Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 473

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:43 AM

Chapter 473: Chapter 473 - Break-Out Medusa

“You… Why are you here…” Lucas turned his head and saw Zhou Wen and An Sheng .

“As your strength, how can we not come? It wouldn’t be right!” An Sheng said with a smile, but his eyes were a little cold .

In fact, from the day Lucas went to look for them, An Sheng and Zhou Wen could tell that something was amiss . However, they didn’t say anything . The two of them had only observed silently without saying anything . In the end, they had secretly tailed him here . They never expected to see this happen .

Henry spoke with a cold smile when he saw the two of them . “Zhou Wen, you came at the right time . It’s time to settle the score for Liz and John . And you are An Sheng, right? You were the one who crippled Liz’s sea of energy, right?”

“It’s me,” An Sheng said frankly . “From the looks of it, just crippling her sea of energy was too easy on her . She should have been killed . ”

“Is that so? That’s really unfortunate . I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to touch a single strand of my Cape family members’ hair in the future . ” As Henry spoke, he raised the antique gun in his hand and aimed it at Zhou Wen . He continued, “If I were you, I would stop immediately . Otherwise, the bone-eating worm in Lucas’s body will go berserk with my gunshots and devour all his bones in a moment . You are his friends, and he has sacrificed so much for you . You don’t want to see him die in pain, right?”

“Lucas is right . You really are a dirty worm . ” Zhou Wen didn’t stop as he continued walking towards Henry . He held the handle of the Bamboo Blade as his eyes flickered with killing intent .

“I told you to stop . Didn’t you hear me? Do you want to see him die?” Henry pulled the trigger and shouted at Zhou Wen .

“The bone-eating worm is your Companion Beast, right? If you die, your Companion Beast will naturally perish as well . Naturally, the threat to Lucas will no longer exist . I’m still about 35 meters away from you . Before your gun sounds, I’d have chopped off your head . If you don’t believe me, you can try shooting . But if I were you, I’d immediately retrieve the bone-eating worm . I’m not someone who likes to kill . Don’t give me a reason to draw my saber,” Zhou Wen continued walking towards Henry .

Henry appeared to have heard an extremely ridiculous joke as he said with a smile, “If the person who said that was An Tianzuo, I would do as he says . Don’t tell me that you think of yourself as An Tianzuo’s younger brother after your father married his mother? Even if you are An Tianzuo’s younger brother, as long as you are not An Tianzuo himself, you have no right to say that to me . ”

With that said, Henry pulled the trigger .

Slender and powerful fingers held the handle of the saber as he drew the saber smoothly .

The saber beam appeared at an unbelievable speed . Everyone felt their vision blur as Zhou Wen and his saber seemed to vanish .

When they saw Zhou Wen again, they saw that he was already behind Henry . He held a crystal-clear saber in his hand . The tip of the saber was pointed diagonally to the ground as a drop of blood slowly flowed from the blade before dripping to the ground .

The moment the blood dripped onto the ground, there was a crack . The antique gun in Henry’s hand split into two, and Henry’s body was halved . His face that wore fear and disbelief split apart as well .

“Lord… Henry…” The Epic experts who followed Henry were stunned .

When they were with the Cape family, they knew that Zhou Wen had been protected by the An family—a student sheltered by the An family .

However, this student had managed to kill Henry with one strike . Even in the expert-filled Cape family, Henry could be considered a top-notch expert .

Such a person wasn’t even able to block Zhou Wen’s single strike . It left them alarmed and losing all morale, they reacted by turning around and fleeing .

An Sheng appeared like a ghost as a dagger-like knife flashed in his hand . In just a moment, he killed the Epic experts without leaving a single one behind . He felled them like he was chopping vegetables .

Wiping away the blood on the dagger, An Sheng said nonchalantly, “You guys can leave first . Leave this to me . ”

“That’s not nice, right…” Lucas recovered from his shock and looked at An Sheng strangely .

“Leave it to him . He’s more professional than us . ” Zhou Wen pulled Lucas and walked out .

“Lucas, that ax strike of yours was really powerful . How did you do it?” Zhou Wen and Lucas rode the Tyrannosaurus Rex towards the city as he voiced his curiosity .

The strength Lucas used when he slashed out far exceeded his usual strength . It was like night and day .

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When Lucas heard Zhou Wen praise him, he was immediately delighted . He said smugly, “The Great Lucas isn’t a result of bragging . My Life Providence is a Hero of Glory . My Life Soul is a Combat Faith God . When I fight for glory and faith, I can produce unparalleled power…”

As Zhou Wen listened, his expression changed .

Although Lucas described himself as very powerful and his Life Providence and Life Soul were indeed very powerful, his strength was very odd . It could be said that most of the time, his Life Providence and Life Soul were useless .

His Life Providence and Life Soul meant that he could not fight for himself . In most cases, only by fighting for others could he activate the Hero of Glory Life Providence .

Furthermore, Lucas’s beliefs had to be firm . The more he believed in himself, the stronger his Life Soul became .

If he had nefarious thoughts and did something that violated the glory of heroes, his Life Providence would be of zero use . Furthermore, due to his guilt, his Combat Faith God would also become very weak .

However, under certain circumstances, Lucas could become extremely powerful . If many people acknowledged and worshiped him from the bottom of their hearts, his Life Soul would become extremely powerful .

What a strange Life Providence and Life Soul, Zhou Wen thought .

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“By the way, don’t upload the photo you took just now on the Internet . Don’t mention this matter again . Just treat it as though you have never seen Henry,” Zhou Wen said as he took out his phone to take a look . Seeing that the Dead Man Tree didn’t react at all . It didn’t absorb Henry’s corpse as it had before .

“Of course, I’m not a fool . ” As Lucas spoke, he took out his cell phone and deleted the photos he had taken previously .

The Cape family was the uncrowned king of the West District . Although Lucas was famous in the Peninsula of Gods, he was still far from being able to compete with them . If they were to pester him, there would probably be trouble .

Just as he deleted the photo, Lucas’s phone rang . After Lucas picked up the call, his expression immediately turned ugly . He could not help but exclaim, “What? The Medusa inside the palace broke out! How did this happen?”

Zhou Wen’s expression changed when he heard Lucas’s words . He knew very well how terrifying Medusa was . If Medusa really broke out of its confines, this city, or even the entire Peninsula of Gods, would become an infernal domain .

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