Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: Chapter 466 - The Invisibility Cloak Is Stolen

What’s up with this fellow? He doesn’t seem to be even twenty years old? He should still be a student, right? How can he so easily kill the Fire Furnace Queen? Countless thoughts flashed through Lucas’s mind .

That sword’s beam is way too powerful, isn’t it? The Fire Furnace Queen is an extremely powerful existence even among Epic creatures . Yet, she couldn’t even withstand one strike . It must be because the sword is too powerful . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such strength at such a young age . That’s not right! Only by advancing to the Epic stage can he incubate an Epic Companion Beast . That means he’s at least at the Epic stage…

Zhou Wen had already picked up the Fire Furnace Queen Companion Egg . It was still very useful . With powerful fire-elemental powers, she performed pretty well in many human fields .

“Young lad, you’re pretty strong . You’re almost on par with me . Have you graduated from college?” Lucas laughed as he walked forward and asked . He thought to himself, This fellow might only look young and rather young . In fact, he’s already quite old . He’s probably in his thirties like . Yes, that must be the case .

“Not yet . I’m still schooling,” Zhou Wen answered .

Lucas froze when he heard that . He forced a smile and continued asking, “What year are you in?”

Lucas calculated inwardly . I advanced to the Epic stage at the age of twenty just as I graduated from university . The East District should be the same as our Peninsula of Gods . They are all about seventeen years old when they enter college . If he’s in his fourth year, he should be twenty . To advance to the Epic stage at the same age means the mighty Lucas didn’t lose .

“I’m a freshman,” Zhou Wen said as he put away the Companion Egg .

“Did you attend university late?” Lucas found it unbelievable that Zhou Wen had advanced to the Epic stage at seventeen .

“No . I attended university at a normal age . ”

“Have you been retained?”

“No . ”

Lucas looked at Zhou Wen with an odd expression . After some time, he wrapped his arm around Zhou Wen’s shoulder and said, “To have such achievements at such a young age, from the looks of it, you will be as great as Lucas in the future . ”

Zhou Wen thought to himself that this person was really thick-skinned, but he wasn’t a bad person .

“Lucas, thank you for your hospitality today . It’s time we bid you farewell . If you have a chance of coming to the East District in the future, contact us,” Zhou Wen said to Lucas .

“Where are you going? Anyway, it’s on the way . I’ll take you there . ” Lucas patted his Tyrannosaurus and thought to himself . Thankfully, I have such a domineering Companion Beast mount . This isn’t something that can be easily obtained . I spent a large sum of money to obtain it .

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but there’s no need . We can go back ourselves,” An Sheng said as he summoned a mount .

When Lucas saw the mount, his eyes widened . It was also a Tyrannosaurus . Although it was about the same size as his Tyrannosaurus Rex, it was made of metal . It looked like a metal statue, not a living creature .

Is this an Epic Mutated Metal Tyrannosaurus? On the list of Companion Beasts released by the Federation, Lucas had seen the introduction of this Mutated Metal Tyrannosaurus . It was far stronger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex .

After Zhou Wen and An Sheng bade farewell, they left on the Mutated Metal Tyrannosaurus . After returning to his senses, he hurriedly uploaded the photo of the Flaming Furnace Queen’s corpse on the Internet . There was even a caption .

“Today, I hunted a very rare Fire Furnace Queen with my friends from the East District . Delightful!”

“Your mount isn’t bad . Where did you get it from?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the Mutated Metal Tyrannosaurus .

“I got it when I went to Dinosaur Island . There are dinosaurs everywhere there . If you’re interested, I’ll take you there in the future,” An Sheng said with a smile .

“I think we should head to the nearby temples to take a look . ” Zhou Wen still wanted to visit the other temples to see if there were any tiny palm symbols . It was best if he could download more dungeons .

“Do you want to visit the other temples? Why not let The Great Lucas take you there . Otherwise, there are many dimensional zones in the Peninsula of Gods that don’t allow outsiders to enter . ” Lucas rode his Tyrannosaurus Rex and chased after them .

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“How can we trouble you?” Zhou Wen asked .

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? We’re friends,” Lucas said straightforwardly .

Lucas led them to the relatively famous dimensional zones on the Peninsula of Gods, such as the God of Light Apollo’s Music Temple .

It sounded a little odd, but the Olympian gods usually had multiple titles . Apollo was talented and took on many titles . The Music Temple was one of his many temples .

Zhou Wen found the tiny palm symbol outside the Music Temple and downloaded it .

After that, he went to the other temples, but Zhou Wen didn’t find the tiny palm symbol . He downloaded three dungeons that day .

The Metalwork Temple, Music Temple, and Curse Demon Palace .

The first dungeon Zhou Wen had downloaded was actually Curse Demon Palace . This surprised him . Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom, and in the legends, she was also the Goddess of War, but the word “curse” didn’t seem related to her . Furthermore, the word “Demon Palace” was clearly not something a god’s temple should have .

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This made Zhou Wen realize that the temple didn’t belong to the Goddess of Wisdom . If the people on the Peninsula of Gods treated it as a temple of the Goddess of Wisdom, they would likely suffer a huge loss .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to visit a few more dimensional zones, but after receiving a phone call, Lucas hurriedly left, as though he had something urgent to attend to .

Zhou Wen and An Sheng had no choice but to return to the hotel . This was because the Zhang family had already left the Peninsula of Gods . They couldn’t hitch a ride on the plane back, so they could only fly back on Federation Airlines .

Just as they were about to book the air tickets, Zhou Wen received a call from Lucas .

“Dear friend, if a police officer requests you to assist in their investigations, don’t panic . It’s just assisting in the investigations . I’ll rush to the police station to testify for you,” said Lucas without any head or tail .

“What happened? Why are we being taken by the police to assist in investigations?” A puzzled Zhou Wen asked .

Lucas said, “The Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg bought by Lord Irjarr for a large sum of money has been stolen . The thief has East District features . Therefore, every East District person in the Peninsula of Gods is being investigated . For now, they can’t leave the Peninsula of Gods . However, you don’t have to worry . When the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg was stolen yesterday, you were always with The Great Lucas . I will be your witness . ”

“Thank you, Lucas,” Zhou Wen thanked him sincerely . Although he wasn’t afraid of being investigated, it was indeed nice of Lucas to inform them in advance .

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