Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 478

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Chapter 478: Chapter 478 - Monster Battle

Upon sensing Zhou Wen on its back, a terrifying black flame immediately erupted from the black six-winged dragon’s body . It wanted to shake Zhou Wen off its back .

However, Zhou Wen was already prepared . He transformed into the Demon Dragon True Body and stuck to its body, allowing the black flames to erupt without letting go .

Medusa was originally attacking Zhou Wen, but because he was on the black six-winged dragon’s back, her gaze immediately landed on the black six-winged dragon .

The Eyes of Petrification landed on Zhou Wen . Through the use of the Truth Listener earring, this replenished his Essence Energy, allowing him to maintain his Demon Dragon True Body state .

However, the black six-winged dragon did not have such an ability . The scales on its body actually began to turn into stone when Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification looked at it .


The black six-winged dragon flew into a rage as demonic flames rose from its back . Two hidden pairs of wings appeared, making it live up to its name as a six-winged black dragon . The petrified scales on its body shattered like stone shells, revealing the new scales underneath .

The six dragon wings were suddenly extended . They drew out a terrifying black flame . Black flame-like blades slashed toward Medusa .

Medusa was unwilling to be outdone as she waved her snake hair to meet the black-flamed blade aura . Numerous blade auras collided with the snake hair . Although the blade aura was shattered, many of the poisonous snakes were also severed .

Instantly, the two Mythical creatures were enraged as they began a battle between monsters .

Zhou Wen firmly held onto the black six-winged dragon’s back . No matter how intense the battle was, he wasn’t thrown off its back .

Zhou Wen’s Sky Spider Glove had very strong adhesive properties . Once he stuck on, there was no way of separating him unless he released or had his hand chopped off .

It wasn’t easy to survive in such a terrifying battle . Thankfully, Zhou Wen had the Demon Dragon True Body . Otherwise, just the aftershocks of the battle or the black flames from the six-winged dragon’s body would have been enough to kill him .

Furthermore, there was an extremely important point to take note of . Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification provided Zhou Wen with endless Essence Energy . If not, he wouldn’t have been able to persist either . Without the Demon Dragon True Body protecting him, he would be instantly killed in such a battle .

Zhou Wen hugged the black six-winged dragon’s neck tightly and slumped on its back . If Medusa wanted to kill him, she would definitely attack the black six-winged dragon . As for the black six-winged dragon, how could it allow her to bully it? The more they fought, the angrier they became . Instantly, the mountain wall above the island shattered and the ground cracked .

The venom corroded the rocks, and the black flames turned the originally lush island to ruins . Only the spot where the golden apple tree was located remained unscathed, as if it was protected by a mysterious power .

Zhou Wen wished he could immediately escape from the black six-winged dragon’s back . Now that it was truly infuriated with Medusa because of the battle, he believed that the two monsters probably wouldn’t stop the fight even without him .

But now, Zhou Wen really couldn’t escape . The force field produced from their battle had pressed him firmly onto the black six-winged dragon’s back . If Zhou Wen were to forcefully rush out, he would probably be struck by a terrifying explosive force in midair and end up being embroiled in their battle .

The pain in his organs was excruciating . It was likely that the wounds from before had been torn apart . Although he had the Demon Dragon True Body protecting him, his body still suffered a significant blow . Blood constantly seeped out from his mouth and nose .

I’m going to die . Zhou Wen endured the pain as he hugged the black six-winged dragon’s neck tightly . He tried his best to stick his body to its scales to reduce the damage .

The black six-winged dragon was indeed worthy of being the guardian of the golden apple . It was actually able to fight evenly with a mythical demoness like Medusa .

Although Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification had some effect on it, it was difficult to completely petrify it . Only the scales on its surface were affected, but, after shattering, they produced new scales .

The battle between the two monsters allowed Zhou Wen to see the abilities they didn’t use when he fought them .

As Zhou Wen’s strength wasn’t at their level, there were many skills that they didn’t need to use when they fought him .

Now that they had encountered an opponent that was on par with them, they had used all sorts of skills, broadening his horizons .

Zhou Wen was secretly rejoicing . The reason they were able to kill the six-winged dragon the last time was purely because they were lucky . If it wasn’t for the six-winged dragon being infuriated by him and completely ignorant of everything else, the Demonic Neonate wouldn’t have had a chance to stab the ancient sword through its heart . In a head-on clash, he and An Sheng would probably only end up being thrashed even if they joined forces .

Of course, Zhang Yuzhi also played a crucial role . Otherwise, Zhou Wen would have died .

Zhou Wen had the intention to summon the Demonic Neonate and get her to do it again, but in this situation, even if he could kill one of them, the other wasn’t something Zhou Wen could handle . In the end, it would only mean death .

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Just as Zhou Wen was thinking about how he could survive, the black six-winged dragon had already pounced on Medusa and bit her head .

The venomous snakes on Medusa’s head swept over but were mostly bitten apart by the black six-winged dragon .

Suddenly, blood tears rolled out of Medusa’s eyes . A strange light shot out from her eyes .

The Eyes of Petrification did not have any corporeal light . Medusa also had another ability that shot out light from her eyes . However, that was not the Eyes of Petrification . It only possessed potent destructive power without the ability to petrify .

However, the light that shot out this time was different . When the beam from the blood teary-eyes shone on the black six-winged dragon’s body, it began petrifying it .

This time, the petrification was different from before . Not only were the scales on the surface petrified, but the six-winged black dragon’s body was also petrified . The speed of petrification just wasn’t very fast .

Roar! Black flames rose from the black six-winged dragon’s body as it erupted with a terrifying power . It wanted to resist the petrification of its body, but it was useless this time . Its body became more and more petrified .

It started with its chest and face, then its forelimbs, and then finally its body and rear limbs . In just a short moment, the six-winged dragon was about to turn into a statue .

What’s going on? Is this the true power of Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification? Was the one before just for fun? Zhou Wen was alarmed .

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Even worse was that the Truth Listener earring’s power was gradually unable to withstand the petrifying light . Zhou Wen’s skin began to show signs of petrification despite his dragon form .

I can’t wait any longer . Zhou Wen knew that if he waited any longer, he might lose his life . He immediately summoned the Demonic Neonate and Banana Fairy .

He held the fan formed by Banana Fairy and waved it at Medusa below . A strong wind blew and blew away Medusa’s snake hair .

The Demonic Neonate did not hesitate . The ancient sword tore out of its sheath and transformed into a purple glow that directly pierced toward Medusa’s head .

The black six-winged dragon was not completely petrified . It continued to press against Medusa, preventing her from dodging . All she could do was turn her head in an attempt to avoid the ancient sword .

However, the ancient sword was too close to her and she was unable to completely dodge it . A purple light flashed and the ancient sword actually pierced through her left eye . Immediately, blood flowed out from the socket as Medusa let out a sharp cry .

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