Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 479

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:38 AM

Chapter 479: Chapter 479 - A Hero Almost Akin to God

Medusa let out a painful cry . A huge force surged out from her body, forcing the half-petrified six-winged dragon to retreat more than ten meters .

She used her fingertips to grab the hilt of the ancient sword and, like pulling out a splinter, she pulled it out from her eye and threw it violently .

Zhou Wen jumped off the black six-winged dragon’s back and looked at Medusa’s eyes . He saw that the eye that had been stabbed by the ancient sword was blood-red, and blood kept gushing out . It looked like a serious injury .

Upon discovering Zhou Wen, Medusa angrily rushed over, but the petrified black dragon’s body emitted a cracking sound . Its petrified flesh and bones cracked open as it forcefully slammed Medusa .

Medusa was hit head-on and immediately rolled over . However, a purple light flashed . The ancient sword that was thrown by Medusa had flown back . While she was embroiled with the six-winged black dragon, the sword stabbed into her other eye . The Demonic Neonate hid in the distance with a cold expression in her eyes .

Medusa’s eyes were completely blind . She immediately became a poisonous snake that had lost its poisonous fangs . Although her combat strength remained terrifying, she was not as strong as before .

The black six-winged dragon dragged its half petrified body and fought the blind Medusa . It was still an intense battle, but Zhou Wen was finally able to escape the crossfire . He fled the battlefield and watched them fight .

The ground trembled as the two monsters engaged in close combat . The ground cracked and the mountains collapsed, as though the end of the world had arrived .

Zhou Wen hid far away and saw Medusa and the black six-winged dragon slam into the sea together . The waves in the sea churned, stirring up huge waves . He couldn’t help but secretly rejoice . If they really end up with an internecine outcome, I might really luck out this time . Perhaps I might be able to kill two Mythical creatures at once .

As he thought this, he saw the six-winged black dragon and Medusa sink into the sea . He could only see the surging waves on the surface of the sea, so he did not know what the situation below was .

After a while, the sea calmed down, but a lot of red liquid spread out .

Don’t tell me both parties are dead? If they die without me killing them, will they leave behind crystals and Companion Eggs? Zhou Wen was considering whether he should go into the sea to search for the corpses when he suddenly saw the seawater spew out like a volcanic eruption . Face covered in blood and body covered in wounds, a one-armed Medusa charged out of the sea .

The ancient sword in her eye hadn’t been pulled out, but she ignored it and charged at Zhou Wen .

Although her eyes were blind and she no longer had the ability to use the Eyes of Petrification, the snakes on her head could still allow her to see .

Zhou Wen turned around and ran . Although Medusa looked miserable, she was still a Mythical creature after all . To be able to kill a six-winged dragon in such a state was indeed extremely terrifying .

Medusa chased after him with all her might as though she hated Zhou Wen to the core . However, Zhou Wen soon realized that she was much slower .

Previously, Zhou Wen wasn’t as fast as her when he used Ghost Steps . Now, he could open up a distance with it . Medusa’s speed was indeed much slower, completely different from before .

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Zhou Wen felt a lot more at ease . He rushed into the waterfall pool and returned to the island in the real world .

Medusa rushed out as well, but Zhou Wen knew that she was slowing down . Furthermore, her body was constantly bleeding . It looked like her aura was rapidly weakening .

She’s about to die? Zhou Wen was delighted . He watched as Medusa’s aura weakened and her body slowed down . More importantly, the Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword had completely stabbed into her eye, having likely penetrated her brain .

Although Medusa no longer posed a threat to him, Zhou Wen still tried his best to maintain a constant distance from her . He had no idea if she would suddenly unleash a crazy attack before dying, just like when the black six-winged dragon died previously .

However, Zhou Wen soon realized that Medusa was really on the brink of death . As she chased after him, she left a pool of blood on the ground . The wounds on her body were bleeding profusely . With her physique, the wounds should have stopped bleeding . Clearly, the six-winged dragon’s powers were strange, preventing her wounds from healing .

Medusa had already begun to stumble as she walked . She was like a staggering old woman . She no longer had her previous might .

When Zhou Wen retreated to the beach, Medusa seemed to know that she was at the end of her rope . She unleashed her final strength and pounced at Zhou Wen with a shrill cry .

Her pounce seemed to be strong, but her strength was spent . She no longer had the terrifying energy fluctuations from before .

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Zhou Wen summoned Overlord Sword and slashed out a sword beam at Medusa who was pouncing over .

Lucas and Barbara had already arrived near the island on their boat . Lucas was looking around when he saw Zhou Wen standing on the beach . He was immediately overjoyed . Just as he was about to call out to him, he suddenly saw Medusa pounce at him .

Barbara immediately let loose a cry of surprise upon seeing this .

However, in the next second, Zhou Wen drew his sword and slashed at Medusa, who was pouncing over .

The intense sword glow was like a sun halo as it slashed at Medusa’s neck . After this, Medusa’s body was sent flying under the impact of the sword beam . Under the continuous rotation of the razor-like sword flash, the flesh and bones on her neck were crushed and broken . Finally, her head was chopped off and it flew into the air .

Barbara’s scream came to a halt as her mouth gaped open in shock . Her eyes were widened at this incredulous scene .

The demoness, Medusa, who had wreaked havoc in the entire city and left countless Epic experts on the Peninsula of Gods helpless, had been beheaded . It was truly unbelievable .

Lucas was also surprised . Then, he subconsciously took out his phone and, out of habit, took a photo .


The image on the screen was that of a man on the beach with his back facing the camera under the setting sun . He was holding a sword askew to the ground .

Across the young man, Medusa’s body was suspended in mid-air . Fresh blood spurted out and a head flew into the air . The entire scene looked extremely impactful and had an indescribable beauty of violence .

The calmness of the sword-wielding man formed a strong contrast with the twisted snakes on Medusa’s head and the blood that sprayed out . It made anyone who saw the picture feel their blood boil for some reason .

Lucas looked at the picture and had a sudden impulse . After adding a caption, he attempted to post it on his online account .

“Medusa’s doomsday—the descent of a hero almost akin to God . ”

The moment this photo appeared, it immediately caused the Internet to explode in excitement . Countless people on the Peninsula of Gods saw this photo and left a message .

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