Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Reunion Meal

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Of course, this was the feeling the blood-colored avatar had given Zhou Wen . None of his organs really contracted .

Strange . I didn’t see any dimensional creatures appear . There wasn’t even a strand of grass in the stone rifts . What could have caused the blood-colored avatar to die? It’s no wonder the military are helpless . This place is indeed quite odd . Zhou Wen was thinking of trying another round at the lotus pond and Small Buddha Temple when he heard knocking on the door .

“Zhou Wen, are you up?” Li Xuan’s voice sounded .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the sky had already lit up . He had unknowingly gamed for the entire night . Time passed way too quickly .

“It’s unlocked,” Zhou Wen said .

Li Xuan pushed the door open and saw Zhou Wen gaming . Furthermore, he had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was disheveled . He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Don’t tell me you gamed the entire night . ”

“Tell me if there’s something interesting . Otherwise don’t disturb my sleep,” Zhou Wen said as he put down his phone .

He still planned on having a short nap . Sleep was a form of repose for him in the past, but now, he found sleep torture .

The feeling of sleep paralysis was terrible . Furthermore, he often heard devil-like murmurs that went on throughout the entire night .

It was only because Zhou Wen was capable of completely focusing that he could ignore these soul-crushing murmurs and withstand the pressure . If any other person were to suffer such torture daily, they would probably have gone mad .

Subconsciously, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to sleep . It was also why he gamed with such obsession without realizing it .

“Sunset College’s matriculation day is earlier than the average university . School will officially begin in a few days . If nothing surprising happens, we might have a chance to watch a good show play out after we matriculate,” Li Xuan said with a chuckle .

“What good show?” Zhou Wen asked .

Li Xuan said mysteriously, “I heard that many Legendary stage students ranked in the top twenty of Sunset College have gone to the lotus pond, hoping to slay that gargantuan Buddha Heart Lotus, but not only have they failed, but some have even lost their Legendary Companion Beasts . Now, they are all actively purchasing Companion Beasts capable of flight . We should be in time to watch a grand battle play out . ”

“Sunset College and the military have Epic stage experts . Why don’t they just mobilize them to vanquish that Buddha Heart Lotus?” Zhou Wen asked, perplexed .

“If every problem is resolved, how are they to nurture the younger generation? The League has rules that reserve these resources for us, the future seedlings . Unless it’s something special, the military or school will not interfere . ”

Pausing, Li Xuan continued, “I was planning on having breakfast with you, but looking at your present state, you probably want to have some more sleep . I’ll have breakfast alone . ”

After Li Xuan walked out, Zhou Wen slept . As always, he quickly fell asleep . The sleep paralysis happened once again as the devil-like murmurs kept sounding in his ears like a fly that he couldn’t chase away .

Zhou Wen ignored the discomfort and noise as he focused his mind on sleeping . However, he was unable to sleep as soundly as he used to .

After about five hours of sleep, he was woken up by his phone ringing . He felt his mind a lot clearer .

“Fang Ruoxi?” Zhou Wen saw the caller’s number and was surprised that it was Fang Ruoxi .

“Zhou Wen, long time no see . I heard you applied to Sunset College . Is that true?”

“Yes . ”

“Great . ” Fang Ruoxi seemed to exhale in relief .

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen didn’t know what Fang Ruoxi was getting at .

“It’s nothing . I still have something else to do . Bye . ” Fang Ruoxi’s voice sounded a lot happier and she hung up after saying goodbye .

She’s crazy! Zhou Wen looked at his phone, having been rendered speechless .

Just as he put his phone down, it rang again . This time, it was Zhou Lingfeng .

“Dad . ” Zhou Wen picked up the call .

“Son, are you in Luoyang now?”

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“Yes . What’s up?” Zhou Wen had an ominous feeling .

“Little Lan wishes to treat you to a meal . Let’s have a reunion,” Zhou Lingfeng said with a smile .

“I’m having it pretty good over here . It’s probably good over on your side, so there’s no need to force a meeting, right?” Zhou Wen said with a frown .

“No matter what you say, we will be a family in the future . It’s only right to get to know one another . Besides, Little Lan really wishes to meet you . Come have a meal on account of your dad . ” Zhou Lingfeng didn’t show any intentions of giving up .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment before saying, “Alright then . What’s the time and place?”

“It’s not easy to find the place . Where are you? I’ll get someone to pick you up . ”

Zhou Wen gave an address . he didn’t mention that it was Li Xuan’s place and only said a nearby street’s name .

“Alright . Wait there . I’ll get someone to pick you up . ” Zhou Lingfeng hung up once that was said .

Zhou Wen didn’t know when his ride would come . So all he could do was get out of bed, wash up, and head out . He got to the designated street and, when he saw no one, he crouched by the side of the road to game .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t continue grinding at Underground Buddha City . Instead, he chose the Ant Nest . He wanted to see if he now had a chance of killing the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

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Before he found it, he heard the sound of a vehicle stopping beside him . It was a jeep .

Zhou Wen saw a long snow-white leg extend out of the car when he looked up . Then, he saw a familiar face .

“An Jing?” Not expecting Zhou Lingfeng to get An Jing to pick him up, he was somewhat taken aback .

An Jing looked at Zhou Wen’s phone and couldn’t help but frown when she saw the game running on the screen . She then sized him up and coldly said, “You didn’t cultivate the Sun Strafe Art?”

“I was about to ask you . I asked my dad and he said he didn’t give me the Sun Strafe Art,” Zhou Wen said to An Jing as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to a safe corner before quitting the game .

“I gave you the Sun Strafe Art to harm you,” An Jing said with a cold expression before getting into the car . Without looking back, she asked, “Aren’t you getting in?”

Zhou Wen never expected An Jing to be so direct . He was momentarily unsure if she was speaking the truth .

However, since she was here and he had agreed to meet, there was naturally no reason for him to turn back . Zhou Wen pulled open the car door and sat at the passenger’s seat .

“I’m returning this to you . ” Zhou Wen handed over the USB disk with the Sun Strafe Art .

After cultivating the Lost Immortal Sutra, no other Primordial Energy Art could work in his body . Regardless of its authenticity, it was already meaningless to him .