Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: Chapter 477 - Nowhere to Turn To

I can’t keep running like this . How can I get rid of her? Zhou Wen wasn’t as fearless as Lucas .

He only wanted to get rid of Medusa now . As for whether Medusa would harm the world in the future, that was not something he could control . Anyway, he did not want to die .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he flew in one direction . He headed for the island that An Sheng had taken him to .

Zhou Wen thought that he might be able to use the magical waterfall and pool to escape Medusa . This was because he had already cleared the dimensional zone and had left his name on the golden monolith in the dimensional zone . He wouldn’t be trapped inside worrying about not being able to leave .

As long as he could avoid Medusa’s pursuit, he would quietly hide inside for a period of time and wait for Medusa to leave before coming out .

He didn’t have the strength to kill the black six-winged dragon again . He had previously joined forces with An Sheng and, with Zhang Yuzhi’s help, they managed to kill the black six-winged dragon . He was alone this time and had yet to recover from his serious injuries . If he really angered the black six-winged dragon, he would probably die .

Zhou Wen lured Medusa to the island . After a while, Lucas and the group of Epic experts finally reached the beach . They discovered traces of battle on the beach, but they failed to find anyone .

One of the trembling residents by the beach told them that they were heading towards the sea .

Medusa was already extremely terrifying and there were even more dimensional creatures on the sea . When the other Epic experts heard that Medusa had been lured to the sea, they secretly heaved a sigh of relief . They thought with luck, “Perhaps Medusa won’t return after being lured to the sea . ”

Lucas ignored everything else and jumped onto a boat, prepared to start the engine, and venture deep into the sea .

“Master Lucas, I’ll go with you . ” Barbara arrived on her motorbike and threw it onto the ground before jumping onto the boat .

“Quickly disembark it . The sea is too dangerous,” said Lucas .

“Lord Lucas, have you forgotten? I came from the sea to the Peninsula of Gods . I’m a daughter of the sea, so I can help you track your friend and Medusa at sea . You are just one person . You won’t be able to find them even if you’re on a boat . ” Barbara had already started the boat .

Lucas thought about it and agreed . Looking at the boundless sea, he only knew the general direction . He had no idea how to find Zhou Wen and Medusa .

“Then fight alongside the Great Lucas, girl,” Lucas said as he stood at the bow of the boat and looked at the sea .

After great hardship, Zhou Wen finally returned to the island where there were Water Sprites . Now, he wasn’t in the mood to kill them . He rushed to the waterfall on the island and plunged into the pool .


Just as Zhou Wen entered the pool, Medusa’s gaze landed on the pool, blasting a curtain of water several meters high .

After the pool calmed down, Zhou Wen was gone .

Inside the cave, Zhou Wen followed the water and quickly exited the waterfall cave .

Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t see Medusa . He thought to himself, Medusa better not jump in here when she can’t see my corpse in the pool .

However, his worst fears happened . Zhou Wen could only hear the splashing sound of water coming from the cave . Medusa had already rushed out of the water .

I’m screwed! Zhou Wen hurriedly burrowed under the pool, hoping to get out again .

However, Medusa’s snake hair had entered the pool . It was already a snakes’ nest . Countless venomous snakes were wriggling in the pool .

This fellow’s intelligence is too high . She actually knows how to sever my retreat! Zhou Wen felt depressed, but he had no choice but to move his body to dodge Medusa’s attack .

Boom! Boom!

Medusa’s gaze randomly shot out in all directions, causing the surrounding rocks and grass to explode, creating a loud boom .

Zhou Wen immediately felt that something bad was about to happen . It was already difficult to deal with Medusa . If she made a scene, the black six-winged dragon would definitely be awoken . If he were to face two terrifying Mythical creatures, wouldn’t he die even more tragically?

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Now, Zhou Wen wished he had an invisibility cloak and could immediately disappear in front of Medusa .

Roar! An angry roar came from the center of the island . As expected, the dragon was awakened and turned into a black lightning bolt that rushed over .

Please bless me . Although they are dimensional creatures, they aren’t of the same species . They might be enemies . Let them fight it out! Zhou Wen prayed inwardly .

Unfortunately, he soon realized that he was being too naive .

After the dragon rushed over, it ignored Medusa and opened its mouth to spit out a venomous smoke at Zhou Wen .

This is really bad . Zhou Wen suddenly realized that he shouldn’t have come here .

It was too late for regrets . There was a black dragon in front of him and Medusa behind him . They attacked Zhou Wen one after another, completely cutting off the possibility of him escaping .

Even if he used Ghost Steps, it was impossible for him to be faster than two Mythical creatures . Whether he advanced or retreated, he was doomed .

Seeing that the two Mythical creatures had surrounded him and leaving him no chance to escape, Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and switched to the Godfiend Life Providence . The Lost Country ring appeared on his finger . After spinning the ring, Zhou Wen’s body immediately vanished from the middle of the pincer attack .

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Lucas and Barbara were in the sea searching for traces of Zhou Wen and Medusa . The more Barbara searched, the more depressed she became . Finally, she couldn’t help but say to Lucas, “Lord Lucas, I’m afraid that your friend is doomed . Although he’s very powerful, it’s very difficult for even a god to survive against an existence like Medusa . ”

“No, Barbara, you underestimate a friend of Lucas too much . He’s just like me, a great human hero . I firmly believe that he’s safe and sound . Perhaps he has already killed Medusa . We have to find him as soon as possible . We can’t let him enjoy the glory alone . ” Lucas’s face was filled with determination as he stood at the bow of the boat and surveyed the surrounding sea, searching for Zhou Wen .

That’s impossible! That’s Medusa! She’s a mythical demoness! Even the mythical human prince had to borrow many divine artifacts from the Goddess of Wisdom to defeat her! Barbara grumbled internally, but she didn’t dare to say it out .

“There seems to be a small island over there . Let’s take a look,” Lucas instructed .

On the island, Zhou Wen’s figure appeared on the black six-winged dragon’s back after a momentary disappearance .

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen wrapped one hand around the black six-winged dragon’s neck . On his palm was a silver spider web glove . After touching the scales on the black six-winged dragon’s neck, it immediately stuck firmly to it .

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