Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: Chapter 463 - Downloading the Temple Dungeon

Li Mobai had no intention of saying anything to Zhou Wen . He got up and left the hall with a girl .

The girl followed behind Li Mobai silently . From beginning to end, she hadn’t said a word, as if she was Li Mobai’s bodyguard .

“I heard that Li Mobai from the Li family is quite a figure . Having met him today, he’s indeed extraordinary . Even though his cultivation is ruined, he doesn’t seem dispirited at all,” An Sheng said .

“Can he start all over again?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Difficult . If he were to forcefully transfer his Life Soul away, his Life Providence and foundation will definitely be destroyed, making him inferior to an ordinary person . It’s impossible for him to cultivate the same Essence Energy Art . He can’t even cultivate the same Essence Energy Art that uses the same Essence Energy sea . He needs to cultivate a Essence Energy Art in other spots to start all over . Furthermore, him restoring a Life Providence and Life Soul will probably be ten times harder than the average person . After all, when a person condenses a Life Providence for the first time, he has already used up most of his potential . To condense it again, there will be some inborn flaws . Even if he succeeds in condensing one, it will be somewhat lacking,” An Sheng said .

After pausing for a moment, An Sheng continued, “However, a person’s strength doesn’t just depend on the strength of their combat strength . No matter how weak Li Mobai’s Life Providence is, he cannot be underestimated . If you become his enemy in the future, you must be careful . ”

Zhou Wen nodded . It was true that the worth of a person who could be so ruthless to himself couldn’t simply be measured by his strength .

The An family was considered a wealthy family in the East District, but they could only sit in the hall like the others . The Zhang family likely had an individual room, so Zhou Wen didn’t see Zhang Yuzhi in the hall .

After the auction began, Zhou Wen watched by the side, having no intention of taking action .

The Equuleus Companion Egg was won by someone from the West District, so Zhou Wen ultimately didn’t learn what Companion Beast it was .

In the midst of this, Zhou Wen saw Li Mobai bid a few times . Apart from some of West District Companion Eggs, he had also bid on a Essence Energy Art named “Constellation Artwork . ”

The final appearance was the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg, and the competition exceeded Zhou Wen’s imagination . The average person had too few channels to obtain a Mythical Companion Beast, so even if they knew the possibility of incubating the cloak was low, many tycoons still wanted to give it a try .

Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of spending money, but in the end, the price of the Invisibility Cloak went out of control . An Sheng had already hit his limit and had repeatedly requested An Tianzuo to obtain more funding, but in the end, he couldn’t obtain the funds . Yet, there were still people bidding for it . In the end, he could only watch helplessly as the Invisibility Cloak was won by a guest in a VIP room .

“I didn’t expect the price offered for the Invisibility Cloak to be much higher than the last time,” An Sheng said helplessly .

Zhou Wen was helpless as well . Although he had plenty of Essence Crystals on hand, he couldn’t just use them as money . Furthermore, the price was just too high .

After the auction ended, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately leave the Peninsula of Gods . He planned on taking this opportunity to visit Athena’s temple to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol or his trip would have been for nothing .

This time, Zhou Wen made up his mind not to enter . He would just look from the outside .

The humans on the Peninsula of Gods had discovered a temple . The temple didn’t have a name, only a shield-shaped carving . On the shield, there was also a portrait of a beautiful goddess’s head . Many people guessed that it was the Goddess of Wisdom’s temple because her head portrait was often engraved on a shield in ancient times . It represented protection and resistance against invasion .

However, up to now, no one had been able to prove that it was the Goddess of Wisdom’s temple . Furthermore, the temple had not been fully explored and many people had died inside .

Now, the Peninsula of Gods allowed anyone to enter the temple to explore so as to attract more hunters .

Zhou Wen had no intention of taking the risk to enter the temple . He purely wanted to see if there was a tiny palm symbol . Furthermore, his injuries hadn’t healed, so it was inconvenient for him to fight .

An Sheng rented a car and took him to the temple . Three hours later, the two arrived in front of a massive stone palace .

Zhou Wen saw the shield symbol on the palace door and the side profile of the woman in the middle of the shield .

This woman’s head portrait was clearly of West District heritage . It was different from what Zhou Wen had seen on the anchor symbol .

Apart from the shield and the woman’s portrait, there were also many ancient European-style patterns along the side . Before Zhou Wen could carefully look at the patterns, the mysterious phone automatically vibrated . Zhou Wen took out his phone and aimed it at the palace . The camera function automatically locked onto a tiny palm symbol on a pattern .

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He pressed the shutter button and the screen showed a download . It delighted Zhou Wen . From the looks of it, the dimensional zones in the West District can be downloaded as well . It will be great if I can download all the temples of the twelve Olympian gods as game dungeons . It would be best if I could download the temples of the twelve Titans, Chaos, and the five primordial deities…

Zhou Wen was only musing . Ignoring the fact that most of the temples of the twelve Olympian gods’ had yet to be discovered, there were no traces of the Titans’ temple . Even those that had been discovered were likely controlled by the families of the Peninsula of Gods . Ordinary people were unable to approach them .

Just as he was thinking about what other dimensional zones he could visit, he suddenly saw a group of people escorting a person to the temple .

“Brother, who is that? He appears famous?” An Sheng asked a passerby and pointed at the man who appeared like a celebrity .

“You don’t even know about Lucas? He’s the pride of our Peninsula of Gods . He advanced to the Epic stage at the age of twenty and killed the Cyclops single-handedly . At sea, he fought Leviathan… He even created the world-famous Lucas Battle Aura…” The passerby praised him to the heavens .

Zhou Wen realized that this man’s results were so illustrious that he was definitely an extremely powerful figure . He couldn’t help but stop for a moment .

He imagined that the man was here to explore the temple, but to his surprise, he held a fan meeting at the entrance of the temple .

“Lucas… Lucas…” The fans shouted his name loudly .

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“Is this Lucas really that powerful?” After the passerby left, Zhou Wen asked An Sheng in disbelief .

“Perhaps it’s different from common folklore . I’ve heard of his name before, but I’ve never seen him before . He’s only active around the Peninsula of Gods . He’s a famous independent hunter . He’s about thirty years old . In the past, he had quite a few impressive results . He’s quite famous here at the Peninsula of Gods . As for the Lucas Battle Aura, I’ve never heard of it before,” An Sheng said .

“The two of you… That’s right… I’m talking about you! Foreign fans, let The Great Lucas give you an autograph…”

Zhou Wen and An Sheng were chatting by the periphery of the crowd, they didn’t know why Lucas would suddenly point at them as if he had a screw loose .

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