Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: Chapter 474 - Devastating the City

474 Devastating the City

“Sorry, I have to return immediately . Let’s talk again if there’s a chance in the future,” Lucas said to Zhou Wen .

“Let’s go together . ” Zhou Wen found the matter odd as well .

Medusa was inside the palace . Someone had entered the palace . If anyone touched her, she would transform into a demoness and attack humans .

However, after entering the palace, the door would automatically close . Medusa should not have escaped from the palace . At least she had never run out in-game .

Could it be the thief’s doing? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss no matter how he thought about it . Perhaps it had something to do with the thief .

“Alright . ” Lucas didn’t stand on ceremony with Zhou Wen as he urged the Tyrannosaurus Rex to run towards the city .

Before reaching the city, they saw crowds running towards them . Many people saw Lucas and were pleading for help . “Lord Lucas, there’s a dimensional creature destroying the city . Quickly go and take a look . ”

Lucas asked for directions and immediately rode the Tyrannosaurus Rex against the human tide .

Not long after they entered the city, they saw that the bustling streets of the city were empty, but there were many stone statues . There were elders, children, and some animals .

They maintained all sorts of poses . Some ran for their lives in fear, while others fell to the ground . There was also a puppy who was peeing up a pole, but it had turned into a stone .

Many buildings had been destroyed and the city seemed to have become a world of ghosts .

When Zhou Wen saw the stone statues, he knew that it was Medusa’s work . It was different from the stone statues on the door . Even if one didn’t look into her eyes, one would still be petrified if they were seen by Medusa’s petrifying eyes .

Lucas’s expression changed drastically . He clearly recognized some of the petrified people .

A helicopter flew across the sky . Lucas hurriedly chased after the helicopter .

After turning two streets, they saw a young woman running ahead . Lucas chased after her and yelled, “Barbara, what are you doing here?”

The young woman turned to look at Lucas and was instantly overjoyed . “Lord Lucas, quickly go and take a look . Medusa is destroying the entire city . Other than you, no one can save this city . ”

“Where is she? What exactly happened? How did Medusa escape from the palace?” Lucas asked .

“I don’t know . After you sent the news, Lord Irjarr sent someone into the palace, but not long after, Medusa ran out . All the people and creatures that are seen by her eyes turn into stone statues . Even Companion Beasts are no exception . I wasn’t petrified because of the protection given to me by a special Companion Beast,” Barbara said .

“Where is she?” Lucas asked .

“She’s over there . I’ll take you there . However, it’s best if you don’t ride the Tyrannosaurus Rex . It will be petrified if she sees it . ” Barbara pointed at the Tyrannosaurus .

“Alright . ” Lucas put away the Tyrannosaurus before running in the direction that Barbara was pointing .

Barbara also followed, but when she saw that Zhou Wen was also running in that direction, she said to him, “Why are you following us? Aren’t you afraid of being petrified by Medusa? Hurry up and hide in an underground bomb shelter . ”

“I’ll go over and take a look to see if I can help . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of Medusa . Truth Listener could perfectly restrain Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification, and the Demon Dragon True Body could barely contend with Medusa .

Although he could not kill Medusa, he did not need to be afraid of her .

Seeing that Zhou Wen had already run over, Barbara didn’t say anything else . However, she didn’t think much of it . Zhou Wen looked like a student, one even younger than her . How could he be of any help? If Medusa were to see him, he would probably be petrified immediately .

After running for a short distance, he heard an explosion on the street in the next block . He also saw a few helicopters shooting at the ground from the sky . Lucas directly climbed up a building .

Zhou Wen and Barbara also climbed up . When they reached the top of the building, they ran to the other side . Looking down, they saw a three to four-meter-tall demoness, with hair that resembled venomous snakes, standing on top of a three-story building . The snake-like long hair on her head seemed to extend indefinitely as it flew into the air and wrapped around a helicopter, causing it to explode into pieces .

An Epic expert rode a flying eagle and flew over with a spear in his hand . He wanted to attack Medusa in midair, but all Medusa did was to turn her head to glance at him . The Epic expert was petrified along with his eagle Companion Beast . They fell from the sky and shattered .

Missiles blasted over from afar and exploded . Essence Gold shards scattered everywhere, but they did not harm Medusa .

In a nearby building, someone was constantly shooting at Medusa with Essence Gold bullets . Many people were using Companion Beasts to attack her .

However, it was all meaningless . Medusa swept her gaze and all the Companion Beasts she saw turned into stone statues . The dancing snake hair drilled into the buildings and bit the soldiers and policemen to death .

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Any human that was bitten by a snake’s head would instantly be reduced to blood .

The snake hair wrapped around tanks one by one and threw them into the sky . When they fell, they cratered the nearby buildings .

The terrifying Medusa wreaked havoc in the city but no one could stop her . Humans became powerless in front of her . Even Epic experts only dared to control their Companion Beasts to attack her from afar, not daring to be seen by her .


A nearby building collapsed . Many humans who were hiding inside cried out in horror .

Medusa glanced over and immediately, a group of humans was petrified . Their faces were filled with various expressions of fear .


The crumbling floors fell, instantly smashing the petrified humans into pieces .

“Damn it!” Lucas grabbed his ax and wanted to jump to a shorter building to the side .

“Where are you going?” Zhou Wen pulled him and asked .

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“I’ll run behind her and chop at her head . Just like the legendary prince in the myth, I’ll behead her,” said Lucas .

“You don’t have the prince’s adamantine sword, helm of darkness, and winged sandals . Do you think you can succeed?” Zhou Wen had also heard the myth that Lucas had mentioned .

With the help of the Goddess of Wisdom, he had used a few divine weapons to secretly chop off Medusa’s head . It would be strange if he could cut her head off with a crappy ax .

“Where there’s a will there is a way . Some things have to be done by someone . The Great Lucas can do it . ” As Lucas spoke, he ran out and jumped onto the rooftop beside him . Then, he crouched down and advanced, preventing Medusa from discovering him . He continued to move towards another building and constantly approached Medusa .

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