Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Chapter 486 - Seeing Potential from Actions

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Chapter 486 Seeing Potential from Actions

Zhou Wen and company arrived in front of the Wordless Monument, preparing to look at it.

“Students, can you wait for a while before you view the Wordless Monument later?” the middle-aged man walked over and said.

“Why?” Li Xuan asked.

“This is our East District’s Daoist expert, Elder Jun Tingyu. He’s here to study the Wordless Monument. If you were to look at it now and be affected by its power, it’d inevitably disrupt Elder Jun’s research,” said the middle-aged man.

“It’s alright, let them take a look at it first,” Jun Tingyu said.

Since Jun Tingyu had already spoken, the middle-aged man did not say anything else and returned to the group.

Zhou Wen and company took out the items they had brought with them before preparing to look at the Wordless Monument.

This was because they would be affected by the Wordless Monument if they looked at it for extended periods of time. They would become hyperactive and would do things that expended stamina, so they prepared some tools to do what they wanted.

For example, Tian Xiangdong had prepared two dumbbells. In a while, he wanted to lift the dumbbells to consume his stamina. Tian Zhenzhen had prepared a yoga mat and planned to do yoga.

Apart from Gu Dian, everyone had brought some tools.

Jun Tingyu looked at the things they prepared and seemed interested. He smiled as he sized them up.

“Elder Jun, I heard that the power of the Wordless Monument can put people in a hyperactive state. Then, if one uses this stimulus for learning, can one improve their results?” asked the middle-aged man, Li Mingcan.

Jun Tingyu smiled and said, “This idea isn’t bad, but it’s actually very difficult to implement it. Legend has it that Mount Laojun is the place where the founder of Daoism secluded himself. His thoughts are mainly about the Dao. The Dao is about nature in search of the origins of all things to obtain the Great Dao of Heaven and Man. I don’t completely understand the meaning and power of this Wordless Monument, but based on my understanding of Laojun, I guess that it must be a power that pursues nature and returns to self.”

“Elder Jun, can you speak human? We still can’t understand such profoundness,” Li Mingcan said.

“If my guess is correct, the Wordless Monument should be able to stimulate one’s innate potential, so when it plays its role, humans will act according to their own hearts. They will ignore the constraints of the mortal world and do what they want to do deep down. The things that they have prepared beforehand are things that people feel they should do. However, what they want to do deep down will not be affected by the worldly factors, so what they do after viewing the Wordless Monument is often different from what they want to do now.”

“Take a student for example; he believes that he should study hard, but that’s only because of societal norms. What he thinks he should do is due to external factors. However, what he really wants to do doesn’t necessarily have to be studying. Or rather, more than 95% of people would never want to study deep down. Therefore, even if he brings a book, he wouldn’t read it.”

“Is there no way to solve this problem and use the power of the Wordless Monument on a specific topic that one wants to do?” Li Mingcan asked again.

“At the beginning, when the influence is relatively low, one can still control it a little. But after looking at the Wordless Monument for a long time, the innate potential in one’s heart will become completely stimulated, making it very difficult to control. Unless it’s a Sage or Buddha, it’s difficult for anyone to control their instincts.” Jun Tingyu said.

As they spoke, Zhou Wen and company were already sitting in front of the Wordless Monument, staring at it.

The longer one looked at the Wordless Monument, the greater the influence they would receive. However, it also depended on the degree of determination one had.

If one’s willpower was stronger, then even if one looked at it for a long time, the impact would be smaller than that of an average person.

But this determination might not necessarily be a good thing. Instead, it could be an obstacle.

Due to external factors, humans would do many things that went against their conscience. For example, many people felt that work was a burden and wanted to go out without worries.

However, due to various external factors, one could not resist the impulse. One had to do something that they were unwilling to do, and they had to think of ways to make themselves do the work.

If one’s willpower was too strong, it was very likely that they would forget their innate pursuits and find it difficult to stimulate their innate potential.

“In that case, won’t the items they prepared be completely useless?” Li Mingcan said as he looked at the tools Li Xuan and company had prepared.

“Only if his original intentions are the same as his current thoughts; otherwise, they really won’t be of much use.” Jun Tingyu spoke conservatively. In fact, he believed that those things were basically useless.

“I originally wanted to bring my books over to learn something. Thankfully, I didn’t bring them,” said Li Mingcan with a smile.

Jun Tingyu said, “Actually, it’s not that you can’t read, but that’s only if you like it. From the actions that arise from looking at the Wordless Monument, you can also see a person’s potential in the future. For example, a person who would subconsciously practice his fist after looking at the Wordless Monument would definitely be extraordinary in fist arts in the future. If a person were to subconsciously practice his swordplay after looking at the Wordless Monument, then his sword art would definitely be extraordinary in the future.”

They had been chatting and had not deliberately looked at the Wordless Monument, so they were less affected.

However, Zhou Wen and company had been looking at the Wordless Monument at a close distance. Tian Xiangdong, who had the worst willpower, was quickly affected. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t sit still. He stood up and began running in circles.

“Elder Jun, you’re right. The things he brought are useless. But what kind of potential does he have considering how he’s running in circles? Does it mean that he will be very proficient in movement techniques in the future?” Li Mingcan asked.

“This isn’t easy to interpret. You can also interpret it that way. It’s just a possibility.” Jun Tingyu actually had another explanation, but he didn’t say it out loud.

Running was also a manifestation of psychological evasion.

Zhou Wen looked at the Wordless Monument for a while. He originally wished to figure out something. Perhaps, he could improve his Dao Body and condense a Life Soul.

But to his surprise, even if he circulated the Wordless Monument’s Essence Energy Art, there was no reaction from the Wordless Monument.

After looking at it for a while, he felt really bored. He took out his phone and started grinding dungeons.

Zhou Wen’s actions immediately attracted the attention of Li Mingcan and company. Li Mingcan asked curiously, “Elder Jun, that student actually began gaming after seeing the Wordless Monument. What does that mean?”

Jun Tingyu shook his head and said, “Although everyone will enjoy fun deep down, most people still subconsciously have some pursuits. To be completely immersed in a game like him, his future achievements will probably not be too high. Or rather, his achievements will be related to games.”

Jun Tingyu had minced his words. In such an era, it was obvious that a student who was engrossed in gaming would not have any achievements.

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