Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 489

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:34 AM

Chapter 489: Chapter 489 - Divine Armamen

This fellow is an Epic creature . He’s actually able to withstand a few consecutive strikes from the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . How impressive is his defense? What’s the light pattern on his body? A skill? Life Providence? Or Life Soul? Zhou Wen’s interest was piqued as he began searching for the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior in the Metalwork Temple .

Luckily, this type of Epic Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior was not rare . However, it was only found in the nearby area, and behind it was a square . There were quite a number of Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors on the square, and behind them was a strange building half embedded in the mountain wall .

The building was completely made of metal . It looked like half a huge metal ship was embedded in the mountain wall . Above the building was a metal statue holding a forging tool . It must be the god of metalworking .

These Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors were guarding the nearby temple .

Seeing that there was no other path, Zhou Wen knew that the strange metal palace was probably the end of the Metalwork Temple . He wasn’t in a hurry to enter, so he searched outside for Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors to hunt .

There were only about a hundred Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors in the vicinity . It wasn’t that easy to have a Companion Egg drop . Zhou Wen was already mentally prepared to grind a few more times, but with the Lucky Baby Tiger and Fortune Goldfish’s double augmentation in luck, he actually managed to get a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior Companion Egg drop .

Zhou Wen hurriedly checked the stats of the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior and was overjoyed .

Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior: Epic

Life Providence: Heavy-Armored Warrior

Life Soul: Blessed Combat Runes

Strength: 36

Speed: 29

Constitution: 37

Essence Energy: 34

Talent Skill: Fist of War, Rampage, Heart of Enrage .

Companion Form: Heavy Armor

From the looks of it, those magma-like patterns should be his Life Soul, Blessed Combat Runes . Furthermore, he also has the skill, Rampage I wonder if this fellow can fuse with the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . If he can fuse into a Companion Beast with the Golden Body Life Providence and Blessed Combat Runes Life Soul, I wonder if the defense will improve greatly when he’s in armor form? Zhou Wen didn’t have any Three-Eyed Golden Warriors at the moment, but ordinary Golden Warriors had the Golden Body Life Providence as well . He might not necessarily need to use a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior .

He put the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior together with the Golden Warrior and checked their compatibility . He discovered that their compatibility was 76 .

Without much hesitation, he chose to fuse them . With a bang, the Companion Egg and the Golden Warrior burst into smoke . The fusion failed .

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Zhou Wen was immediately taken aback . He found it unbelievable that the fusion had failed despite a compatibility score of 76 . Furthermore, he had two lucky pets with him .

“From the looks of it, the Goddess of Luck will occasionally have some hiccups,” Zhou Wen muttered to himself .

Thankfully, Golden Warriors and Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior weren’t rare . One was at the Legendary stage while the other was at the Epic stage, so it was relatively easy to grind them . However, Zhou Wen had killed all the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior in the area . He needed to drip blood to respawn them .

Zhou Wen didn’t respawn immediately . Instead, he walked towards the Metalwork Temple . He wanted to see what was inside .

The metal hall’s door was very heavy . Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to use all his strength before pushing open a crack .

A warm surge rushed out from the temple . It nearly made an Epic expert like Zhou Wen feel like he was about to be roasted .

He quickly used the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to make himself feel better . Then, he slowly pushed open the metal door and looked into the temple .

There was a huge furnace in the main temple . Above the furnace was a golden trident . It was indescribably majestic, as if it was a divine item from Heaven .

Golden Trident? Zhou Wen had heard of such a weapon .

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Legend had it that the weapon of Poseidon was a trident . It was a divine armament that controlled all the seas in the world and possessed the power to destroy the world .

Poseidon relied on the power of the trident to release a huge flood that could destroy the world in an attempt to compete with the Goddess of Wisdom for the control of the land .

There were all sorts of legends about the origins of the trident . One legend claimed that the trident was a divine armament forged by the god of metalworking .

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t know if the golden trident was Poseidon’s trident . Furthermore, in the legends of other religions, the trident represented the devil, Satan’s weapon because its prongs were one long and two short . It was very similar in characteristics and was considered a symbol of evil .

This was the temple of the god of metalworking, so it likely didn’t have anything to do with Satan . Zhou Wen felt that the possibility of the former was higher . Even if it wasn’t Poseidon’s trident, it should be a rather good weapon .

As Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he saw the golden trident emit a powerful golden divine light . The flames in the furnace also rose crazily, turning the entire temple into a sea of flames .

The flames were extremely terrifying . With Zhou Wen’s physique, he was unable to withstand them and was about to be burned to death .

The baby tiger was in an even worse shape . It died in the flames and was burned to ashes .

The Fortune Goldfish and the Fire Furnace Queen were not afraid of flames at all, and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon Guardian appeared as if nothing had happened .

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They weren’t afraid, but Zhou Wen couldn’t afford not to be . With a thought, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon transformed into six flaming wings and appeared behind the blood-colored avatar . The flames on the dragon wings resisted the surrounding flames, giving Zhou Wen a lot of benefits .

The silver water snake was summoned as well . It spat out a stream of water to fight against the surrounding flames . Unfortunately, its water jet was obviously weak . The moment it came into contact with the flames, it evaporated immediately . It was useless .

Zhou Wen was just about to try pulling out the golden trident when he suddenly saw the furnace shake . The golden trident flew out of the furnace and pointed at the blood-colored avatar .


A golden beam shot out from the trident, melting the entire temple into a golden beam like the sun . Zhou Wen saw that the screen was filled with golden light . He couldn’t see anything . By the time the screen recovered, it had already darkened . Clearly, the blood-colored avatar was already dead .

What the hell? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed . He had been instantly killed . If he had known, he wouldn’t have made the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon transform into dragon wings . With the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon in front of him, it shouldn’t have been that easy to be instantly killed .

Zhou Wen was just about to respawn with a drop of blood and enter the game when he heard the few people who had been resting nearby walking towards them . He couldn’t help but look up .

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