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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 481

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:38 AM

Chapter 481: Chapter 481 - True Mythical Companion Beas

As soon as the silver water snake entered the ocean, it merged with the seawater, as if it had disappeared .

Zhou Wen made it search the bottom of the sea . After a while, he saw the silver water snake crawl out of the sea with something in its mouth .

Zhou Wen saw that it looked like a black pineapple without leaves . On careful look, he realized that it was an egg covered in scales .

The black six-winged dragon’s egg? Zhou Wen was overjoyed .

The silver water snake handed the egg to Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen looked at it using the mysterious phone . It was indeed a Mythical Companion Egg .

Six-Winged Guardian Dragon: Mythical

Life Providence: Guardian Dragon

Life Soul: Wings of Black Flame

Wheel of Destiny: The Last Guardian

Strength: 69

Speed: 68

Constitution: 68

Essence Energy: 65

Talent Skill: Poison Breath, Dragon’s Rage, Hell Demonic Flame, Six Wing Slash .

Companion Form: Demonic Flaming Dragon Wings

A true Mythical Companion Beast! Zhou Wen was surprised and delighted . This was the first time he had seen a true Mythical Companion Egg .

The Companion Beasts he had now only had the potential of being Mythical, but none had truly advanced to the Mythical stage . The one closest to the true Mythical stage was Demonic Neonate, but her stats were too low . She needed to grow again; otherwise, she could only release her flying sword from afar and not participate in any head-on combat .

This Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was a true Mythical creature . If it could hatch, it would undoubtedly raise Zhou Wen’s strength greatly .

With it, the chances of Zhou Wen defeating the Mythical Creature in the temple were much higher .

The Essence Energy requirement must be very high, but my Slaughterer has the ability to have unlimited Essence Energy . I should be able to hatch it, right? Zhou Wen thought as he used the mysterious phone to snap the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon egg into his phone before letting the blood-colored avatar attempt to hatch it .

The incubation went surprisingly smoothly . After activating Slaughterer, the blood-colored avatar easily hatched the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Its tattoo appeared on his back .

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Zhou Wen excitedly summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . The feeling of seeing a black dragon appear in front of him was indescribable .

However, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon that appeared in front of Zhou Wen only had two dragon wings . It wasn’t in its six-winged form .

After Zhou Wen made it use its Life Soul, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon took on the six-winged form, and its strength increased greatly .

After getting the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to use all its skills, Zhou Wen realized that the fellow’s skills weren’t complete . It had fewer skills than the real Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, but these four skills were enough .

What Zhou Wen was more concerned about was its Wheel of Destiny . The Demonic Neonate also had the Wheel of Destiny, but it was written “One Spin” without any annotations .

However, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was different . Behind the Wheel of Destiny was the “The Last Guardian,” and there was also an annotation .

The Last Guardian: Miracle of Life Ward .

Although it had an annotation, Zhou Wen still didn’t understand what it meant . He got the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to demonstrate it, but it couldn’t .

Regardless, having his first true Mythical Companion Beast made Zhou Wen very excited .

Riding on the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Zhou Wen circled the sky and realized that it wasn’t as comfortable as he had imagined . This fellow’s flying state was too violent and wasn’t stable at all . Riding it was like riding a wild, unbridled horse . The feeling wasn’t good .

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From the looks of it, it’s not that great an experience when the legendary Dragon Knights in the West District ride dragons . Zhou Wen unsummoned the dragon and glanced at the golden apple that hadn’t ripened . In the end, he gave up the thought of plucking it and left the mysterious dimensional zone .

After returning to the Peninsula of Gods, he quickly contacted An Sheng .

“You were the one who killed Medusa, right?” An Sheng had clearly seen the photo online and asked directly .

Zhou Wen recounted the situation . An Sheng wasn’t as excited as Lucas and company . He said to Zhou Wen solemnly, “Young Master Wen, you only have one life . Furthermore, it doesn’t only belong to you . I hope you won’t use your life to do such dangerous things again . ”

“I originally only wanted to lure Medusa away . I never expected that I couldn’t lose her no matter how hard I tried . In the end, I was forced by the circumstances,” Zhou Wen explained .

“This absolutely mustn’t happen a second time . Forget it, I’ll quickly take you back . I can’t let you stay outside any longer . It’s only been a few days, but you nearly died twice . I’ll let you return to school where you attend classes and game,” An Sheng said .

“Has the ban on the Peninsula of Gods been lifted?” Zhou Wen asked .

“After Medusa escaped, the Peninsula of Gods was already in chaos . What’s the use of the ban? That thief has probably left the Peninsula of Gods long ago, so there’s naturally no need for them to continue the ban . ” An Sheng paused before saying, “Quickly come back . I’ll go book the flight tickets now . ”

When Zhou Wen returned to the hotel, An Sheng didn’t say anything else . However, he booked the earliest ticket to leave the Peninsula of Gods . They could leave tomorrow morning .

When Zhou Wen was resting, he unlocked his phone to look at Lucas’s personal page . The comments below the picture had exceeded 200,000 . The latest messages were asking who the hero was .

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This was because Lucas had confirmed Medusa’s death after his return . Now, they only wanted to know who killed Medusa .

Thankfully, there was only his back view in the photo, and because of the light, it wasn’t very clear . Even An Sheng had relied on guessing . It was impossible for him to recognize Zhou Wen with this photo . No matter how many times the Special Inspector Bureau guessed, it was probably impossible to think of him . After all, in the bureau’s eyes, he was still a student who hadn’t advanced to the Epic stage .

This photo was not only popular on the Peninsula of Gods, but even the Federation’s brass had noticed it .

After all, Medusa had really appeared . Such a creature was undoubtedly at the Mythical stage . They paid close attention to people who could kill Mythical creatures .

It wasn’t impossible for someone in the Federation to kill Mythical creatures . At least, there were such people in the six families . However, that was only because they relied on Mythical pets . Furthermore, there weren’t many of them . Each family only had a few capable of such feats .

Now that a person who could kill Mythical creatures had suddenly appeared, it naturally attracted the attention of many factions . It wasn’t just the six families . The powerful bigshots in many places were guessing who this person was and whether he was from the six families .

However, few people knew the answer . The next morning, An Sheng took Zhou Wen to the airport .

Zhou Wen sat in the departure hall while An Sheng went to the bathroom . As he was texting Lucas to bid him farewell, someone walked to the chair behind Zhou Wen and sat down .

Zhou Wen didn’t notice the person, but after he sat down, he leaned against the back of the chair behind Zhou Wen . The back of his head bumped into Zhou Wen’s hair .

Zhou Wen frowned slightly . Just as he was about to lean his head forward and not get too close to him, he heard a voice behind him . “It looks like you’ve been doing pretty well recently . ”

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