Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Small Buddha Temple

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In the Underground Buddha City dungeon of the game, Zhou Wen slew countless Buddha Heart Lotuses before a Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal dropped .

He was somewhat disappointed . After spending the entire night grinding—with the dawn approaching—not a single Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg had dropped . The dimensional crystals he obtained were useless, with only the Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal being of some use .

Li Xuan hadn’t informed Zhou Wen what Primordial Energy Skill the Buddha Heart Lotus had . However, from the lotus seeds it shot out, it was likely a projectile-type Primordial Energy Skill .

Mortal stage Primordial Energy Skills basically didn’t have the ability to project their Primordial Energy outwards . This was limited to a small number even at the Legendary stage .

Even for a projectile-type Primordial Energy Skill, only the use of a physical projectile could be used at the Mortal stage . There was no way to condense the Primordial Energy into a projectile .

Zhou Wen directly absorbed the Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal and quickly a strange force traveled from his phone into his body .

The force of the Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal was different from the crystals he had previously absorbed . Its force was extremely mild like a spring’s warm water infusing his body . It slowly flowed through his body before gushing into his heart . It strengthened his heart, making it beat with greater strength .

‘Absorbed Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal . Attained Primordial Energy Crystal Heart Meditation (Rank 7) . ’

Zhou Wen tried using Heart Meditation and found a warm stream flow out of his heart into every corner of his body . Other than giving him a warm and fuzzy feeling, there was nothing else .

No wonder Li Xuan only said that Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Beasts are awesome, but he didn’t mention the Buddha Heart Lotus’s Primordial Energy Skill . It’s really useless . Zhou Wen didn’t mind as he continued ordering the Mutated Skeleton Ant to slay the Buddha Heart Lotuses .

As he was having a great time killing them, he suddenly heard a boom . The pond water nearby spewed hundreds of feet high as a gargantuan Buddha Heart Lotus with petals having a sitting Buddha tore out of the water .

Before the Mutated Skeleton Ant could react, the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus had shot out more than ten blood-colored lotus seeds at it .

Knowing that the Mutated Skeleton Ant wasn’t afraid of the corrosion, Zhou Wen ordered it to rush forward against the torrent of seeds .

When they struck the Mutated Skeleton Ant, they blasted open, releasing the blood within . They flowed everywhere across its body but failed to deal any damage .

The Mutated Skeleton Ant dashed towards the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus and when it was about six meters away, it leaped up, inward slashing its razor-sharp claws at the flower bud .

Based on Zhou Wen’s observations, the Buddha Heart Lotus itself wasn’t very powerful . Even if it was a Legendary stage creature, the Mutated Skeleton Ant had a chance of cleaving off its bud based on the Strength and talent skill it had .

With the Mutated Skeleton Ant right in front of the Buddha Heart Lotus, the Buddha Heart Lotus suddenly spread its petals open like a bizarre mouth and devoured its aggressor . The petals then contracted, turning into a closed bud .

Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen saw the system’s notification of the Mutated Skeleton Ant’s death .

Indeed, when the petals spread open again, the Mutated Skeleton Ant was nowhere to be seen . There weren’t any remnants of its bones .

What a terrifying Buddha Heart Lotus . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but sigh .

Without the Mutated Skeleton Ant, Zhou Wen lacked the ability to enter the lotus pond to attempt killing the Buddha Heart Lotus . Although his Companion Beast could be revived in-game, it could only be revived together with the blood-colored avatar . This also meant that when Zhou Wen revived the blood-colored avatar with a drop of blood, his Companion Beast would also revive .

But as the blood-colored avatar was still alive, sending it to its death for nothing would be quite a waste .

Looking at the map Li Xuan had given him, he controlled the blood-colored avatar and sent it to the restricted zone carved out by the military . Since death was required, he might as well visit to figure out the mystery .

In the ancient, dark, and moist Underground Buddha City, there were crumbling walls everywhere . There was also plenty of sand and gravel that tumbled across the ground .

Zhou Wen saw a stone bridge when he approached the restricted zone on the map .

Typical stone bridges had flowers, grass, birds, or beasts patterned on the bridge railings . But this bridge had several colored, flying fairies .

They were in the form of young women as their clothes fluttered in the sky while they danced . It was a staggeringly beautiful sight .

Comparing it to the map, Zhou Wen quickly confirmed that the restricted zone was just after the bridge . The soldiers had died mysteriously on the other side of the bridge .

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Zhou Wen was only gaming, so he naturally didn’t have many apprehensions . He controlled the blood-colored avatar to step onto the bridge .

He didn’t discover anything abnormal, it seemed an extremely normal stone bridge . The blood-colored avatar easily crossed and arrived at the other side .

Across the bridge, it’s original appearance could no longer be identified . Boulders filled both sides, leaving a narrow path among the rock that was enough for a single person’s passage .

There was a faint flickering of flames at the end of the rocky path . It was likely an illumination object such as a fire torch or oil lamp .

Zhou Wen carefully observed the path but didn’t discover anything abnormal . He then controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk in and head toward the light .

The passage gradually headed up and it was then that Zhou Wen realized that there were stone steps at his feet . However, due to the mud and rubble, the steps had been hidden .

After walking for a while, he saw the stone steps exposed outside .

He didn’t encounter any danger despite walking hundreds of meters . However, he didn’t let down his guard as he kept observing the stone walls and the steps beneath him .

But nothing happened at all . Instead, the flaming light gradually turned clear . With it, he could barely make out a grandiose entrance .

The entrance had a plaque that was rather old and damaged . The red paint had mostly faded and the text was already very blurry . At this distance, it was impossible to see what the words were .

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Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to approach the entrance . Shortly after, he finally saw the words: ‘Small Buddha Temple . ’

What’s Small Buddha Temple? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He had heard of Grand Buddha Temple, but he had never heard of Small Buddha Temple .

While he was in thought, he suddenly saw the game screen turn black—clearly, the blood-colored avatar had died .

How did it die? He couldn’t help but frown . He had been staring at the blood-colored avatar the entire time, but he didn’t see how it had died .

After dripping his blood to revive, he sent the blood-colored avatar to the Underground Buddha City . He made the first stop at the lotus pond and spawned the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus, only to have the Mutated Skeleton Ant killed again .

The blood-colored avatar then headed to Small Buddha Temple, but it once again died mysteriously at the stone steps in front of the entrance . Zhou Wen had watched very carefully with widened eyes, but he failed to see how the blood-colored avatar had died under his nose .

However, Zhou Wen shared the same feeling when the blood-colored avatar died . At that instant, he felt all his organs suddenly contract .