Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 485

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Chapter 485: Chapter 485 - Going to Mount Laojun Again

485 Going to Mount Laojun Again

However, before he could finish drawing the runes, the paper tore apart . It could not withstand the corrosion from the Essence Energy .

After drawing this talisman, Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy was nearly depleted . The Substitute Talisman consumed too much Essence Energy .

However, the Dao Body gave him extremely fast Essence Energy recovery speed . Zhou Wen didn’t have to worry about having insufficient Essence Energy . However, it would be a waste if he didn’t complete the Substitute Talisman .

Ordinary paper didn’t seem to work . Zhou Wen found a wooden plank . It had been peeled off a box and was rather common pine wood .

However, the wooden plank couldn’t withstand the Essence Energy either, and before Zhou Wen could finish drawing the Substitute Talisman, it shattered .

Zhou Wen thought hard and found a steel plate . He used his Essence Energy to draw talismans on it . This time, the steel plate didn’t crack, but the Essence Energy talisman he drew dissipated immediately . It was as though he had used gasoline to write on it, and it had quickly evaporated .

From the looks of it, it’s not a problem with the material . The success of the Substitute Talisman likely has a probability . It’s not something that can be used just by drawing it out . Zhou Wen roughly understood the reason .

Therefore, he continued to use paper in his attempt to draw the Substitute Talisman . After drawing dozens of talismans in a row, none of them succeeded . The paper was completely shredded .

Isn’t the success rate a little too low? If it were someone else, their Essence Energy recovery wouldn’t be able to keep up . They might not even be able to produce any Substitute Talisman in a day . This chance is almost as low as winning the lottery . Zhou Wen felt somewhat indignant as he continued drawing . However, he failed to succeed even after finishing all the paper .

Zhou Wen was a little stubborn . If he didn’t successfully complete one, he would feel uncomfortable . However, he couldn’t find any more paper at home . He left his dorm and planned on buying a few diaries from the supermarket . He refused to believe that he couldn’t draw a Substitute Talisman .

Just as he walked out of Four Seasons Garden, he saw Wang Lu return from outside . After seeing Zhou Wen, Wang Lu blinked and said, “When did you come back? Why didn’t you tell me? You even got me to help you rear the antelope and chick . They are gluttons, don’t you know that? Isn’t that too much?”

“I just came back and haven’t had the time to go to your place,” Zhou Wen said with a cough . He had really forgotten the two fellows .

“You came back just in time . This is the food I bought for them . Take it back for them . ” Wang Lu handed the two bags in her hands to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen took a look . There were all kinds of snacks in the bag, and they were all branded goods that weren’t cheap .

“Wang Lu, you don’t have to feed them with these things . Just give them something simple to eat . ” Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless as he thought to himself, Do you have a mine at home? Do you need to be so extravagant when feeding them?

“It’s not good to torture animals, right?” Wang Lu said with a smile .

After a while, Wang Lu said, “By the way, you came back just in time . There will be a Xuanwen Club event tomorrow . You can come too . ”

“What’s the event?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Li Xuan said he wants to visit Mount Laojun to see the Wordless Monument,” said Wang Lu .

“He’s visiting Mount Laojun to see the Wordless Monument?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

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They had previously gone to Mount Laojun . After returning, Li Xuan swore that he would never go to that godforsaken place again . Now, he was the one suggesting to visit Mount Laojun to see the Wordless Monument?

From the looks of it, Li Mobai’s matter really dealt him a huge blow, Zhou Wen thought .

“Are you going?” Wang Lu asked .

“Yes . ” Zhou Wen thought for a moment . Since Li Xuan was determined to cultivate hard, he naturally had to support him .

“By the way, take the antelope with you when you go . ” Zhou Wen felt that this might be an opportunity to see if the antelope would return to Mount Laojun’s Golden Peak .

When they arrived at Wang Lu’s dormitory, he saw that the antelope was still lazily sleeping on the sofa . As for the chick, it was standing on the table, watching an entertainment program that was playing on television .

There were two dishes on the table . One was filled with melon seeds, and the other was filled with melon seed shells . It ate a melon seed very skillfully and spat the melon seed shell onto the other plate . It was done in a fluid fashion like water .

A cloud hung over Zhou Wen’s head as he thought to himself, Indeed, I can’t leave a pet to a woman . It’s only been a few days, and it has already become like this . From the looks of it, I’ll have to leave it with Li Xuan if I go out again .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen realized that the two of them had gained weight . It wasn’t because they had grown, but because they had become fat . In the past, the chick resembled a small falcon . Its body was streamlined, but now, it was as fat as a duck as it waddled about . Zhou Wen was really worried about its flight abilities .

No, I have to educate it well . I have to make it an outstanding phoenix . Who the hell has seen a phoenix that looks like a fat duck? Zhou Wen made up his mind to train it in the future .

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From the looks of it, I should indeed find a dimensional zone to hone it . Zhou Wen stared at the chick as he considered which dimensional zone to take it to .

The chick shivered for some reason as it looked away from the screen . When it saw Zhou Wen, it immediately flapped its wings excitedly and flew over .

Zhou Wen opened his arms and wanted to hug it, but to his surprise, the fellow plummeted mid-flight because it was too fat . It flapped its wings a few times before stabilizing its body—it didn’t fall to the ground . However, a dark cloud hung over Zhou Wen’s head .

This fellow really can’t fly anymore . I need to train him . He needs to undergo hell training . Zhou Wen steeled his mind .

As for the antelope, Zhou Wen didn’t dare touch it and pretended not to see it .

He took the antelope and chick back to his dorm . The next morning, Zhou Wen went to buy breakfast for Wang Lu . After she woke up and finished eating, the two of them went to the Xuanwen Club .

The members of the Xuanwen Club were nearly all present . Even busy people like Gu Dian and Huang Ji had actually come .

Feng Qiuyan had also brought Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen . Together with Fang Ruoxi, Tian Xiangdong, and the other old members, the group took the school’s bus for Mount Laojun .

This was an event that the Xuanwen Club had applied for with the school . The driver and the tutor who took them there were from the school, so there was no need to worry too much about safety .

Zhou Wen wasn’t worried about his safety . With the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, there were only a handful of people in the Federation who could kill him . Even if he couldn’t beat them, Zhou Wen was confident that he could survive .

The fat chick lay on Zhou Wen’s lap . The antelope occupied two seats . Zhou Wen had brought them along .

After the group arrived at Mount Laojun, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan familiarly led the way and soon arrived in front of Mount Laojun’s Wordless Monument .

They met a few people when they went up the mountain . It was unknown what they were here for, but they had stopped in front of the Wordless Monument as if they were here to see it .

“Elder Jun, your surname is Jun . This is also Mount Laojun . I think this is your blessed land,” a middle-aged man said to the old man beside him in a sycophantic manner .

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