Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Chapter 465 - Fire Furnace Queen

Lucas rode on the Tyrannosaurus as they stormed through the Metalwork Temple . He killed several Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites and several robot dimensional creatures . They were instantly killed in one strike, making him look rather powerful .

However, his luck was clearly average . After killing more than ten Legendary creatures, only one Strength dimensional crystal dropped . It was even at the Legendary stage .

“We’ve finally gained something . From the looks of it, your luck isn’t too bad . Take it . Don’t stand on ceremony with the mighty Lucas . This is what you deserve . ” Lucas handed the dimensional crystal to Zhou Wen before taking out his phone . He took a selfie with Zhou Wen and himself together with the dimensional crystal .

Zhou Wen broke out into a sweat as he thought to himself, This person is really a piece of work . There’s really no limit to this world when it comes to surprises . To think that such a person is a famous Epic expert from the Peninsula of Gods . I really didn’t expect it .

Lucas led them through the hall’s corridor and constantly killed various dimensional creatures . However, they were all at the Legendary stage . Most of them were Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites with the occasional robot .

Suddenly, a flaming person that resembled magma appeared in front of him . Zhou Wen immediately recognized it . It was an Epic Fire Sprite that they had seen previously .

“You are really lucky to encounter an Epic Fire Sprite . From the looks of it, I have encountered a true opponent today . Young lads, watch the battle from the side . If the Fire Sprite drops a Companion Egg, you will really be lucky . ” Lucas made the two of them alight the Tyrannosaurus before charging at the Fire Sprite .

The Fire Sprite was nearly three meters tall . When Lucas fought the Fire Sprite while riding the Tyrannosaurus, Zhou Wen frowned .

To be honest, the Fire Sprite had quite good fire-elemental powers and it wasn’t afraid of being injured . It was indeed quite strong, but Lucas was one of the famous Epic experts in the Peninsula of Gods . He actually had a tough time defeating the Fire Sprite .

The battle looked gaudy as the gigantic ax and shield bombarded the flames . In addition, the roars of the Tyrannosaurus and the Fire Sprite made it seem like a battle between Epic monsters .

If this was a movie, Zhou Wen could give it 99% for the visual effects .

However, from Zhou Wen’s point of view, Lucas was too much a noob . He had average combat talent and was quite pedestrian .

With an Epic Tyrannosaurus, an Epic Companion Beast weapon, and Epic armor, he only managed to tie with the Fire Sprite . Apart from ‘noob,’ Zhou Wen didn’t have any other words to describe him .

“Is this really a famous Epic expert whose name resounds in the Peninsula of Gods?” Zhou Wen looked at An Sheng and asked .

“Yes, I think so . ” An Sheng’s expression was calm . Clearly, he had seen all kinds of things happen before, so he wasn’t too surprised .

Zhou Wen naturally refused to believe that the Peninsula of Gods was only at that level . If the top Epic expert in the Peninsula of Gods was at this level, the resources here would probably have been snatched away by other factions .

After fighting for more than half an hour, the intense battle ended with Lucas’s victory . However, the Fire Sprite also left injuries on him .

Lucas even showed Zhou Wen and An Sheng his injuries as though he was flaunting them . He even took a few selfies as a memento .

However, Lucas was really a generous person . When the Fire Sprite dropped a Essence Energy Skill Crystal, he actually gave it to Zhou Wen and An Sheng according to his promise . However, he still naturally took the picture to commemorate this . He did all of this with great familiarity .

“You sure are lucky to have a Fire Sprite’s crystal drop . This is a good item that has about a 3% drop rate,” said Lucas as he stuffed the crystal into An Sheng’s hands . He then asked, “Let’s add each other as friends . I’ll send you the pictures later . ”

“I haven’t installed that software . Let Zhou Wen add you . ” An Sheng reacted quickly and directed this at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen wasn’t eloquent, so he added Lucas as a friend . Then, he saw that he had sent the photo they had just taken, along with some stage lines .

“Although I’ve suffered some injuries, it’s worth it to let fans from the East District witness Lucas’s strength and charm . ”

A few of them were photos of him getting injured while fighting the Fire Sprite . There was also the picture of him giving Zhou Wen the crystal .

The comments were filled with envy . There were all sorts of comments that claimed how awesome it was . Some even praised Lucas for his invincibility .

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It’s really a waste that this bro… isn’t a celebrity… Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Lucas led the two of them to continue hunting dimensional creatures in the Metalwork Temple . He was clearly very familiar with this place as he traversed the corridors that resembled a spiderweb and found quite a number of dimensional creatures .

“Lads, it’s time to rest . As a great hunter, you have to know how to enjoy life . Work and play need to be combined to ensure that you are always in your optimum combat state . ” As Lucas spoke, he took out a folded chair and table from a box on the Tyrannosaurus’s back . Inside it was an umbrella .

This fellow actually made it seem like he was drinking coffee by the sea . He set up all sorts of things in the Metalwork Temple . Even food was prepared . It looked like a sumptuous spread .

Just as Zhou Wen and An Sheng were about to start eating, they heard snapping sounds . Lucas had taken another selfie with them before quickly posting a few words on the Internet .

Zhou Wen saw Lucas’s message . It was the picture that had just been taken . On it was the tagline: “Hero’s mid-game break . ”

Zhou Wen and An Sheng continued eating by themselves . Not to mention, the food brought by Lucas was quite good . Zhou Wen had never tried such exotic food, so he ended up eating quite a lot .

The three of them were eating when they suddenly felt the temperature in their surroundings rise . The air that was originally extremely hot because of the huge steel furnaces was now unbearable . Their hair almost charred .

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Zhou Wen turned his head and saw a burning dimensional creature with a pair of butterfly-like flaming wings . On its head was a flaming crown . It was a dimensional creature that had flown out of another palace .

“What’s that?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“No good . It’s the Fire Furnace Queen . Get up . Let’s go . ” Lucas was surprisingly fast . Ignoring the chairs and table, he jumped onto the Tyrannosaurus’s back and shouted to Zhou Wen and An Sheng .

“Why are you running? Get rid of it . It would be nice if a Companion Egg dropped . ” Zhou Wen had heard the passerby mention that the Fire Furnace Queen was a mutated Epic creature . She possessed very powerful flaming powers and was extremely rare .

“I can fight her alone, but you will definitely be implicated if you are here . How can the mighty Lucas allow you to be injured? I’ll fight her again after I take you out…” Before Lucas could finish his sentence, Zhou Wen summoned a sword and casually slashed out a sword beam .

The sword beam shot out and cleaved apart the Fire Furnace Queen’s body . Flames splattered everywhere as a Companion Egg dropped .

The mighty Lucas gaped in astonishment as he stared at the Overlord Sword in Zhou Wen’s hand . His jaw nearly dropped to the ground .

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