Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: Chapter 482 - Turning Around is Easy, Meeting is Difficul

482 Turning Around is Easy, Meeting is Difficul

Zhou Wen’s body trembled when he heard the voice . He was alarmed and delighted . Just as he wanted to stand up and turn his head to look at the person, he heard him say, “Sit still just like that and don’t move . ”

“Zhong Ziya, where have you been recently? Why are you here?” Zhou Wen asked in a lowered voice . He could tell that the voice belonged to Zhong Ziya .

He knew that Zhong Ziya’s situation might be worse than his . At the very least, the bureau didn’t dare openly arrest him and Hui Haifeng, but they weren’t as polite to Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan .

“I’ve been traveling around, leading the bunch of dogs at the Special Inspector Bureau in circles . ” Zhong Ziya leaned against Zhou Wen and said in a relaxed tone, “As for you, your rate of growth is really surprising . You were the one to kill Medusa, right?”

“That was an accident . ” Zhou Wen paused and said, “I got what you left behind . It’s with me now . I’ll hand it to you . ”

“There’s no need . That was originally a souvenir for you,” Zhong Ziya said lazily .

“Is that the method Teacher used?” After a moment of silence, Zhou Wen asked again .

“Who knows?” Zhong Ziya pursed his lips and said, “Even if you were to know what method was used, is there any meaning to it?”

Zhou Wen thought about it and was momentarily at a loss for words .

“Did Medusa drop a Companion Egg?” Zhong Ziya asked .

“No, it’s just a Essence Energy Skill Crystal,” Zhou Wen answered truthfully . Although the two of them hadn’t really spent much time together, Zhou Wen felt that Zhong Ziya was different from others . Perhaps it was because they were both Wang Mingyuan’s students and were in the same situation, or perhaps for some other reason . If it wasn’t necessary, he wasn’t willing to patronize Zhong Ziya .

“Lend me the Medusa crystal and pass it to me from the left . The surveillance camera can’t see it from that corner,” Zhong Ziya said .

“What do you want it for?” Zhou Wen said as he took out Medusa’s crystal and handed it to Zhong Ziya .

He had seen the requirements of the Medusa crystal . He couldn’t meet the requirements of 41 Constitution and 21 Cursed attributes .

In addition, there were Life Providence and Life Soul requirements . Zhou Wen didn’t know if his few Life Providences and Life Souls would be of any use . He was still unsure .

However, just the stat requirement was enough to ensure that Zhou Wen wouldn’t be able to use the Medusa Crystal anytime soon . Furthermore, if he needed it, he could head to the Curse Demon Palace to try his luck with Medusa .

“I need it to do something . Don’t ask me what it is . I don’t want to say . ” Zhong Ziya took the dimensional crystal . After a while, he touched Zhou Wen’s hand and said, “This is for you . Take it as interest . ”

Zhou Wen took it and looked at it . It was a box . Just as he was about to open it, he heard Zhong Ziya say, “Don’t look at it now . Do it when there’s no one around . ”

Zhou Wen was about to say something when Zhong Ziya stood up . “I hope that I’ll still be me when we meet again . ”

With that said, Zhong Ziya walked out of the waiting area while Zhou Wen sat there, motionless .

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Turning around wasn’t difficult, but meeting was difficult .

When An Sheng returned, Zhong Ziya had already disappeared into the crowd . If it wasn’t for the box in his hand, Zhou Wen would have wondered if any of that had happened .

The scene of Wang Mingyuan cooking for the four of them and him playing cards with them seemed to have happened yesterday, but today, they could not even look into each other’s eyes .

“This darn world,” Zhou Wen cursed softly as though he was venting his emotions .

Lucas had offered to wave them off, but Zhou Wen told him that it wasn’t necessary . The reason why An Sheng didn’t get Zhou Wen to inform him in advance was because he didn’t want him there in case someone connected the person in Lucas’s photo to Zhou Wen .

An Sheng sent Zhou Wen back to school . His stance made it obvious that he definitely wouldn’t allow any accidents to happen to him .

In fact, Zhou Wen didn’t have the energy to stir up trouble . His injuries had been worsened from the battle, so he didn’t even want to move .

After returning to the dormitory, he threw himself into bed and soon fell asleep . When he woke up, it was already noon .

Since he still couldn’t feel hunger, Zhou Wen didn’t eat anything . Thinking of the box Zhong Ziya had given him previously, he took it out of the Chaos Bead and opened it to take a look .

There’s nothing? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be taken aback . The box was empty .

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That’s not right! Zhou Wen quickly realized that the box wasn’t empty because it was made of paper and was very light . However, he could sense that the box was rather heavy, as though there was a piece of iron inside .

Could it be… Zhou Wen thought of something as he reached his hand into the box . Inside the empty box, something seemed to be in the way, preventing him from reaching in .

Zhou Wen’s fingers felt as though they were touching something ice-cold . Furthermore, wherever his fingertips touched, space warped visibly, as though a transparent plastic sheet had been crumpled .

No way! Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd . He took out the mysterious phone and aimed it at the box . Immediately, he saw a row of information appear on the phone .

Invisibility Cloak: Mythical

After reading the top line, many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind as he came to a realization .

The person who stole the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg is Zhong Ziya? Zhou Wen carefully recalled and suddenly understood why he found the picture of the thief familiar .

Now that he thought about it, the thief’s looks and figure were different from Zhong Ziya’s . However, his eyes had a unique aura like Zhong Ziya’s .

Zhong Ziya didn’t end up trapped in the Curse Demon Palace because he stole the Invisibility Cloak, but he stole it to deal with Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification? Zhou Wen gradually considered the cause and effect of the matter .

It was obvious that Zhong Ziya could not incubate the invisibility cloak, so he could not kill Medusa . However, he ended up using some unknown method to get Medusa out of Curse Demon Palace .

With Zhou Wen’s understanding of his character, Zhong Ziya definitely wanted to use the experts on the Peninsula of Gods to kill Medusa . As for how many people would die as a result, Zhong Ziya probably didn’t take it to heart .

Zhou Wen ended up killing Medusa, so he had come to see him . Otherwise, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have known that he was the one who had stolen the Invisibility Cloak . Zhou Wen probably wouldn’t have even known that he had been here before .

Zhong Ziya, what are you doing? Zhou Wen was somewhat worried . Zhong Ziya’s character was too extreme . Furthermore, he was extremely talented . If he really did something evil, he might become a devil like Jing Daoxian .

Looking at the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg in his hand, Zhou Wen’s expression turned extremely complicated . He had originally gone to the Peninsula of Gods for the Invisibility Cloak, but he never expected the Invisibility Cloak to reach his hand in such a manner .

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