Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 453

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Chapter 453: Chapter 453 - The Only Princess of the Zhang Family

Zhou Wen originally believed that they would head to the auction venue directly, but he soon realized that it wasn’t only the two of them going to the auction together . An Sheng had to tag along with others .

To be precise, An Sheng and Zhou Wen were only hitching a ride on a plane . The Zhang family was going to participate in the auction too . An Tianzuo had asked if they could bring Zhou Wen and An Sheng along . This also meant that they would be under the Zhang family’s protection .

Isn’t the An family and the six families on bad terms? Why would the Zhang family agree to take us with them? Zhou Wen found it odd .

“Let’s not talk about us . Even the relationship between the six families is nothing much to speak of . There is even competition amongst themselves, competition that is far more intense than with others . However, when it comes to interests, that’s another matter . The Zhang family has a lot of need for Essence Gold . We also have some needs that the Zhang family can satisfy us with, so our relationship is relatively stable . However, the Zhang family originally wanted to reject our request, but for some reason, they later agreed,” An Sheng said .

When they arrived, a butler-like person welcomed An Sheng and Zhou Wen and took them to a private airport .

“Butler, who is the person in charge of the Zhang family this time?” An Sheng asked .

There were many experts in the Zhang family . An Sheng wanted to know who it was, lest he made any faux pax .

“The one who’s going to the Aegean Sea this time is Third Master’s only daughter,” the old butler said .

An Sheng couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard that . In the Zhang family’s previous generation, there were three brothers who were particularly good at fathering sons . They had many sons . The first and second master had eight sons each . The third master had two sons and only one daughter .

The entire Zhang family only had one daughter . One could imagine how doted upon this girl was .

Legend had it that every year, all the sons of the Zhang family rushed back to celebrate her birthday . Each of them prepared a rare treasure . The scene was extremely breathtaking .

Of course, that was only a legend . This was because the Zhang family only had one daughter . She was like a princess, so they had protected her from birth . Up until now, no one in the Zhang family knew her name, much less what she looked like .

An Sheng wanted to ask the name of the princess of the Zhang family, but the butler clearly didn’t want to say too much and had already boarded the plane .

An Sheng mentioned the princess of the Zhang family to Zhou Wen and said with a smile, “We are lucky today . Perhaps we might have a chance to meet her in person . ”

The two of them boarded the plane, and the old butler brought them inside . There were all sorts of pink decorations inside the plane, making it look very feminine .

Inside the cabin, there was a young woman who looked to be in her twenties . She was somewhat different from the princess Zhou Wen imagined . She was at least older than he imagined .

However, when An Sheng and Zhou Wen saw her clearly, their eyes widened .

“What’s wrong? You’ve forgotten about me already?” The woman looked at the two of them and smiled .

“Zhang Yuzhi… You’re from the Zhang family?” Zhou Wen obviously recognized her . Back when he was heading home with An Sheng, Li Xuan, and Ah Lai, he had met this woman on the way and allowed her to hitch a ride .

“Isn’t what you’re saying odd? . You’ve already called me Zhang Yuzhi . If I’m not from the Zhang family, would I be from your Zhou family?” Zhang Yuzhi said with a smile .

Zhou Wen wasn’t eloquent . He gaped his mouth, unsure of how to explain himself .

“Sit down . The plane is about to take off,” Zhang Yuzhi said as she pointed to the seat beside her .

“What’s that?” After the plane took off, Zhou Wen looked out the window and realized that there were actually many white birds outside the window . They looked like cranes, but they were a lot bigger . Furthermore, there were quite a number of them and they flew around the plane in groups .

On careful look, Zhou Wen realized that there was someone sitting on each crane’s back .

“That’s the Sky Crane Companion Beast that’s unique to the Zhang family . It’s a top Epic creature . Its flight and combat abilities are very strong,” An Sheng explained .

Zhou Wen immediately understood that they were experts of the Zhang family that protected Zhang Yuzhi .

Zhou Wen looked at Zhang Yuzhi with an odd look . With her status, how could she have suffered a breakdown by herself in the wilderness?

As though reading Zhou Wen’s mind, Zhang Yuzhi said with a smile, “I had a quarrel with my family back then, so I went out alone to calm down . I never expected anything to happen . Thankfully, I met you . Otherwise, I would really have been afraid to be alone . ”

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“No wonder . The Zhang family originally wanted to decline us in the beginning, but they later agreed to take us along . It was because of you, right?” An Sheng said .

Zhang Yuzhi nodded and said, “With our family and the An family’s relationship, it’s nothing much to bring you along . However, our family doesn’t want strangers to get close to me, so they were planning to reject it . ”

As they were all acquaintances, and Zhou Wen and An Sheng didn’t take into account backgrounds, they chatted very happily with Zhang Yuzhi .

After chatting for a while, the old butler walked over and said, “Miss, it’s time for you to rest . ”

Zhou Wen and An Sheng found it odd . What did he mean that it was time for her to rest? Zhang Yuzhi had been sitting comfortably in her chair, not doing anything .

Zhang Yuzhi seemed to want to stay, but the old butler repeated that it was time for her to rest . Zhang Yuzhi could only stand up and say to the two of them, “Sorry, I need to rest for a while . If you need anything, just instruct Uncle Fu . ”

Although Zhou Wen and An Sheng found it odd, they weren’t that close . It wasn’t appropriate for them to say anything else as they watched Zhang Yuzhi walk through the door in the cabin ahead of them .

Zhou Wen was curious as he wanted to see where Zhang Yuzhi was resting .

Legend has it that passenger planes have first class cabins . Could it be that this plane has first class cabins as well? Zhou Wen activated Truth Listener’s earring, hoping to see what Zhang Yuzhi’s resting place looked like . He didn’t have any malicious intent .

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A three-dimensional layout of the plane immediately appeared in Zhou Wen’s mind . In front of the main passenger area was a separate, single cabin . Zhang Yuzhi pushed the door open and entered .

However, when Zhou Wen saw what was happening, his expression changed slightly .

The cabin wasn’t big, but there were many things placed there . It was decorated extremely strangely . There were many long strips of paper hung inside . Due to Truth Listener’s ability, it couldn’t see the colors or the patterns . Therefore, Zhou Wen only knew that there were long strips of paper . He wasn’t sure if there were any drawings on the strips of paper .

However, there weren’t any lounge chairs or beds inside . Zhou Wen only saw a strange, head-sized box that was squarish at the base and round at the top .

The box’s shape made it look like an item used by humans in funerals before the dimensional storms .

It can’t be a coffin, right? Could it be a new massage device? As Zhou Wen thought about it, he saw that Zhang Yuzhi had already opened the lid and lay down inside the box .

Zhou Wen could clearly see that the box didn’t have any massage equipment, making it look like a coffin no matter how he looked at it .

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