Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: Chapter 459 - Seven-Second Battle

Chapter 459 Seven-Second Battle

A purple bell appeared in Zhou Wen’s hand as he waved it at the black dragon . The billowing black smoke was sucked into the bell .

The black dragon was somewhat taken aback, but it immediately charged towards Zhou Wen with its mouth agape, hoping to devour him .

Zhou Wen waved the bell in his hand . As black poison smoke spewed out from the bell, he redirected it to the black dragon . At the same time, he used Ghost Steps to rapidly move away .

Two seconds! Zhou Wen counted inwardly .

The black dragon entered the poisonous smoke and temporarily lost its vision . In its rage, it let out a roar that sounded like a thunderclap . The shockwave scattered the poisonous smoke and didn’t stop . The shockwave continued rushing towards Zhou Wen’s body .

The roar was an area-of-effect attack . There was no place for him to dodge . Zhou Wen could only fend off the strike and activate the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul while using the Demon Dragon True Body . When he was done, the shockwave had already arrived in front of him .


Zhou Wen raised his fists to defend himself . He was thrown back by the force from the shockwave, his legs plowing deep marks that were dozens of meters long .

The black dragon seemed to sense something and stopped pursuing Zhou Wen . It turned around and attempted to charge back .

Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng had entered the range of the golden apple tree and had attracted the black dragon’s attention . It was returning to protect the golden apple .

Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t let it leave, otherwise, An Sheng’s life would be in danger . Seeing that the black dragon was about to fly away, a purple beam flew over from the side and struck the black dragon’s wings .

The purple light was a short purple-copper ancient sword . The black dragon’s scaly wing was sliced open by the purple-copper ancient sword .

Well done . Zhou Wen saw the Demonic Neonate expressionlessly hiding in the grass with the scabbard in her arms . After the ancient sword injured the black dragon, it flew towards the grass .

Roar! The dragon roared angrily . It had never suffered such damage before . Its wings had been injured, so it didn’t rush back in rage . It transformed into lightning and charged at Zhou Wen, planning to devour him first before returning to protect the golden apple .

The black dragon was so fast that its massive figure couldn’t be seen . Only a black lightning bolt was seen crossing the void . It was unbelievably fast .

However, Zhou Wen was already used to such speeds . He grinded the Mythical creature every day . Although the snake was slightly slower than the black dragon, it wasn’t that much slower . As for the other Mythical creature, it was faster than the black dragon .

Zhou Wen remained calm as he charged into the sea with a burst of terrifying speed with his Demon Dragon True Body .

In the sky, he wasn’t the match for the black dragon, but in the seawater, a winged dragon couldn’t be as agile as him . The pair of huge wings became an obstacle in its underwater movement .

Seeing Zhou Wen rush into the water, the black dragon hesitated for a moment and chose not to chase after him . It looked like it was about to turn around and return to the golden apple tree .

Three seconds! As Zhou Wen counted, he tore out of the water surface and switched back to Slaughterer . He held the banana fan and fanned the black dragon three times .

The three Grand Yin Winds stirred up huge waves as they swept towards the black dragon in the sky . One wave after another struck its body, while the Demonic Neonate hid and sent the ancient sword for another attack . They attacked the black dragon one after another .

The black dragon had been injured by the ancient sword, so when it saw the purple beam flying towards it and the waves rushing towards it, its ferocity was triggered . The black gas around it surged as its body emitted a metallic sheen . Another two pairs of wings appeared on its back, turning it into a black six-winged dragon . Black flames burned on its body as its six wings flapped . The black flames erupted like a volcano, blocking the Grand Yin Wind as the ancient sword was sent flying .

The black six-winged dragon, that looked like devilish, burned with black flames in its eyes as though it had come from a devilish abyss . It suddenly swooped down and its speed increased once again . It had reached an unbelievable level that Zhou Wen couldn’t even react in time .

They didn’t manage to force the dragon to produce such change in their previous probes, but Zhou Wen had been prepared for accidents . He was mentally prepared .

At the instant the black six-winged dragon charged into the sea, Zhou Wen had used the Lost Country to teleport away .


The surface of the sea exploded with waves reaching several hundred feet high . The gigantic black six-winged dragon charged into the sea . Its black flames remained burning in the sea, completely unaffected by the seawater . Instead, large amounts of seawater evaporated .

Lost Country’s teleportation had a limited distance range . After Zhou Wen teleported, he was sent flying by the shockwave from the black six-winged dragon’s charge into the water . Blood oozed out of his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose, and his bones almost seemed like crumbling .

When the black six-winged dragon discovered Zhou Wen, it immediately charged over . It remained very fast, but it wasn’t as indiscernible as before . Clearly, the water’s resistance had created quite a problem for it . Behind it was surging white foam, a result from the flapping of its three pairs of wings .

Zhou Wen knew that the more bubbles there were, the greater the resistance it experienced . Immediately, he switched back to the Inverse Ancient Sovereign state . The Demon Dragon True Body worked with the Nine Dragons Art as he constantly darted about in the water, dodging the attacks of the black six-winged dragon .

Four seconds! Zhou Wen felt like it was an eternity . The Demon Dragon True Body had greatly increased his expenditure of Essence Energy, but in such a battle, it was impossible for him to switch back . If he slowed down, he would definitely be devoured by the black six-winged dragon .

