Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: Chapter 467 - Curse Demon Palace

467 Curse Demon Palace

“The Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg has been stolen . I wonder who did it?” Zhou Wen hung up and said to An Sheng .

“It’s hard to tell . There are too many people who want the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg . Furthermore, the trait of looking like someone from the East District isn’t reliable . There are some rare Essence Energy Skills and Companion Beasts that can allow one to change their appearances,” An Sheng said .

As the two of them spoke, they heard a knock on the door . When they opened it, they found the local police to get them to assist in their investigations .

Zhou Wen and An Sheng cooperated and went to the police station . They saw many people from the East District there . Li Mobai was one of them .

Most of the people who were there were people from the East District who had participated in the auction . Zhou Wen and An Sheng were separately questioned during the investigations, but they were quickly released .

“My friends, you’re fine now . I’ve already made it clear to them . You were with me the entire time yesterday and didn’t have the chance to steal the Companion Egg . However, before the ban is removed, you are temporarily unable to leave the Peninsula of Gods . ” Lucas walked over and said warmly, “That’s good too . It gives me the chance to entertain you for a few more days . ”

“Lucas, do you know what kind of person stole the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg?” An Sheng asked .

Lucas said, “It’s a man from the East District . He acted the role of a Companion Egg merchant and entered Lord Irjarr’s house . After he left, the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg was gone . From the surveillance, he’s a man from the East District . However, it’s hard to tell . As you know, in our eyes, all men from the East District look rather similar . Furthermore, it’s difficult to tell his age . ”

“Can we watch the surveillance footage?” An Sheng asked .

“I’m afraid not . However, if you just want to see what that thief looks like, you can just look at this . ” Lucas handed An Sheng a piece of paper .

It was a warrant of arrest with a photo on it . It was indeed a man from the East District . He looked to be in his twenties or thirties .

“Do you know him?” Lucas asked .

“I don’t know him . ” An Sheng looked carefully before shaking his head .

Zhou Wen looked at the portrait and felt that he probably had never seen such a man before . However, for some reason, he found him somewhat familiar .

After careful inspection, Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “Nah, I really don’t know him . ”

After returning to the hotel, An Sheng said to Zhou Wen, “Perhaps this will be an opportunity . Since the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg has been stolen, it becomes an ownerless object . Perhaps we will have a chance to obtain it . ”

“We don’t even know who stole the Companion Egg . What chance can we have?” Zhou Wen said .

“The Peninsula of Gods is dangerous . There are dimensional zones everywhere, and there aren’t many paths to take . It won’t be easy to escape with the Invisibility Cloak, so we might stand a chance,” An Sheng said .

“I’m just afraid that he would hide in a dimensional zone with the Companion Egg before coming out a year and a half later . When that happens, we won’t be able to catch him no matter if he hatches it . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

“Then let’s see how powerful the tycoons of the Peninsula of Gods like Irjarr are . Anyway, we won’t suffer any losses,” An Sheng said with a smile .

Zhou Wen returned to his room and prepared to grind the new instance dungeons . Among the three dungeons, he had already gone to the Metalwork Temple in real life once . Although he didn’t venture deep, he wasn’t in a rush to grind it .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before choosing to enter the Cursed Demon Palace .

The unknown was interesting . Zhou Wen also wanted to see what it looked like inside the Curse Demon Palace that had been accidentally passed off as a temple of the Goddess of Wisdom .

The blood-colored avatar appeared in a palace . It was ancient and glorious, with many exquisite sculptures and patterns, but it gave off a weird feeling .

It looks so eerie and it’s obvious that it’s not an orthodox deity’s temple . Why would those people think that this is the temple of the Goddess of Wisdom? Zhou Wen found the cartoon-styled dungeon eerie and terrifying, so it meant that, in reality, the temple was definitely worse .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t know that many deity temples were extremely eerie and terrifying .

He didn’t see any dimensional creatures as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk into the palace . After taking a few steps, a stone statue beside him suddenly came alive .

The stone was like a warrior holding a sword and a shield . When Zhou Wen approached him, he came to life and struck out with the stone sword .

Without needing Zhou Wen to take action, the Fire Furnace Queen beside the blood-colored avatar spewed out a ball of flames, blasting the stone statue to pieces .

When Zhou Wen returned to the hotel, he had hatched the Fire Furnace Queen and the silver Water Snake Companion Egg .

Fire Furnace Queen: Epic

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Life Providence: Fire Elemental Body

Life Soul: Flaming Crown

Strength: 36

Speed: 37

Constitution: 32

Essence Energy: 37

Talent Skill: Fire Bullet, Fire Furnace, Fire Elemental Affinity

Companion Form: Flaming Crown

The Fire Furnace Queen’s stats were considered top-notch among Epic creatures, but compared to Overlord Sword, her attack power was far inferior . Her companion form augmented fire-elemental powers, so it wasn’t of much use to Zhou Wen .

However, the Fire Furnace Queen had an extremely great advantage . Her Fire Elemental Body Life Providence and her Fire Elemental Affinity Essence Energy Skill could last for a very long period of time when she was releasing fire-elemental Essence Energy Skills . Together with the large area-of-attack of Fire Furnace, she could transform an area spanning a hundred meters into a sea of flames . Furthermore, it could last for a long time . It was an awesome skill for grinding monsters .

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Although Banana Fairy’s Grand Yin Wind was stronger, it required Zhou Wen to keep using it . In comparison, Fire Furnace just needed to be cast, and the area within would keep burning for an hour in a sea of flames . All the monsters that entered would die .

Of course, it was another matter for dimensional creatures that could withstand Fire Furnace .

Zhou Wen could use her to kill the monsters, preventing him from being entangled by ordinary monsters . It was much more convenient, and it increased his grinding efficiency .

Zhou Wen originally believed that this place would have many monsters that used curses, thanks to its name—Curse Demon Palace . Truth Listener could perfectly restrain that .

To his surprise, there were only stone monsters—Stone Warriors, Stone Lions, and Stone Scorpions . The entire palace was filled with stone statues, all of which were powerful dimensional creatures with resilient bodies . None of them could curse . The Truth Listener earring didn’t react either .

Later, Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to distinguish between the rocks that were alive from the dead ones . Wherever he went, he got Fire Furnace Queen to throw a ball of Fire Furnace, turning the area into a sea of fire that burned the stone statues inside to death .

On the phone screen, notifications of him killing dimensional creatures constantly appeared . Many dimensional crystals dropped .

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