Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: Chapter 452 - Cannot be Hatched

Chapter 452 Cannot be Hatched

“Someone actually is selling a Mythical Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen found it unbelievable .

An Sheng smiled and said, “No one would sell one under ordinary circumstances, but this one is a little different . ”

“How is it different? Is there anything special?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

“Do you have any idea about Orphism of the West District?” An Sheng asked .

“A little . I roughly know that in the early times, there was the god, Chronos . It later became the God of Chaos, Chaos, and then the twelve Titans . Finally, it became the more famous twelve Olympus Gods, with Zeus being the leader . These are the few representative generations of gods in Orphism . ” Zhou Wen knew quite a bit about this belief .

As he had received Chaos’s heritage and it was also related to the Chaos Bead, Zhou Wen had previously read about such matters . Although he didn’t study it in-depth, he had a general understanding of it .

“It’s not bad that you already know these things . Few people from the East District typically study the myths of the West District . They probably only know about Zeus and the other gods . ” An Sheng paused before continuing, “The Cape family discovered a temple left behind by the dualism god, Phanes, in the mortal realm . His status is probably the same as the Pangu of our East District’s system of gods . Although it’s a little different, you get what I mean . Anyway, according to the myths and legends in the West District, all the god-kings have to gain his approval before they become the king of gods .

“The Cape family obtained the recognition of the temple . They chose one of the three Companion Eggs in the temple, which is this Invisibility Cloak that is being put up for auction,” An Sheng said .

“That’s not right . Since it’s being auctioned now, it means that no one has ever hatched it . How do you know that it’s Invisibility Cloak?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“The reason they know that it’s Invisibility Cloak is that the Cape family has formerly hatched that Mythical Companion Egg before . After that, they gained the ability to be invisible,” An Sheng said with a faint smile . “When people obtain powers that exceed the rules, their true colors show . The person from the Cape family used his powers of invisibility to do countless dirty things . He went overboard and even dared to touch the members of the six families . In the end, he was discovered by the Zhang family and he was exposed . ”

“This matter is a scandal of the six families . The Cape family has been slain by the Zhang family as well . However, when they killed him, the Zhang family used some unknown method to turn the Invisibility Cloak to a Companion Egg form . It didn’t vanish along with that person and has been kept all this while . ”

“That means that the invisibility cloak Companion Egg fell into the Zhang family’s hands . It doesn’t make sense for the Zhang family to auction such a powerful Companion Egg, right? Does their family lack money?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

“The Zhang family naturally doesn’t lack money, but the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg isn’t a real Companion Egg . It was unknown what method they used to turn the Invisibility Cloak into a Companion Egg . No one can hatch it . In the beginning, no one knew that there was a problem with the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg . The Cape family paid a huge sum of resources to get the Companion Egg back from the Zhang family . However, when they got it back, they couldn’t hatch it .

“Later, the Invisibility Cloak exchanged a few hands a few times . Although there’s a problem, it’s a Mythical Companion Egg and has magical invisibility . Everyone wants to give it a try . Everyone thinks that they care capable of doing something others can’t, but they ultimately realize they can’t do it either . From the six families to ordinary families, it has changed multiple hands . No one has managed to hatch the Invisibility Cloak . However, don’t think of picking it up on the cheap . There are plenty of confident people, so the price will definitely be unimaginable if you want to bid on the cloak . ”

“Can my Essence Crystals be used in the auction?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Of course they can, but they’re not convenient . How about this? I’ll help you bid for the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg . After I get it, you can sell me the equivalent of Essence Crystals at market price . ” An Sheng thought for a moment before saying, “The amount needed at the auction will definitely not be small . I don’t know if it will exceed your expectations, so you have to go with me . If you think it’s possible, I’ll bid . If you feel that it’s too expensive, we can just give it up . ”

“To the West District?” Zhou Wen was somewhat worried .

“Don’t worry . I have my own arrangements . There won’t be any problems . Just treat it as a vacation . There are many famous dimensional zones in the West District where the auction is held . You can also pay them a visit when the time comes . ” An Sheng could understand Zhou Wen’s worry .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen was rather interested in the Invisibility Cloak . Furthermore, he wanted to see if the dimensional zones in the West District had the tiny palm symbols .

If there were any tiny palm symbols, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to download a few of them . Zhou Wen was very interested in Companion Beasts that were angels, sprites, and devils .

As he was about to leave, Zhou Wen had no choice but to place the antelope and chick at Wang Lu’s place . Zhou Wen had previously given the antelope and chick some Essence Crystals, but they weren’t interested in them at all .

“Your trip will make you owe me more days of breakfast, right? I’m afraid lunch won’t be enough to cover the shortfall,” Wang Lu said as she looked at him .

“Then use dinner to make up for it,” Zhou Wen said .

“I want to lose weight . I don’t eat dinner,” Wang Lu said with a twitch of her lips .

Although she said that, Wang Lu still took the chick . The antelope also consciously followed her; it even seemed somewhat eager .

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Clearly, it could eat better when with Wang Lu .

This time, An Sheng personally brought Zhou Wen to the West District . Zhou Wen heard from An Sheng that the place they were heading to was a peninsula and it was very close to the sea . Not far from the peninsula were the Aegean Sea islands where there were many dimensional zones . They contained several terrifying existences .

“Are there dimensional zones that drop angel or sprite Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked An Sheng as he sat in the car .

An Sheng blinked and said, “Sprites are creatures that only come from the dimensional zones in the North District . Angels belong to another divine system . Do you think there will be one?”

“Aren’t they from the same district?” Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed . He had always felt that these two dimensional creatures belonged to the West District .

“Of course not,” An Sheng answered with certainty .

“Then what Companion Beasts are available at the place we are going?” Zhou Wen had no choice but to seek An Sheng’s advice .

“Monsters, giants, pythons, etc . ” An Sheng roughly explained the situation before smiling . “If you have the ability, you can kill a goddess like Athena . There might even be a Companion Egg drop . It’s said that Athena’s temple has been discovered, but it’s hard to tell if Athena is really inside . ”

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“Forget about Mythical creatures . Are there more pragmatic Epic Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen knew himself . The possibility of him killing a Mythical creature was just too low .

Now, Zhou Wen was just waiting for Tyrant Behemoth to complete its evolution . After it became a Mythical creature, Zhou Wen really had the capital to fight Mythical creatures .

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