Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 462

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Chapter 462: Chapter 462 - Resetting Life Providence

After finding a hotel, the two injured men went back to their individual rooms to rest .

The Zhang family’s Epic expert had very powerful healing abilities, but it was impossible for him to completely heal their damaged organs and bones . Even with their physiques and self-recovery abilities, it would be difficult for them to engage in combat in the next couple of weeks .

Zhou Wen lay on the bed with his phone in one hand and the golden apple in the other as he took a picture of it .

Although it was a gift from a god, this thing didn’t have a manual . The god didn’t tell Zhou Wen what it was for . All Zhou Wen could do was study it himself .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had the mysterious phone . After snapping a picture of the golden apple, he saw its information appear on his phone .

‘Golden Apple: A treasure of the Aegeans . Randomly changes a Life Providence once . ’

Zhou Wen looked at the information and couldn’t help but be taken aback . He never expected that something in this world could change a Life Providence .

The changing of a Life Providence was undoubtedly an opportunity for those who had a crappy Life Providence . However, Zhou Wen was rather satisfied with his Life Providence and had no intention of changing it . The Golden Apple was useless to him .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and put the Golden Apple into his chaos space . Although this item was useless to him, it was extremely valuable . It was very likely worth more than a Mythical Companion Egg .

A Life Providence wasn’t something that could be decided by humans . It was related to the Essence Energy Art one cultivated, and at the same time, it had something to do with one’s physique and other factors . Therefore, there was huge variability .

Even if one cultivated a top-grade Essence Energy Art and had excellent conditions, he couldn’t prevent himself from getting a relatively useless Life Providence .

Just like a senior from the Dugu family, he naturally cultivated the best Essence Energy Art . His physique wasn’t in any way bad since he had the inheritance of the Dugu family .

Furthermore, that person had been talented from a young age . He picked things up things quickly and was considered the future hope of the family . They had spent a lot of effort and resources to nurture him .

However, when he condensed his Life Providence, the Life Providence he condensed was called God of No Deaths .

At that time, everyone thought that with such an impressive name, it would definitely be amazing . However, they realized that with the Life Providence of the God of No Death, no matter what skills or weapons he used, he was unable to harm his opponent .

His Life Providence prevented him from killing anyone; he couldn’t even injure others . If a person couldn’t even kill the weakest dimensional creature, wouldn’t that make him a cripple?

Such an example was not rare in the six families . Although there were only a few extreme cases, many still hoped to change their Life Providences .

Zhou Wen had heard from An Sheng that the Cape family once produced an unlucky Life Providence . It was truly unlucky .

If he sold the Golden Apple to such a person, he could probably exchange it for a Mythical Companion Egg . That person would definitely agree if he had one .

Before the auction began, Zhou Wen didn’t go anywhere . He just rested in his room and kept grinding the game’s dungeons .

After the battle with the black six-winged dragon, the Mutated Stone Chi’s armor was shattered, so the Mutated Stone Chi naturally died . Zhou Wen had lost an important piece of defensive equipment and could only grind for an ordinary Chi . Although it didn’t have a high defense like the Mutated Stone Chi, he had no other choice . Without the stone artifact, there was probably no way for a second Mutated Stone Chi to appear .

If it wasn’t for the defense of the Mutated Stone Chi armor, he might have died while fighting the black six-winged dragon .

He spent two days grinding in the Zhuolu battlefield with the baby tiger, but the Chi armor didn’t drop . Instead, another White Shadow of Poison appeared .

The baby tiger only increased a drop rate, but what dropped wasn’t within Zhou Wen’s control . He couldn’t get whatever he wanted like Wang Lu .

“The auction is about to begin . It’s time for us to go . ” An Sheng called Zhou Wen regarding the auction .

Zhou Wen followed An Sheng to the auction . When he arrived at the venue, he took out an auction booklet . Apart from the Invisibility Cloak, there were many good items for sale .

Although there weren’t any Mythical Companion Eggs, there were plenty of Epic Companion Eggs . Many of them were exotic . Even an angel Companion Egg was sold .

What surprised Zhou Wen the most was that there were actually constellation Companion Eggs . The one that appeared at the auction was an Equuleus Companion Egg . However, the booklet didn’t clearly state what an Equuleus Companion Egg was .

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From the looks of it, we are rather fated . I never expected to meet you again so quickly . ” Zhou Wen was reading the booklet in the hall when someone walked over and sat down beside him .

“Li Mobai?” Zhou Wen turned his head and realized that it was Li Mobai .

However, when he took a closer look at Li Mobai, he realized that something was amiss . His aura was very weak, as though he was a normal person who had never cultivated before .

“Didn’t Li Xuan tell you? My cultivation is crippled,” Li Mobai said indifferently .

“It happened on the day of the birthday party?” Zhou Wen sized up Li Mobai in surprise and asked .

“I originally wanted to use my own Life Soul to promote Li Xuan’s growth, but that punk was disappointing . It failed . ” Li Mobai briefly explained the situation of him using the Evil King Gu to help Li Xuan advance to the Epic stage .

Zhou Wen didn’t believe Li Mobai’s words . He looked at him and said, “In that case, you were doing it for Li Xuan’s good? None of that makes sense . Li Xuan nearly died in Guide Ancient City . ”

Li Mobai said indifferently, “It’s not necessarily for his own good . I just want to achieve my goals . He’s just a tool to me, but unfortunately, he’s a useless tool . Didn’t you know that Xu Miantu was also working for me back at Guide Ancient City? If they were to deal with my stupid brother together, do you think he would still be alive?”

Zhou Wen was immediately taken aback . Li Mobai’s words seemed to make sense .

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“What about the lotus pond? If I hadn’t been there…” Before Zhou Wen could finish his sentence, Li Mobai interrupted him .

“Don’t you think that you should have been the one who died?” Li Mobai said expressionlessly .

Zhou Wen carefully recalled the situation back then and couldn’t help but feel somewhat taken aback . He realized that it was indeed the case . From beginning to end, Xu Miantu’s target seemed to be him, not Li Xuan .

“I originally thought that he was a member of the Li family after all . With the same blood flowing in him, he should be capable of something . I didn’t expect him to be a useless fellow . To wash a pig is to waste both water and soap, so he might as well be a pig for the rest of his life . Help me tell him when you return . In the future, no one will trouble him again . Tell him to just be his third young master of the Li family,” Li Mobai said .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if this matter was true or not, nor could he believe that Li Mobai was telling the truth . He had to wait until he returned to ask Li Xuan about it before he could confirm the veracity of the matter . Therefore, he didn’t wish to tell Li Mobai too much .

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