Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: Chapter 469 - The Thief Found

469 The Thief Found

The terrifying venomous snakes were difficult to count . They nearly enveloped the entire palace, making it impossible for Zhou Wen to dodge .

Zhou Wen unsheathed his sword and slashed at the venomous snakes in front of him, but when the venomous snakes in front of him were injured, more appeared from elsewhere, swept over, and wrapped around the Overlord Sword . There were even venomous snakes that bit at the Overlord Sword, snapping it .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he switched to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, summoning the Inverse Ancient Sovereign and using the Demon Dragon True Body .

With the augmentation of the powerful Demon Dragon True Body, the blood-colored avatar ignored the venomous snakes’ bites as he charged at Medusa . The venomous snake bit on the scales of the Demon Dragon True Body, leaving only faint teeth marks . Although the snake venom had infiltrated his body, Zhou Wen’s poison resistance was high . With the augmentation of the Demon Dragon True Body, the snake venom failed to do anything to him .

Grabbing the venomous snakes with both hands, he tore them apart . He then charged towards Medusa and punched her in the chest .

Medusa also refused to be outdone and fought Zhou Wen . Her speed was faster than Zhou Wen’s, but her strength wasn’t as strong as that of a Demon Dragon True Body . For a moment, there was no clear winner .

Zhou Wen’s Demon Dragon True Body could usually only last ten seconds, but Zhou Wen kept staring at Medusa’s eyes . Medusa’s petrification ability allowed Zhou Wen to obtain large amounts of Essence Energy through the Truth Listener earring . This allowed him to use the Demon Dragon True Body for a longer period of time .

Medusa’s strongest Eyes of Petrification was useless against Zhou Wen . Her long snake hair had little effect on him . The battle was a close match, making it impossible to determine the winner .

Although there was a large amount of Essence Energy to replenish him, it was still insufficient for the Demon Dragon True Body to sustain the expenditure . As time passed, he couldn’t keep up the Demon Dragon True Body .

Furthermore, even if he could keep it up, the Demon Dragon True Body was not enough to kill Medusa . At most, it could only maintain its undefeated state .

With a thought, Zhou Wen decided that he might as well use his Essence Energy Skill, Transcendent Flying Immortal, while in Demon Dragon True Body to produce a burst of extremely potent Energy in a bid to kill Medusa .

Lights and shadows criss-crossed and left wounds on Medusa’s body, but none of them could kill her . Instead, Zhou Wen himself showed signs of being poisoned when the blood from Medusa’s body splattered on him .

With his Essence Energy drained and his Essence Energy lacking in supply, the Demon Dragon True Body automatically vanished as the blood-colored avatar was bitten to death by the venomous snakes .

With Truth Listener and Demon Dragon True Body, it’s quite surprising that I’m able to fight Medusa head-on . However, it’s still difficult to kill her, but there’s a great chance . Zhou Wen thought about how he could kill Medusa .

Before he thought of a way to kill Medusa, Zhou Wen wouldn’t go to Curse Demon Palace again . The drop rate there was too low . Even with the baby tiger’s augmentation, nothing good dropped .

After some rest, Zhou Wen switched on his game again and went to the Music Temple .

After entering the Music Temple, Zhou Wen immediately saw a strange and magical musical note soar in the air with wings attached to it .

As the musical note flew, it produced a strange sound wave that released an attack power similar to a sound wave .

However, a sonar attack at the Legendary stage was naturally useless against Zhou Wen . With one strike, Zhou Wen shattered the musical note .

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‘Killed Legendary Musical Note Sprite . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen saw a dimensional crystal drop, but it was only a 14-valued Speed Crystal . He couldn’t be bothered to pick it up and continued walking deeper into the Music Temple with the baby tiger .

In the Music Temple, Musical Note Sprites flew over from time to time . Although they all looked the same, with wings growing on each note, each one was slightly different .

Furthermore, their sonar attacks were somewhat different, but all of them were useless against Zhou Wen .

After grinding for a while, many dimensional crystals dropped; there were even Essence Energy Skill Crystals . However, these Musical Note Sprites were at the Legendary stage, making them useless for Zhou Wen .

“My dear friend, you are going to be free soon?” Lucas called and said excitedly .

“What happened?” Zhou Wen was already used to the way Lucas spoke without head or tail .

“The thief who stole the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg has been found . The ban will be quickly lifted,” said Lucas .

“He’s been found? Who is he?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise . He found the local nobles on the Peninsula of Gods very efficient . They had actually found someone so quickly .

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“I don’t know yet, but he has already been trapped in the recently discovered Goddess of Wisdom Temple . He shouldn’t be able to escape . I believe he will be caught very soon,” said Lucas .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as he thought to himself, Isn’t the newly discovered Goddess Temple the Cursed Demon Palace?

“Have people been sent in?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Yes, but they encountered some trouble . Only one of the experts who entered came out . Now, Lord Irjarr is hiring people . The culprit will definitely be captured in the next few days,” said Lucas .

“Do you know what problems they faced?” Zhou Wen already had his guesses . It was likely that they had succumbed at the stone door .

“I’m not sure yet . According to the Epic expert who came back, he saw Epic experts turn into stone statues from afar . He didn’t know what happened,” Lucas explained .

As expected . Zhou Wen knew that something had happened to the people in front of the stone door . The Medusa on it had turned them into stone statues .

However, the development of the matter wasn’t as smooth as what Lucas had predicted . After a few days, the ban wasn’t lifted . Zhou Wen and An Sheng had to remain on the Peninsula of Gods .

According to Lucas, Irjarr had found many experts to enter, but most of them either died or were injured . They still failed to capture that East District person .

They were starting to suspect that it was not the temple of the Goddess of Wisdom, but the palace of Medusa . There were many Epic experts who were petrified at the entrance .

“This matter seems odd,” An Sheng said as he frowned in thought .

“What’s odd?” Zhou Wen asked .

“The Peninsula of Gods is their territory after all . Yet, an East District person can cause such a huge commotion . Having sent so many Epic experts, Irjarr has failed to capture him . This itself is very problematic . ”

After a pause, An Sheng continued, “I think there are two possibilities . One possibility is that the person has already hatched the Invisibility Cloak to survive under such a pursuit . ”

“What about the other possibility?” Zhou Wen asked .

“There’s another possibility that’s interesting . Perhaps someone is messing around behind the scenes . They want to use the Invisibility Cloak to do something to the aristocratic families in the Peninsula of Gods,” An Sheng said with a faint smile .

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