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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 480

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:38 AM

Chapter 480: Chapter 480 - A Personal Hero

Although the people who followed Lucas were basically young people from the Peninsula of Gods, it was precisely because of this that they knew how terrifying Medusa was .

Many people had witnessed Medusa wreaking havoc in the city with their own eyes . Countless innocent citizens had been harmed, and so many Epic experts were mercilessly killed by Medusa .

Even though no one had fought Medusa before, they knew that this legendary demoness was definitely at the Mythical stage .

Now that Medusa had actually been killed, they were both surprised and happy .

Many people left comments to ask Lucas if Medusa had really been killed . Many people also asked who the man that killed Medusa was and who the sword-wielding man was .

Then, this photo and Lucas’s caption spread across the Internet at the speed of light, triggering a tsunami-like discussion .

There were two main points to the discussion . One was the authenticity of the picture, while the other was the identity of the sword-wielding man . Lucas’s personal page was about to crash from the traffic . Everyone was waiting for Lucas’s reply .

However, Lucas didn’t read the messages . After posting the photo, he and Barbara landed on the island together .

“Haha, I knew you could do it . You are a great hero like me, Lucas . You saved our city . ” Lucas went forward and gave Zhou Wen a firm hug .

“I’m not as great as you . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t mocking him, but speaking from the heart .

Lucas knew that it was impossible, but he did what he could do . Although there was a slight accident, it hadn’t been his intention .

“One day, you will surpass me . ” Lucas looked confident as he patted Zhou Wen’s shoulder and said, “Quick, go and take a look at your spoils of war . That’s the reward you deserve and also the medal of a hero . ”

Zhou Wen rolled his eyes inwardly . He was clearly just digging through a corpse for treasures . Why did it sound so righteous when Lucas put it that way?

Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony . This was a Mythical creature he had risked his life to kill . He naturally wouldn’t let it go .

Soon, Zhou Wen found a dimensional crystal in Medusa’s corpse . There was Medusa’s shadow in the dimensional crystal . Clearly, it was a Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

“Old friend, you’re really lucky to have obtained Medusa’s Essence Energy Skill Crystal . Come, let me take a picture of you and upload it online with the photo from just now . Let them witness the moment of heroism . ” As Lucas spoke, he was about to use his phone to take a picture .

“What did you say?” Zhou Wen hurriedly stopped Lucas and glared at him .

“I said take a picture and upload it online . This is your heroic history,” said Lucas .

“No, what do you mean by the photo from just now?” Zhou Wen asked again .

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“It’s this . I just took a picture of you and uploaded it online . The response is pretty good . You will soon become a famous hero…” Lucas opened his personal page and showed the picture to Zhou Wen as though he was showing off .

Zhou Wen looked at the number of replies—it was already more than sixty thousand, and it was still increasing . His face immediately turned livid .

“Quick, quickly delete the photo . ” Zhou Wen was truly anxious .

The Special Inspector Bureau and six families didn’t know that he had advanced to the Epic stage . If they were to find out that he had advanced to the Epic stage and had even killed a dimensional creature like Medusa, they would only be more careful when sending people to make trouble with him in the future . The people they sent would also be more powerful . Wouldn’t that be giving him trouble?

“Why should I delete it? Isn’t this good?” Lucas asked in puzzlement .

“I don’t want to be a hero, much less become famous . Lucas, you mustn’t tell anyone about what happened today . Don’t let others know that I killed Medusa, alright?” Zhou Wen also knew that deleting it was useless . This picture had probably been reposted countless times .

He took a closer look at the photo and realized that it was only a back view of him . Furthermore, because the Overlord Sword reflected the sunlight, it was almost impossible to see the blade clearly . Even his back was affected by the light, so it wasn’t easy to recognize him .

“Although I don’t know why you have such a strange request, as your friend, I respect your decision . Do you still want me to delete this picture?” said Lucas .

“Forget it . ” Zhou Wen shook his head . If he were to delete it now, it would only result in the Streisand effect .

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Zhou Wen looked at Barbara and asked, “Missy, can you help me keep this secret?”

“No . ” Barbara shook her head .

“Barbara, he’s my friend…” Lucas said anxiously .

Barbara took out a notebook and pen from her chest and handed it to Zhou Wen . Blinking her eyes, she said, “It’s fine if you want me to keep it a secret for you, but you have to sign an autograph for me . ”

“Why do you want my autograph?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

He still remembered Ják’s matter and wouldn’t easily sign things .

“Silly, because you are her hero,” Lucas said with a laugh as he patted Zhou Wen’s back .

Zhou Wen only realized that he was overthinking when he saw Barbara’s flushed face .

“I can give you an autograph, but don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” Zhou Wen took the notebook and pen and signed his name on it .

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“Sure . ” Barbara received the notebook and carefully looked at Zhou Wen’s signature . Then, she carefully closed it and hugged it in her arms . She thought in joy, Of course I’ll keep it a secret for you . Only I know that you’re the hero who killed Medusa . Only I have your autograph . This is a secret between my personal hero and me .

“Are you going back with us?” Lucas asked Zhou Wen .

“It will be inevitable for people to suspect me if I go back with you . ” Zhou Wen didn’t choose to go back with them, not only because of the reason he gave . He still wanted to enter the island to see if the six-winged dragon was dead .

If it was dead, there might be something like a crystal left behind . It would be best if he could obtain a Companion Egg .

Even if nothing was left, it was not bad to pick another golden apple .

However, Zhou Wen remembered that the golden apple had just borne previously, so it likely wasn’t ripe yet .

After Lucas and Barbara left, Zhou Wen entered the dimensional zone through the pool and went to the apple tree to take a look . The golden apple had only just grown and was still far from being ripe . It was probably useless if he plucked it now .

Without finding the ruins of the six-winged dragon on the island, Zhou Wen arrived near the sea where it fought Medusa . He summoned the silver water snake and made it search for it to see if he could find anything .

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