Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: Chapter 468 - Medusa

With the baby tiger, the dimensional crystals that dropped were pretty good . Many of the stat crystals exceeded 30 points .

One of the Stone Warriors dropped a Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

As he cleared the area with Fire Furnace Queen, he came to a palace that blocked his way . The stone door of the palace was tightly shut, and on it, Zhou Wen saw the carving on the temple’s main door .

Outside, the shield was a woman’s side profile, but there was a difference inside—the woman on the shield faced forward .

One could tell that it was a very beautiful girl . Her eyes were as alluring as the sea . Even though it was just a carving, one could not help but take a second look .

Zhou Wen took a look and felt his ear heat up . The Truth Listener earring emitted an intense heat . Then, he felt a terrifying Essence Energy surge into his body, filling it with Essence Energy that constantly seeped out .

Such terrifying amounts of Essence Energy . If not for the Truth Listener earring, the blood-colored avatar would probably have died, right? Zhou Wen was alarmed .

Zhou Wen realized that as long as the blood-colored avatar didn’t look at the beauty’s eyes on the stone door, Truth Listener wouldn’t react . This also meant that the eyes of the beautiful stone statue were the source of the problem .

Zhou Wen closed his eyes and relied on Truth Listener’s hearing, nullifying the beauty’s eyes completely .

When he arrived at the door, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to push it open with all his might, but the stone door didn’t budge an inch as though it had been welded shut .

Zhou Wen used Overlord Sword to slash at the stone door a few times, but it seemed to have divine power protecting it . Despite Overlord Sword’s Ever-Victorious trait, it failed to leave a mark on the door, much less split it open .

Since there’s a door, there must be a way in . But how do I enter? Zhou Wen groped around the door, hoping to find the mechanism to open the door .

When Zhou Wen’s hands touched the beautiful woman’s eyes, there was a clicking sound as though some mechanism had been activated . The door automatically separated to the left and right .

The door opened to reveal the palace . It was pitch black inside without any lighting . Zhou Wen scanned the palace with Truth Listener’s ability and saw many stone pillars and some braziers .

As the palace was too large, Truth Listener’s hearing powers couldn’t reach the deepest depths . However, no dimensional creature was found in the vicinity, nor were there any stone statues .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to step into the palace . The door to the palace automatically closed behind him . The two rows of braziers lit up and extended all the way to the deepest depths of the palace .

Zhou Wen looked inside and saw a beautiful girl sitting on a throne . Her appearance was identical to the beautiful woman on the shield . She looked like she had stepped out of the painting .

However, she was even more charming than the portrait, especially her eyes . Although they were cartoonish, they were filled with seduction, making it impossible for his eyes to move away from her .

With just a glance, the blood-colored avatar’s body immediately underwent a special change . Its blood-colored body turned into stone like a statue before the game screen went black .

I died! Why didn’t the Truth Listener earring work? Zhou Wen found it odd .

Previously, Truth Listener earring had shown its effects, but why was it completely useless after seeing the girl inside the palace?

Even if the girl was at the Mythical stage, and the Truth Listener earring wasn’t strong enough to withstand such immense power, it shouldn’t have had zero reaction . This left Zhou Wen very puzzled .

After some thought, Zhou Wen came up with only one possibility . Since there’s no reaction from the Truth Listener earring, there’s only one possibility . The girl’s eyes in the palace and the beautiful woman’s eyes on the shield aren’t the same power .

This piqued Zhou Wen’s interest in the girl . He dripped his blood to revive as he entered the Curse Demon Palace once again and stormed straight to the girl .

After entering, Zhou Wen made the blood-colored avatar keep his eyes closed . He didn’t even look at the girl to prevent himself from being petrified by the girl’s gaze .

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Indeed, this method was feasible . As long as he didn’t look at the girl’s eyes, he wouldn’t be petrified .

Is this girl the legendary creature in myths? Zhou Wen had previously read a myth about the Peninsula of Gods . When he saw the girl’s petrification gaze, he thought of a famous monster in myths—Medusa .

In ancient myths, Medusa was a natural demon . Her head portrait would be engraved on a shield to ward off evil .

There was also a myth that Medusa was a beautiful girl who tried to compete with the Goddess of Wisdom, only to be beheaded by the Goddess of Wisdom, and then embedded on a shield .

Modern people usually believed that Medusa had a human head and a snake body, but in ancient myths, only Medusa’s hair consisted of venomous snakes . There was no other difference from humans .

Zhou Wen didn’t know which myth matched the dimensional zones . However, if this girl was really Medusa, the latter had seemed more likely .

The girl sat on the throne and watched every step as the blood-colored avatar approached . There was no movement and she sat there quietly .

Zhou Wen carefully approached the girl and had already reached the throne, but he still hadn’t seen her move .

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It can’t be a dummy, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself . However, no matter how he looked at the girl in front of him, she was beautiful—extremely beautiful . Worthy of note was her beautiful long hair that had an indescribable charm . She didn’t look like a dummy in any way .

The blood-colored avatar had already walked up to the girl, but the girl remained sitting there motionless . She only looked at him with her eyes without any intention of speaking .

Could it really be a dummy? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he reached out and pinched the girl’s face .

It was fleshy and warm . It was clearly not a fake .

When Zhou Wen touched the girl, her expression immediately changed . Almost instantly, her beautiful face turned as terrifying as a ferocious ghost . Her beautiful hair turned into venomous snakes, immediately turning her from a beautiful girl into a terrifying demoness .

A pair of swan wings appeared behind her . When she opened her mouth, it was filled with fangs as it hissed at Zhou Wen strangely .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but open his eyes and glance at her . The Truth Listener earring released a scorching energy that nearly scalded Zhou Wen’s ear . At the same time, large amounts of Essence Energy surged into his body .

Strange, why does Truth Listener work now? Zhou Wen was puzzled, but it was too late to think about it . The demoness had already attempted to devour him .

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