Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: Chapter 488 - Fusion Idea

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Jun Tingyu was very patient. He found a spot not far away and sat down. The more he looked at Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu practice, the more he liked them.

Zhou Wen was grinding the Metalwork Temple instance dungeon. He had already gone to the Curse Demon Palace. With the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, he was still no match for Medusa inside the Curse Demon Palace.

The main reason was that the palace was limited in size. When Medusa’s strength swept out, there wasn’t much space to hide from it. He and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could only fight head-on with Medusa. Medusa’s terrifying Eyes of Petrification would petrify him and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. Demonic Neonate did not have a place to hide either. It was very easy for her to die in the palace and she couldn’t showcase her worth.

Therefore, Zhou Wen decided not to try the Curse Demon Palace for the time being. He decided to head to the Music Temple and the depths of the Metalwork Temple.

Inside the Metalwork Temple, Zhou Wen summoned the Fire Furnace Queen, Six-Winged Guardian Dragon Guard, and the Fortune Goldfish. Then, he brought the baby tiger and charged forward.

The Fortune Goldfish’s stats gave Luck +4 in the Metalwork Temple. Occasionally, there would be fluctuations. In addition to Lucky Baby Tiger’s Luck +5, a total of 9 Luck wasn’t a joke. The drop rate nearly doubled. When Zhou Wen was farming monsters, he felt that the drop rate was especially high. The chances of Essence Energy Skills and Companion Eggs dropping were also significantly higher.

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t interested in ordinary Essence Energy Skills or Companion Beasts. The Companion Eggs that often appeared here were Legendary Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites. Although fire-elemental Companion Beasts were pretty good, with the Fire Furnace Queen, Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites were naturally useless.

Fire Cannon, Metal Heavy Fist, and Flame Protection were the most commonly dropped Essence Energy Skills. Before long, Zhou Wen had mastered them and had reached Rank 9.

However, these Essence Energy Skills had very ordinary effects. Zhou Wen didn’t usually need them.

Fire Furnace Queen was clearly a rare monster. Zhou Wen passed through several huge palaces and corridors before finally encountering one. Unfortunately, only one Strength Crystal dropped after killing it.

As he walked further in, he found more common dimensional creatures such as Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites, Fire Sprites, Hammer Metal Golems, and so on. If not for the fact that he wanted to see what was deep inside the Metalwork Temple, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have bothered killing them.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

When Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to come to a large hall, he heard an extremely odd sound that sounded like the rumbling of an operating machine.

As expected, the moment the blood-colored avatar entered the hall, it saw a strange metal monster sprawled inside. It looked like a war vehicle that resembled a tank, but its outer appearance was round. It looked like a small flying saucer.

It was more than three meters tall and five meters in diameter. There were many holes around it. When it saw the blood-colored avatar enter, the strange war vehicle began spinning. Flames spewed out from the holes. Due to the rotation, the war vehicle was like a huge metal spinning top that spewed flames.


The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon slapped down with its claws, reducing the strange war vehicle into a pile of scrap metal.

‘Killed an Epic creature, Inferno Tank. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.’

Realizing that it was a 38-valued Essence Energy Crystal, Zhou Wen picked it up and held it in the blood-colored avatar’s hand as he continued walking forward.

As he went further in, the number of such Inferno Tanks increased. After killing twenty to thirty of them, an Inferno Tank Companion Egg dropped.

The Inferno Tank’s stats were considered pretty good at the Epic stage, but it was useless for Zhou Wen. However, one skill of the Inferno Tank attracted his attention.

The Essence Energy Skill was called Rampage. When the Inferno Tank used this skill, it would be almost invincible, or rather, a Dominance Body. Even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon wouldn’t be able to kill it in that period of time.

This skill is good stuff, but the Inferno Tank is too weak. I wonder if I can fuse Rampage onto other pets… Zhou Wen thought carefully and suddenly had an idea.

Recently, he had been trying to obtain armor-type Companion Beasts. Ever since the Mutated Stone Chi died, Zhou Wen didn’t have any armor-type Companion Beasts.

The defenses of ordinary Chi were too weak. It was useless against Mythical creatures as they were paper. That failed to meet Zhou Wen’s requirements.

Since there aren’t any ready-made armor-type Companion Beasts, can I fuse one myself? If I combine the Life Providence, Life Soul, and skills I want onto a Companion Beast, perhaps I can create an armor-type Companion Beast that’s stronger than the Mutated Stone Chi? Let me think about it. It’s best if the Life Providence is the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Golden Body. That will enhance the defense greatly. I can also have the skill, Invulnerable Golden Body. Which Life Soul should I choose?

Zhou Wen silently calculated. Just considering Life Providence, Life Soul, and skills was clearly insufficient. This was because there was a problem with compatibility. If the compatibility was too low, even if the two pets had Life Providences and skills that Zhou Wen needed, it would be difficult to successfully fuse them.

Furthermore, after the two pets fused, the product’s stats would change. It might not be able to retain the Life Soul or skills that Zhou Wen wanted. Therefore, it was almost impossible to try to produce one in one or two fusions.

Zhou Wen thought about all the pet attributes he knew. Although he had a few skills and Life Providences that he thought were good, he still felt that they weren’t perfect. Furthermore, after trying it out, he realized that the compatibility between some pets was too low. It was almost impossible to succeed through multiple fusions.

Just as Zhou Wen was fretting over this, a dimensional creature that he had never seen appeared deep within the Metalwork Temple. It was a heavy-armored warrior that was completely made of metal.

When the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon slapped down with its claws, a golden pattern appeared on the body of the armored warrior. It looked like he was made of raw metal. It was strange yet beautiful. It appeared on the black-gray armor, causing the originally ordinary armor to become gorgeous and resplendent.


The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s claw struck the head of the armored warrior, but it was actually blocked by a pair of arms. The stone floor beneath its feet cracked, but the armored warrior didn’t suffer any damage at all.

Eh! This fellow is interesting! Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon swiped down with its claws one after another, slamming heavily on the arms of the armored warrior, smashing the armored warrior into the ground like a nail. However, the armored warrior suffered several heavy blows, and only a fine crack appeared on the armor on his arm. It did not shatter.


After another heavy blow, the shiny patterns on the armored warrior’s body that looked like magma shattered. As the patterns shattered, the armor was also smashed into pieces at the same time. It was just an empty shell without any creature inside.

‘Killed an Epic creature, Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.’

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