Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 450

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Chapter 450: Chapter 450 - Evil King Gu

Li Mobai’s eyes widened as he leaned against the cracked wall . Li Xuan’s fist brushed past his head, slamming into the wall . The terrifying power caused the metal walls of the chamber to shatter . Everything looked like ruins .

Pa! Li Mobai slapped Li Xuan in the face and said in disdain, “You’re still so cowardly and useless . Even at this stage, you still don’t dare kill me?”

“Why did you do so much? Why did you give me your Life Soul? It’s not a Life-Snatching . What you gave me was your Life Soul,” Li Xuan said as he stared at Li Mobai .

“I still failed?” Li Mobai was extremely disappointed as he leaned against the wall and slowly sat down . The luster of his body gradually faded .

“What do you mean?” Li Xuan looked at Li Mobai and asked with gritted teeth .

Li Mobai sighed and said, “Why are you still unable to be heartless even at this stage? Don’t tell me you’re not angry at all?”

“Even if I were in hell, I wouldn’t become a devil . Li Mobai, what were you trying to do?” Li Xuan asked again .

Li Mobai closed his eyes and said, “Do you still remember Big Brother?”

“Of course I remember . Why are you mentioning him?” Li Xuan asked .

“Brother was peerless and was far better than both of us . He was no less inferior to An Tianzuo of the An family . If he had lived to this day, our Li family would definitely be in a better state than we are now . It wouldn’t be difficult for us to become true elites,” Li Mobai said .

“He’s already been dead for so many years . Is there any point in saying all this now?” Li Xuan frowned .

“Don’t you want to know how Brother died?” Li Mobai opened his eyes and stared at Li Xuan .

“Wasn’t Brother killed by a dimensional creature when he went dimensional creature hunting in a dimensional zone?” Li Xuan’s heart stirred as he vaguely felt that this matter wasn’t that simple .

“Killed by dimensional creatures? That’s technically right . Humans are the dirtiest dimensional creatures,” Li Mobai mocked .

“What do you mean? Do you mean that Brother was killed by someone? It wasn’t an accident?” Li Xuan stared at Li Mobai and said .

“Of course not . Back then, before Brother left, he told me that he wanted to go to the Dragon Gate Grotto to hunt Fairies, and to get a Fairy Companion Egg for me as a birthday present . ” Li Mobai closed his eyes, his voice a little hoarse . “But when he died, he was in Old Dragon Cave . Back then, I had my suspicions about why he was in Old Dragon Cave . He shouldn’t have gone there . Brother was a man of his word . Since he agreed to get me a Fairy Companion Egg, he would definitely have gone to the Lotus Flower Cave . He wouldn’t leave before getting a Fairy Companion Egg .

“I didn’t dare to tell anyone about this because I was too young and weak back then . I didn’t have the ability to do anything, so I could only bury this matter in my heart . I slowly investigated when I grew up and had the powers to do so . ”

Li Mobai continued, “In order to make myself stronger, I chose to cultivate the Evil Gu Sutra . It gave me the power to control Gu, allowing me to use it as a foundation to control people . Slowly, I obtained clues . Everything pointed to a huge entity . That faction is too powerful, so powerful that it made me despair . Even if I used all my strength, I wouldn’t be able to shake that massive figure . ”

“Who are they?” Li Xuan stared at Li Mobai and asked .

“The Xia family,” Li Mobai said .

“The Xia family that gave us our Invincible Connate Divine Art?” Li Xuan looked at Li Mobai in surprise .

“Invincible Connate Divine Art? That’s nothing but a joke . The Invincible Connate Divine Art they gave us is an incomplete version . If your talent wasn’t so outstanding, no matter how much you cultivated it, you wouldn’t have made any achievements . Thankfully, the heavens blessed you . You managed to master an incomplete Invincible Connate Divine Art and condensed a high-level Life Providence like Immortal God of Combat . But that’s not enough . Although you are very strong, you are still far inferior to Brother . Furthermore, the Invincible Connate Divine Art’s weakness is too obvious . With your personality, I’m afraid you would give up everything for a woman if you were to meet one that you loved . ”

“I…” Li Xuan was at a loss for words . He might really do that .

“The Xia family has no lack of women who can stir hearts,” Li Mobai said in disdain .

“So, you want me to be completely heartless? There’s no need for you to do that . All you need to do is tell me about Brother . I can do it . There’s no need for you to treat Weiyang that way,” Li Xuan said through gritted teeth .

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“It’s not just because of this . To become an enemy of the Xia family and wipe it out, both of us are lacking . No matter how talented you are or how you can master an incomplete Invincible Connate Divine Art to its limits and match that hero from the Xia family back then, you still can’t touch the Xia family . ”

Li Mobai opened his eyes as a cold glint flashed in his eyes . “After lots of thinking, I came up with the only method to give us a fighting chance against the Xia family . In my cultivation of the Evil Gu Sutra, there’s a way of transferring . It’s like a daughter I raise . After growing up and marrying someone else, I can transfer my Life Soul, Evil King Gu, to you and help you condense a Life Soul . After absorbing the Evil King Gu, your Life Soul will no longer be a pure Life Soul condensed by the Invincible Connate Divine Art . It will subtly influence you, causing your body and Life Providence to change . It will make you stronger, far stronger than a pure Invincible Connate Divine Art . It will not have the fatal flaw . Only then will you have the chance to deal with the Xia family .

“However, cultivating the Evil Gu Sutra requires one to be emotionless or it will cause them to leave behind a huge latent problem . And to obtain the recognition of my Life Soul, Evil King Gu, after I completely transfer it to you, you will also need to be heartless . At the very least, at the moment of fusion, you have to be able to disown your family . Only then will Evil King Gu willingly sacrifice itself to be transferred to you . ” Li Mobai closed his eyes again .

“If I really did kill you and accomplished the act of being heartless, then who will tell me about Brother? Without knowing anything, what’s the point of doing all of this?” Li Xuan felt that Li Mobai was too bigoted .

“Me . ” A voice came from the room next door .

As the secret chamber had been destroyed by the blast, the mirror wall had also shattered . “Li Weiyang,” who had fallen to the ground, stood up alive .

However, there was a strange change to her face . She didn’t look like Li Weiyang anymore . Her face was like an unfamiliar woman .

“Her name is Butterfly . Initially, after I die, she would tell you everything and support you to continue proceeding forward until you destroy the Xia family . Now, it’s useless,” Li Mobai said as he tried to stand up .

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Li Xuan subconsciously wanted to help Li Mobai up, but Li Mobai pushed him away and said indifferently, “There’s no need to help me . Since you failed, I’ll continue taking this path . ”

“But you…” Li Xuan wanted to say that his Life Soul was gone, and the Evil Gu Sutra was crippled . How could an ordinary person without any cultivation continue the path?

“There are no buts . Even if it’s the path to hell, I have to walk it again . ” Li Mobai propped himself up and staggered towards the door . He was weak but firm .

If Li Xuan’s body was in the depths of hell as he headed for light, Li Mobai was the person who walked towards hell .

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