’m going to kill you!” Li Xuan’s blood-red eyes stared at Li Mobai, roaring angrily . The blood-red projection around him roared as well, like a devil had possessed him .

He didn’t even call out Li Mobai’s name, directly calling him by his actual name—Li Xiubai .

“Come on, let me see what capabilities you have to kill me,” Li Mobai said as his eyes shimmered with zeal .

“Die!” Li Xuan’s eyes burned with killing intent as blood-colored light exploded from his body . The devil behind him roared as he struck Li Mobai with a punch with bloody flames .


The blood-red light exploded in the secret chamber, reducing the entire secret chamber to ruins .

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