After failing to catch up to Zhou Wen several times, the black six-winged dragon once again flew into a rage . The scales on its body stood up as though it was an angry fowl . Suddenly, the scales bloomed like lotus flowers .

Countless scales flew in all directions and sliced through the seawater, instantly appearing in front of Zhou Wen .

There were just too many scales . With nowhere to dodge, Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as he gripped the Overlord Sword and Bamboo Blade and forcefully slashed down .

The Overlord Sword and Bamboo Blade slashed at the scales of light . With the strength of the Demon Dragon True Body, he managed to shatter the two scales in front of them . However, the scales behind them bombarded him like artillery .

Zhou Wen tried his best to brandish his blades to block, but he was still unable to do so . Scales of light streaked across his body and immediately sliced through the Mutated Stone Chi’s armor . They even sliced through the flesh and bones inside as blood instantly dyed the seawater red .

Zhou Wen flew backward, leaving a long pool of blood in the sea like a blood dragon .

Five seconds! The Demon Dragon True Body automatically lost its effect . Zhou Wen could only switch back to Slaughterer . Although his Essence Energy instantly recovered, his injuries remained .

And he didn’t have the chance to switch back to Demon Dragon True Body . This was because the black six-winged dragon had already torn through the seawater and charged forward like a primordial beast . If Zhou Wen switched back to the Inverse Ancient Sovereign and used the Demon Dragon True Body, his body would stiffen for an instant . It would be enough time for the black six-winged dragon to kill him several hundred times .

Forcefully activating Sigh of the King, a powerful force filled his body, but it also made his injured body feel even more painful .

Without fighting the black six-winged dragon, Zhou Wen used all his strength to rush out of the sea like a cannonball with Ghost Steps . He continued in midair and headed for the beach .

The Sigh of the King lasted for a limited period of time . Zhou Wen’s body couldn’t withstand such immense strength . It wouldn’t be enough time to kill a Mythical creature in battle . If the Mythical creature didn’t die, he would explode to his death .

The black six-winged dragon charged after him . Its speed immediately soared in midair . Despite Zhou Wen using the Sigh of the King, the gap between them rapidly shrank .

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The dragon roar sounded from behind . Zhou Wen could already hear the terrifying shockwave surge behind him .

Zhou Wen held the Overlord Sword and slashed out with the Demonic Astral Wheel . With the augmentation of the Sigh of the King, the blood-red sword beam sliced through the shockwave and struck the black six-winged dragon’s head .

The black six-winged dragon flapped its wings and dodged it . Even it felt apprehensive fending off the Demonic Astral Wheel that was augmented by the Sigh of the King . It didn’t use its body to withstand the blow like before .

After dodging the Demonic Astral Wheel, the black six-winged dragon engaged in pursuit . However, to its surprise, the Demonic Astral Wheel spun back and struck the wings on its back . Immediately, a hole tore open on its wings as dragon blood immediately gushed out .

With Ever-Victorious cooperating with the Sigh of the King, even the black six-winged dragon couldn’t remain uninjured .

However, such a wound was nothing to the black six-winged dragon . It only served to make it crazier as it chased after Zhou Wen like a lunatic .

Six seconds! Zhou Wen continued counting .

Suddenly, a loud shriek sounded from the golden apple tree . Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng had succeeded . This was the signal he had succeeded .

Zhou Wen desperately tried to escape, but the black six-winged dragon closed in .

Zhou Wen held the banana fan in his hand and fanned at the black six-winged dragon, but all he could do was slow it down .

In the darkness, the Demonic Neonate controlled the ancient sword to stab at the black six-winged dragon, but this time, it didn’t dodge and continued pursuing Zhou Wen crazily .

The ancient sword stabbed into its neck, and the blade fully sank into its flesh . However, the black six-winged dragon seemed to have lost all feeling as it continued the chase .

As for Zhou Wen’s body, he couldn’t withstand the power of the Sigh of the King . His bones nearly shattered from the pressure, and his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and wounds kept spurting out blood .

Damn it! Zhou Wen realized that he couldn’t escape the berserk black six-winged dragon .

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I’m going to risk it! Zhou Wen gritted his teeth . He knew that he was really going all out this time as a desperate measure . Otherwise, he would definitely die today .

An Sheng grabbed the golden apple and rushed over frantically, but he was too far away . It was too late .

The enraged black six-winged dragon chased after Zhou Wen when he suddenly stopped . He held the sword and saber in each hand . He unleashed the Sigh of the King’s powers completely, ignoring the possibility of blasting apart his body . He slashed his saber and sword at the black six-winged dragon .

Transcendent Flying Immortal produced sword flashes and saber flashes that constantly flashed, transforming into streams of light that streaked across the black six-winged dragon’s body .

The black six-winged dragon roared at the sky as its six wings flapped crazily and blocked Zhou Wen’s blade beams like a devilish blade .


Zhou Wen’s body flew out like a pellet and slammed into the mountain wall a thousand meters away . He left a huge hole in the wall as half the mountain wall shattered and collapsed .

On the other side, four of the six wings of the black dragon had been severed . One and a half wings remained attached to its back—only one was intact .

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