Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Chapter 470 - Reward

470 Reward

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone suddenly knocked on the door . It was very loud .

Zhou Wen and An Sheng found it odd . The room had a doorbell, so why didn’t the person use it?

When they opened the door, they saw that it was Lucas .

Lucas didn’t seem to think of them as strangers . He walked straight in and headed for the couch . He poured himself a cup of water and said to Zhou Wen and An Sheng after finishing it, “My good friends, our good luck is here . ”

“Could it be that the thief has been caught?” Zhou Wen asked .

“If he’s been captured, what good luck do we have? No one can catch that thief for now . The person hasn’t even been found . Lord Irjarr suspects that he has hidden inside the palace . But as no one can open the door to the palace, Lord Irjarr has issued a reward mission . Anyone who can open the door to the palace can receive a huge reward . ” Lucas looked at Zhou Wen and An Sheng and asked in anticipation, “How about it? Shall we team up and open the door to the palace?”

Zhou Wen found it odd when he heard that . The door to the palace wasn’t difficult to open . As long as one closed their eyes and walked to the door without looking at the beautiful woman’s eyes, they could grope about to press the eyes of the beauty . People have failed to open the palace despite such a simple solution . It left him somewhat astonished .

In fact, Zhou Wen was wrong . It wasn’t difficult to avoid being petrified because it happened when looking at the eyes of the beauty’s portrait on the door . It was unlike the Medusa inside the palace . Even if one didn’t look at her eyes, one would still be petrified when she saw them .

But even if one wouldn’t get petrified, everyone knew that the owner of the palace was likely Medusa . Who would dare touch Medusa’s eyes? Hence, this resulted in an impasse, and no one could open the door to the palace .

“If it’s just a small matter like opening the door to a palace . Why would The Great Lucas need our help?” An Sheng joked .

Lucas didn’t blush at all . He smiled and said, “Even great heroes need companions . Just like the Six Federation Heroes, it was through the combined efforts of the six heroes that they created the Federation’s legend . I think we can form a Federation of Legends and open the door to the palace together, leaving behind a legendary story . What do you think?”

“How much is Irjarr paying?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Ten Epic Companion Eggs and they are all products of Pluto Temple . They are all good stuff . Ordinary people aren’t able to enter Pluto Temple . There’s also a Peninsula of Gods’ permanent entry pass that permanently allows one to enter the public dimensional zones of the Peninsula of Gods . This is a reward targeted at freelance hunters,” said Lucas .

“That sounds good . What are the Epic Companion Eggs produced by Pluto Temple?” Zhou Wen was somewhat interested .

“They are all the Companion Eggs of Underworld creatures . There are many different types, and it’s almost impossible to buy them on the market . Pluto Temple belongs to Lord Irjarr’s family . It doesn’t allow outsiders to enter . ” Lucas didn’t seem to know much .

“How about it? Think about it . The three of us will go together . The Companion Eggs will be split equally . The pass will be yours,” Lucas continued trying to persuade them .

“Sure, but I have another condition,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

“What condition?” Lucas asked in puzzlement .

“I wish to visit Pluto Temple . ” I just need one chance . Zhou Wen wanted to go to Pluto Temple to see if there was a tiny palm symbol .

Zhou Wen had heard of the Peninsula of God’s Pluto Temple . Legend had it that it was the territory of Pluto . There were many dimensional creatures of the Underworld in it, and they were very different from ordinary dimensional creatures .

“Can’t we change the conditions? For example, add two more Companion Eggs?” said Lucas, apparent that he had been put in a difficult spot .

“No,” Zhou Wen answered with certainty .

“Then I’ll go have a chat with Lord Irjarr . By the way, how much do you know about that palace? Are you confident about opening the door?” Although Lucas felt that Zhou Wen and An Sheng were very strong and he might have a chance of opening the door by teaming up with them, he wasn’t completely confident . He only wanted to try his luck, but if he couldn’t open the door after negotiating the conditions, it would be too embarrassing .

“I heard that it’s likely Medusa’s palace, right? If so, I might have a way to open the door,” Zhou Wen said .

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“How confident are you?” Lucas asked .

“There’s about a 90% chance if it’s Medusa’s palace,” Zhou Wen answered .

Hearing this, Lucas was overjoyed . He patted his chest and said, “If that’s the case, wait for my good news . I will definitely be able to convince Lord Irjarr . ”

After Lucas left, An Sheng asked Zhou Wen, “Are you really confident of opening the door to the palace? We haven’t healed from our injuries yet, so it’s not suitable for us to do anything too risky . ”

“You know that I have a Companion Beast on me that can withstand the power of curses . Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification is actually a kind of curse that will have no effect on me . If it’s just to open the door, there wouldn’t be much risk,” Zhou Wen explained .

“That’s good . However, we still have to be careful . You can’t be careless just because you are protected by a Companion Beast . There are too many strange powers in this world, so no Companion Beast is absolutely invincible . This applies even to Mythical Companion Beasts,” An Sheng said solemnly .

Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng was afraid that he would suffer because of carelessness . He nodded and said, “Don’t worry . I’m well aware . ”

These words were not exaggerated at all . He knew the Curse Demon Palace very well . As long as he did not enter Medusa’s palace, there would not be any danger .

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Lucas rushed over to Irjarr’s house, and Irjarr happened to be receiving guests .

“Henry, let me do the introductions . This is the number one freelance hunter of the Peninsula of Gods, Lucas . ” Irjarr pointed at the man on the sofa and introduced him to Lucas . “Lucas, this is Henry from the Cape family . He’s a famous freelance hunter and has the title of Spear Sovereign . ”

“Nice to meet you . I’m the number one freelance hunter of the Peninsula of Gods, Lucas,” said Lucas as he extended his hand .

Henry sat on the sofa, but he had no intention of reaching out his hand . He didn’t even budge . He glanced at Lucas and said with contempt, “A freelance hunter from the Peninsula of Gods, the mighty Lucas . I’ve heard of this name before . ”

With that said, he looked at Irjarr and said, “Since you have the help of a great freelance hunter, why did you come looking for me? Can’t you just get this great Lucas open the door for you?”

Irjarr coughed lightly and said, “Lucas is good at frontal assaults . It’s not his specialty to deal with such evil powers . Therefore, I need your help to open the door to the palace . ”

“Of course I can do it . However, I have a condition,” said Henry . He gave a faint smile and looked at Lucas who had lamely retracted his hand .

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