Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: Chapter 487 - Why Is The Difference So Great?

Chapter 487 Why Is The Difference So Great?

Zhou Wen naturally heard their words, but he didn’t mind what others said, so he continued grinding .

After the antelope arrived at Mount Laojun, it strolled around on its own . This delighted Zhou Wen, but he never expected the fat bird to follow him . This left him somewhat depressed .

Perhaps it was because they had known each other for a long time that the two of them had become so familiar with each other . The bird and antelope looked more and more in tune with each other .

After a short while, the others started to move .

Tian Zhenzhen’s yoga mat didn’t serve its purpose as expected . Instead, she started practicing her swordplay . This was still quite normal; the others were a little abnormal .

Just like Zhou Wen, Huang Ji took out his phone and began gaming crazily .

Gu Dian took out a bunch of food from his backpack . They were basically all kinds of dried meat and drumsticks . He sat there and began eating .

Wang Lu had prepared a canvas and a pen, and she started drawing there .

This time, Li Xuan was completely different from the last time he came . The last time he came, he did push-ups so crazily that he couldn’t even lift his arms for two days .

But this time, he actually sat there without doing anything . He closed his eyes as if he was resting . No one knew what he was thinking .

“Elder Jun, what’s your take on them…” Li Mingcan looked at Jun Tingyu, unsure of what to say .

Jun Tingyu shook his head and sighed . “There are indeed some problems with the potential of these students . They either eat or game . There are also those who are resting with their eyes closed . If the students of the Federation all have such thoughts, then I’m afraid the Federation has no future . ”

Jun Tingyu was truly worried about the Federation’s future . The Federation was already in a state of turmoil, yet these young people were all so depraved . It was hard to imagine how the Federation would be able to survive with these young people who spent all their time gaming, eating, and drawing .

Even though Li Mingcan did not know much about the Wordless Monument, he could tell that gaming, eating meat, drawing, and so on were definitely not good manifestations of potential .

Finally, Jun Tingyu’s brows relaxed .

Ming Xiu stood up, used the practice sword he had on his lap, and began practicing .

The sword art he practiced was the same as Tian Zhenzhen’s . In fact, Tian Zhenzhen learned her sword art from him, so naturally it was identical .

However, there was one thing that was different . Ming Xiu did not completely practice his sword art . He only constantly drew his sword and stabbed out, doing the same action repeatedly .

Li Mingcan finally saw someone looking like he was doing something decent and asked Jun Tingyu, “Elder Jun, what does it mean for this student to repeatedly draw his sword?”

Jun Tingyu praised, “Good, this student is really good . ”

“Elder Jun, may I ask how is he good?” Li Mingcan asked Jun Tingyu .

“Although it’s only one move, I can tell that his foundation is very stable . He’s still when he’s calm, but as swift as a rabbit when moving . He holds his sword steadily and firmly . He thrusts out his sword fast and accurately . Despite having such a foundation, he’s still pursuing perfection . He’s not satisfied with his own achievements, and he’s also able to endure boredom and loneliness . This student’s future accomplishments in sword arts will definitely be extraordinary . If there’s no surprise, he’ll definitely become a famous person in the way of the sword . ” Jun Tingyu was not stingy with his praise .

Firstly, it was because Ming Xiu was very outstanding . It wasn’t an exaggeration to praise him . Secondly, it was because after seeing Zhou Wen and the other jokers, seeing an outstanding student like Ming Xiu was simply stunning .

“If our Federation can have a few more youngsters like this, why would we need to worry about not being able to survive in the future?” The more Jun Tingyu looked at Ming Xiu, the more he liked him . The more he looked at him, the happier he became .

He even felt some regret that Ming Xiu wasn’t his student . He wanted to nurture him well so that he could become useful to the Federation in the future .

Li Mingcan also said wistfully, “It looks like our Federation’s younger generation still has some talent . They’re not all people who only know how to engage in revelry . ”

As they spoke, they saw Feng Qiuyan stand up and use his hand as a saber to practice his saber art .

Li Mingcan saw that Feng Qiuyan’s moves were simple . They weren’t very ostentatious, but they had a unique aura . He felt that this student was somewhat different from the rest .

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And when Feng Qiuyan’s saber art landed in Jun Tingyu’s eyes, his eyes lit up . He said excitedly, “A genius… What a genius…”

“Elder Jun, what’s going on?” Li Mingcan was shocked . Jun Tingyu usually had a sage-like demeanor . He had been with him for so long, but he had never seen him lose his composure .

Jun Tingyu stared at Feng Qiuyan without blinking, as though he was admiring a peerless treasure .

“The student has actually managed to master this saber art at such a young age . He’s practically a natural saber user . No, it should be said that he’s a natural saber king…” Jun Tingyu was someone with good eyesight . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to tell that Feng Qiuyan’s saber arts were good .

Feng Qiuyan’s saber arts were indeed impressive . He had the chance to become a grandmaster in the future . How could Jun Tingyu not be surprised to see such saber arts and saber force from a teenager?

The last time he saw such a saber art, it came from a famous saber expert in the Federation . That person had already been famous for twenty to thirty years but was declining now . It was impossible for him to advance any further .

As for Feng Qiuyan, his future was limitless . No one knew how far he could go in the future .

“It’s too perfect . There’s actually such a perfect genius in this world . I didn’t come to Mount Laojun for nothing . Mingcan, help me ask for his contact details later . Oh right, there’s also that student who’s practicing his swordplay . With such geniuses, there’s hope for the future of the Federation . ” Jun Tingyu could hardly contain his excitement .

All he wanted to do now was to recruit these two talented young people as his students and ask which school they were from . If possible, he wanted to make them his students and mentor them as his graduate students . They could study at the college he worked at .

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“I’ll ask them now . ” Li Mingcan could naturally tell that Jun Tingyu really valued these two young men and was ready to go over .

“Don’t disturb them . Let’s wait for them to finish their training before heading over . If you go over now, it’ll inevitably disrupt their train of thought . It won’t be good if it affects them . ” Jun Tingyu hurriedly pulled Li Mingcan to prevent him from disturbing Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu .

Jun Tingyu watched from the side . The more he looked at them, the more he found them pleasing to the eye and realized how promising they were . When he looked at the clowns beside them, the glutton had almost finished ten kilograms of jerkies . He couldn’t help but sigh . “They’re both students, but why is the difference so great?”

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