Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: Chapter 484 - Killing the Masked Man

The only dimensional creature that Zhou Wen had never killed in Tiger Cage Pass was the masked man .

The masked man’s various Essence Energy Skills were endless and extremely bizarre . Although Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of him, he couldn’t kill him .

Now that he had the help of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Zhou Wen felt that it was time to give it a try .

Apart from Truth Listener, Zhou Wen summoned all of them—Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Fire Furnace Queen, Demonic Neonate, Banana Fairy, and a few other commonly used Companion Beasts .

The Tiger Cage Demonized General was nothing . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s poisonous breath killed him instantly .

After entering the city, the Fire Furnace Queen released Fire Furnace, turning the surroundings into a sea of fire . Any Demonized Soldiers or Demonized Generals that came died .

The masked man used Cast Beans for Soldiers and Cut Paper as Generals . It was of little use and could not block the Fire Furnace Queen that was setting fire everywhere . Everything produced was burnt to death .

The Fire Furnace Queen’s combat strength could only be considered average . However, when it came to farming low-level monsters, she was truly great . She was invincible and even the few Mythical pets were not as useful as her .

Thinking back to how pathetic he had been when he first entered the city, and now looking at how he was trampling over the Ancient City, Zhou Wen felt that he was indeed improving .

With Zhou Wen’s command, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon immediately charged at the masked man . It spewed out poisonous smoke as the demonic flames on its body burned it to ashes .

Unfortunately, it was only a piece of yellow paper . The masked man appeared elsewhere . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared and charged over again, killing the masked man again, but it was still a piece of yellow paper .

Although the masked man’s level and strength were far inferior to the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, his technique was just too bizarre . Despite the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon making several attacks, it was still unable to kill him .

This fellow’s skill is amazing . If he can drop the skill, it will be awesome for me . Are its Immortal Chains or Yellow Paper Avatar more powerful? Although the Cast Beans for Soldiers and Cut Paper As Generals are also impressive, they don’t seem to be of much use . It’s fine dealing with low-level monsters, but it’s basically useless against high-level monsters, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon chased the masked man in a frenzy . When the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon spewed out its Dragon Breath again, the strange man threw a rope into the air and a dark cloud appeared in the sky . Then, he took a few steps and pulled the rope before rising into the clouds .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon spat out a mouthful of demonic flames that scattered the dark clouds, but the masked man was nowhere to be seen .

The pair of dragon eyes scanned the city but it did not see the masked man .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was enraged . Demonic flames erupted from its body, burning all the Demonized Soldiers around it to death . However, a Demonized Soldier leaped up from the demonic flames and somersaulted onto the city wall . Its body changed from the Demonized Soldier to the masked man . He held beans and pieces of paper in each hand before scattering them into the air . Immediately, it transformed into Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon rushed over and shredded the masked man into pieces, but it was reduced to yellow paper shreds .

This skill is too sick . Even a Mythical creature can’t do a thing to him . Who is this fellow? Zhou Wen was dumbfounded .

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Zhou Wen had already seen quite a number of dimensional creatures . Typically, high-level creatures could crush low-level creatures . This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen an Epic creature tease a Mythical creature .

How can I kill him? Just as Zhou Wen was pondering, he saw the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s six wings flap crazily . It shot out beams of demonic flames that resembled saber beams, sweeping away all the Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals in the city . The masked man had nowhere to hide and was forced out . He pulled the rope and attempted to escape into the dark clouds .

Before he could enter the dark clouds, a purple beam of light suddenly flew past and severed the masked man’s head along with the rope .


The masked man’s headless corpse and the rope fell to the ground . The purple light transformed into a flying sword and returned to the scabbard in the Demonic Neonate’s arms .

However, Zhou Wen soon discovered that the corpse that had fallen to the ground had turned into a puppet . And at the spot between the puppet’s brows was a speck of red, like a drop of blood .

“Killed Epic creature, Elegant Emperor’s Avatar Puppet . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ”

Zhou Wen originally imagined that it was all for naught, he never expected to see the notification on his phone . A dimensional crystal dropped at the same time .

Zhou Wen saw that the dimensional crystal didn’t have the shadow of the masked man, but there was a spirit talisman . Although he found it odd, he was still overjoyed . Although it wasn’t a Companion Egg, he was already very satisfied to have a Essence Energy Skill Crystal drop .

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I wonder which skill it is? Zhou Wen picked up the Essence Energy Skill Crystal and wanted to absorb it .

‘Life Providence incompatible . Unable to absorb . ’ A notification popped up on the phone, startling Zhou Wen .

He knew that a Mythical skill required specific types of Life Providence and Life Soul, but for an Epic Essence Energy Skill to have a Life Providence requirement was rather rare .

Zhou Wen switched his Life Providences and attempted . The Ancient Sovereign Life Providence, Eight Perfections Wisdom, and Godfiend were useless . When Zhou Wen switched to Dao Body, he finally absorbed the Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

A strange energy surged out of the crystal and entered the blood-colored avatar’s body . It opened up a new Essence Energy circulation pathway in the blood-colored avatar’s body . An indescribable coolness spread throughout Zhou Wen’s body as strange information flowed into his brain .

‘Absorbed Elegant Emperor Avatar’s Puppet Crystal . Attained Epic Essence Energy Skill: Substitute Talisman . ’

Zhou Wen was delighted . Is this the Substitution technique of the Elegant Emperor? It’s probably the skill which uses the paper figurines to substitute death, right? Surely with that skill, I no longer have to be afraid of death? It’s equivalent to having countless lives?

After Zhou Wen carefully studied the Substitute Talisman’s information, his expression turned odd .

It wasn’t like there was any other way . The Substitute Talisman was the skill of letting the paper figurine be a substitute in death . However, this skill wasn’t as simple as he thought it to be . It wasn’t something that could be used immediately if he wanted to . He had to prepare the Substitute Talisman beforehand so that he could use it during battle .

This Essence Energy Skill wasn’t something that could be used at the last minute . It required a long period of advanced preparations, and the process was rather complicated .

The only thing that comforted Zhou Wen was that creating a Substitute Talisman required a large amount of Essence Energy to support him . Thankfully, he had the Slaughterer Life Soul giving him virtually unlimited Essence Energy, so there was no need to worry about lacking it .

Zhou Wen got some tools and planned on creating a Substitute Talisman .

Creating a Substitute Talisman did not necessarily require yellow paper, wood, stone, or metal . Even a piece of tile could be used as the basic material for Substitute Talisman .

However, generally speaking, the success rate of jade and plant materials was the highest when creating them .

Zhou Wen took out an ordinary piece of paper . It was probably made of plant material, so the success rate wasn’t too low .

After calming his mind, Zhou Wen used the Substitute Talisman skill . He extended his finger and condensed his Essence Energy on his fingertip . He pressed it on the white paper and drew a strange rune .

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