Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: Chapter 457 - Apple-Plucking Plan

Chapter 457 Apple-Plucking Plan

Zhang Yuzhi’s voice woke up the black dragon . It raised its head and pricked up its ears, staring straight at the waterfall .

Zhou Wen knew that they couldn’t see the distant giant dragon or the golden apple tree, so he hurriedly gestured for them to stay silent . He also descended and pulled them into the cave .


The three of them had just entered the cave when the black dragon streaked across the sky like a black bolt of lightning . It landed beside the pool as it swept its eyes around as though it was looking for something .

After circling the pond a few times and finding nothing, it slowly returned to the apple tree .

The three people, who had held their breath in the waterfall cave, finally dared to breathe .

“Strange . I’ve come to this island many times . There are only some Water-Elemental Sprites . Why would there be an additional dragon?” An Sheng said with a frown .

“It’s not just that . ” Zhou Wen recounted his discovery and speculation .

Zhang Yuzhi’s eyes lit up when she heard that . “In other words, we aren’t on the original island . When we passed the tunnel beneath the pool, we entered another space . This is a dimensional zone that hasn’t been discovered . There’s a gigantic dragon here and a golden apple? Is that really the golden Apple of Discord from the legends?”

“How would I know?” Zhou Wen shook his head .

An Sheng said, “No Mythical creature is to be trifled with . Even if it’s a weaker existence in myths and legends, it’s not something we can deal with . Don’t even have thoughts on the golden apple . Let’s swim back from the waterfall tunnel and take a look . It’s best if we can go back . If we can’t return, we can try entering the pool again . Perhaps we’ll be sucked in once again and be able to leave this place . ”

Zhou Wen agreed since he didn’t wish to take the risk . Although Zhang Yuzhi was very interested in the golden apple from the fairytale legend, she could only leave with the two of them .

They soon realized something terrifying . There was no way back at the end of the waterfall . Furthermore, after they entered the pool, there was no strange suction force at the bottom .

After leaving the pool, the three of them returned to the cave . Zhang Yuzhi thought for a moment and said, “I remember hearing from my elders that one can only leave certain dimensional zones by obtaining a special item after entry . Otherwise, they won’t be able to leave and they will die inside . ”

“From the looks of it, this dimensional zone should be the death zone you’re talking about . After you enter, either you die or the dimensional creature dies . There’s no third option,” An Sheng said .

Zhang Yuzhi thought for a moment before saying, “If we leave this island, will we be able to leave this dimensional zone?”

“I’ve already taken a look from midair . Previously, there were distant islands, but there’s nothing now . At a glance, all I can see is the sea,” Zhou Wen said .

“That means we’re really trapped here . This island isn’t big either . I reckon that the black dragon or the golden apple is the dimensional zone’s special item . Killing the dragon or obtaining the golden apple is the only way of exiting,” Zhang Yuzhi said excitedly, “If we kill that dragon, will we become the first dragon slayers in human history?”

“If you aren’t afraid of becoming dragon feces, you can give it a try . ” Zhou Wen was rather inclined to think of a way to obtain the golden apple .

The chance of dying when fighting a Mythical creature was too high, but plucking the apple didn’t necessarily mean fighting the dragon . They had quite a number of Companion Beasts that they could use to lure the black dragon away before plucking the golden apple . It was likely a much safer option .

An Sheng agreed with Zhou Wen’s idea . “Yuzhi, stay here . Zhou Wen and I will give it a try and see if we can lure the dragon away and pluck the golden apple . ”

“Why am I staying?” Zhang Yuzhi was puzzled .

“Because the two of us are going to be apple-stealing thieves . If the two of us fail, it will be your turn to be the dragon-slaying heroine,” An Sheng said .

“That’s right . I can’t do such covert work . ” Zhang Yuzhi nodded .

After An Sheng asked Zhou Wen about the location and details of the golden apple tree, he sneaked out of the waterfall cave with him .

“I have a Essence Energy Skill that converges my aura . I likely won’t be discovered by the dragon even if I approach it . When I get close, I’ll summon a Companion Beast to see how strong the dragon is,” An Sheng said to Zhou Wen before he crept forward .

Zhou Wen saw him silently proceed forward like a snake . If he couldn’t see him with his naked eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to sense his existence . He couldn’t help but admire An Sheng for being a wily old fox . His abilities were much more multifaceted than his .

Zhou Wen didn’t have any similar Essence Energy Skills and couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be discovered by the dragon, so he didn’t approach . He found a relatively high spot nearby and looked at the golden apple tree and the black dragon from afar .

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Not long after, An Sheng arrived less than a thousand meters away from the golden apple tree . He pressed himself against the ground, and the armor on his body automatically changed color, making him almost fuse with the grass .

Then, Zhou Wen saw him summon a leopard-like Companion Beast that charged in the direction of the golden apple tree as it roared .

The black dragon hadn’t slept . It immediately stood up and saw the leopard-like Companion Beast . It flapped its wings and a black bolt of lightning streaked across the sky .

The leopard was no match for it at all . Just as it spewed out a ball of flames, it was swallowed by the black dragon .

What fast speed! Zhou Wen was alarmed . The dragon’s speed was almost on par with the wolf-like, tiger-like Mythical creature in the temple .

Although it was still slightly weaker, its speed was not something Epic humans could contend with .

The leopard was an Epic creature, but it hadn’t managed to put up any resistance in front of the black dragon .

An Sheng lay motionless on the grass . After the dragon devoured the leopard Companion Beast, it roared violently and shuttled back and forth across the island like lightning, as though it was searching for other intruders .

Zhou Wen was also lying in the grass, motionless . A few times, the black dragon flew close to him, making him feel his heart in his throat . This wasn’t a game . If he was discovered by the black dragon, there was a high chance of death .

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The black dragon finally quietened down and returned to the golden apple tree . After quite some time, it seemed to be exhausted . When it lay under the tree to rest, An Sheng silently retreated . He gave Zhou Wen a look and the two of them slowly retreated to the side of the waterfall .

The sound of the waterfall could conceal their voices . Even if they made any movements here, it was unlikely to attract the dragon’s attention .

“This island is too small . With the speed of that black dragon, no matter where we lure it to, it can immediately return to the apple tree . From the looks of it, luring it away won’t work,” An Sheng said after returning to the cave .

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