Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Chapter 472 - Great Lucas

Chapter 472 Great Lucas

“You guys can head back to the hotel now . I’ll go to Lord Irjarr to get the reward . I’ll send it to you later . ” After leaving the Curse Demon Palace, Lucas rode on his Tyrannosaurus Rex .

Just as Zhou Wen and An Sheng were about to leave, Lucas added, “The Peninsula of Gods hasn’t been peaceful recently . Don’t eat and drink things randomly . Make sure they’re checked . ”

“Got it . ” Zhou Wen smiled as he waved goodbye and left with An Sheng .

Lucas rode the Tyrannosaurus on the streets . Many young people would cheer when they saw him . They would wave at him, and Lucas also responded enthusiastically .

After leaving the city, Lucas’s expression darkened . He quickly arrived at a manor in the suburbs .

“Tell Henry that I have already done what he wants me to do,” said Lucas to the guards .

The guard seemed to have known that Lucas would be coming . He smiled and said, “Please come in, Lord Henry is waiting for you . ”

Lucas followed the person into the manor and soon saw Henry . He was sunbathing in front of the pool . He was holding an exquisite antique gun in his hand as he wiped it carefully with a cloth .

“Henry, I’ve finished what you asked me to do . Please remove the restrictions on me immediately . ” Lucas took out the small bottle and placed it on the table in front of him . The liquid inside had already disappeared .

Henry looked at the bottle on the table and suddenly picked up the antique gun in his hand and pulled the trigger at Lucas .

Lucas’ reaction wasn’t slow . He used a shield to block his body, but the bullet was very strange . It turned around and circled around the shield, passing through the gaps in his armor and shot into his muscles .

The strange thing was that the bullet wasn’t made of metal, but grayish-white bones . After drilling into his muscles, the bone bullet actually produced tiny blood vessels . It connected with Lucas’ muscles and blood vessels, as though it was parasitizing him .

“Ah!” Lucas felt a great pain in his body, and he felt numb . He had to kneel on one leg and press his hands down to prevent himself from falling to the ground .

Henry stared coldly at Lucas and said in disdain, “Do you think I’m as stupid as you? Do you think I don’t know that you’ve thrown the liquid away? Since you’re so great and willing to sacrifice for your friend, I’ll fulfill your wish . ”

“What a despicable person . How could the mighty Lucas betray his friends? You’ve found the wrong person . ” Lucas stood up abruptly and slashed at Henry with his ax in both hands .

“What a pitiful and ignorant fellow . Do you think that just because those little brats call you the mighty Lucas, it makes you some big shot? That’s just ignorant people having fun . In the eyes of true experts, you are just a lowly worm . I can poke you to death with a finger . ” Henry sat there without moving .

However, Lucas felt as though his heart was about to stop beating . His body was unable to take another step forward . He maintained the pose of cleaving down his gigantic ax as he turned immobile .

“You first got hit by my bone-eating worm, and now, you’ve been hit by my parasitic bullet . Do you still want to fight me? You’re truly foolish . ” Henry looked at the frozen Lucas and continued, “Bone-eating worms will constantly devour your bones until there’s none left . When the time comes, all that’s left is flesh, blood, and skin . You’ll be like a pile of rotten flesh . The Great Lucas, when you kneel down crying and beg for mercy and wish for me to give you death, an ignorant and pitiful worm like you will know what true greatness is . ”

“The Great… Lucas… will never yield to anyone…” Lucas trembled as veins protruded from his body as though he was trying to move his body .

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However, he couldn’t move his body no matter how hard he tried . His bones emitted waves of excruciating pain, as though thousands of worms were devouring his bones .

Blood began to seep out from Lucas’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth .

“Only an ignorant worm like you would dare to call yourself great . I’m afraid you haven’t seen any true power . The number one freelance hunter of the Peninsula of Gods? This title is a form of mockery . To think that you really treated it seriously . There are quite a number of experts on the Peninsula of Gods . What makes you think you have what it takes?” Henry said disdainfully .

“I’m the number one freelance hunter on the Peninsula of Gods . I’m The Great Lucas,” said Lucas through gritted teeth as his body trembled violently .

“What an arrogant and foolish fellow,” said Henry with his lips curled .

“I’m The Great Lucas… I’m the number one hunter on the Peninsula of Gods… I’m the irreplaceable Lucas…” Lucas’s seven orifices bled, but his eyes were filled with determination .

“Nothing but a meaningless imagination of the lowly…” Before Henry could finish his sentence, his expression suddenly changed .

“I’m The Great Lucas…” As Lucas roared, terrifying power erupted from his body . A golden light blasted out, enveloping his body as though he was a golden god .

In the next second, the parasitic bullet that bound Lucas’s body exploded . It was forcefully squeezed out by his muscles, and the threads that resembled vessels were completely severed .

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With his strong hands holding the gigantic ax, he slashed down with dazzling golden divine light .


The massive manor was split into two by the divine light produced by the gigantic ax, leaving a huge ravine .

Henry stood sideways at the edge of the ravine, the armor on his chest sliced off . His chest muscles showed, and there were bloody wounds on it .

Henry’s face was extremely pale, and there were still traces of horror on his face . A portion of the tip of his nose had been sliced off and he was bleeding . If not for his quick reflexes, he would have died under that terrifying golden divine light .

“In front of The Great Lucas, you are just worms that only know how to flee . ” The golden divine light on Lucas’s body dissipated, and the god-like shadow vanished as well . The gigantic ax landed on the ground as he held it with both hands . He kept standing relying on sheer willpower . However, he looked at Henry with contempt .

As he spoke, he even took out his cell phone and took a selfie . Looking at the picture, he muttered to himself, “As expected of The Great Lucas . He’s still so handsome even when getting rid of worms . ”

“Cut off this bastard’s limbs . I want him to lie in front of me like a worm . ” Henry was infuriated by the look in Lucas’ eyes . How dare he look at him like a bug? It was his greatest insult .

A few Epic experts beside Henry immediately surrounded Lucas . However, they were very careful and didn’t dare to rush straight at Lucas . After all, Lucas’s attack was too terrifying . The halved manor and ravine were shocking .

“What are you afraid of? Can’t you tell that he doesn’t have any strength left?” Henry barked angrily .

“No, he does . ” A voice came from outside the manor .

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