Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Silver-Winged Flying Ant

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After leaving the An family, a chauffeur took Zhou Wen home . He didn’t see An Jing again .

Why would Ouyang Lan deliberately try to win my favor? With the An family’s power, there’s no need for her to do so . Zhou Wen saw that the An family’s compound had proper soldiers guarding it . This was a treatment few families in Luoyang enjoyed .

He wasn’t convinced that Ouyang Lan was simply trying to build better ties with him just because of Zhou Lingfeng .

After all, Zhou Lingfeng left him to his own devices, so there was no need for her to do something as troublesome as this .

Completely perplexed at this development, Zhou Wen decided not to vex over the matter . After all, he was just a poor kid and Ouyang Lan likely couldn’t benefit much from him no matter how she schemed .

After returning to Li Xuan’s villa, he found it empty . Over the past few days, he seldom saw Li Xuan at home .

Zhou Wen sat on the sofa and took out his phone to launch the Ant Nest dungeon once more . As he had only quit the game and the blood-colored avatar remained alive, there was no need for him to waste a drop of blood to enter the game .

The blood-colored avatar appeared at the spot he had quit where there were a number of Vigor Ants crawling around him . Zhou Wen summoned the Mutated Vigor Ant and got the blood-colored avatar to ride on it before storming off .

The Mutated Vigor Ant was just too powerful . Not even Vigor Ants posed a threat, even Mutated Vigor Ants could be cleaved apart with one swipe .

After leaving a wake of destruction and slaying a Mutated Vigor Ant, Zhou Wen heard a notification sound . Originally imagining that a dimensional crystal had dropped, through observation he realized it was only a Mutated Vigor Ant Egg .

“Discovered Mutated Vigor Ant . It has a compatibility score of 73% with the Mutated Skeleton Ant . Proceed with fusion?”

Zhou Wen chose no because the last fusion hadn’t brought about any excellent effects . He had no idea if a fusion might end up making the Mutated Skeleton Ant weaker; therefore, he chose not to .

After choosing ‘no,’ the Mutated Vigor Ant Egg automatically entered an incubation mode . In turn, Zhou Wen felt his Primordial Energy flow towards the Companion Egg .

This time, the incubation was very successful without having his Primordial Energy drained . He took a look at his stats in-game and realized that he still had two Primordial Energy left .

After the Mutated Vigor Ant had finished incubating, it turned into an ant tattoo that appeared on the back of his right hand . Perhaps due to the Mutated Skeleton Ant on his left hand, this new Companion Beast had chosen the right .

Mutated Vigor Ant: Mortal

Strength: 7

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Speed: 4

Constitution: 7

Primordial Energy: 2

Talent Skill: Vigor Divine Fist (Rank 2)

Companion Form: Boxing Glove

This Mutated Vigor Ant’s stats are far worse than the first one . It’s not of much use to me . Unfortunately, I can’t take out things that drop in-game . Otherwise, I could sell them for money . Zhou Wen felt a little depressed .

Despite so, he was still happy that something had dropped . After all, this was rare to begin with .

Due to having his Primordial Energy expended, Zhou Wen didn’t head straight for the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . He first circled the region and killed large numbers of Vigor Ants, using the Primordial Energy Crystals that dropped to replenish his Primordial Energy .

After refilling his Primordial Energy to 10, Zhou Wen headed for the spot where the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was .

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When he saw the Silver-Winged Flying Ant from far away, it flapped its wings and flew over, its speed so fast that it left behind after-images on the screen .

Without hesitation, Zhou Wen summoned the Mutated Vigor Ant and made it deal with the nearby ordinary ant horde . As for the Mutated Skeleton Ant, he had summoned it out as his Companion Form .

Blood-red bones appeared on his left arm as though he had an exoskeleton . It enveloped his entire left arm, including his hand, turning into a fearsome bracer .

The bracer could not only serve as protection, it even had quite a number of bone spikes that made it even more terrifying .

Almost at the instant the bracer took form, he felt a force pump into his left arm, condensing its Strength and making it more robust . He had the feeling that his single punch could blow through a mountain .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant arrived at the next instant . Its silver transparent wings rapidly flapped, streaking a curve across the air like a silver bolt of lightning . Its claw stabbed towards the blood-colored avatar’s chest .

Zhou Wen had fought the Silver-Winged Flying Ant multiple times, so he knew it very well . Upon seeing its actions, he knew where it was attacking . Without waiting for it to complete the attack, he took a sidestep and turned his body, using his left hand, which was protected by the bracer, to deliver an Ashen Palm strike .

At this close distance, with Ashen Palm’s explosive speed, Zhou Wen imagined that it was in the bag . To his surprise, silver streams of light shot out from above the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s four transparent wings .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant, which was already exceedingly fast, had its speed increase significantly . At such close proximity, Zhou Wen’s Ashen Palm failed to keep up with his opponent’s speed . He was just a sliver short of hitting its body .

Instead, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s claw directly stabbed into the blood-colored avatar’s chest in that fluid motion . There was no chance for the latter to even struggle as it died on the spot .

“A flying-type Primordial Energy Skill?” Looking at the blackened screen, Zhou Wen was excited instead of being sad .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant had never used Primordial Energy Skills before . However, he had managed to force it to use it, meaning that Zhou Wen felt that he had a chance of defeating it .

After all, Primordial Energy Skills required Primordial Energy . The Silver-Winged Flying Ant couldn’t keep using it . As long as he figured out a way to stall for time, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to slay it .

Furthermore, since the Silver-Winged Flying Ant had a flight-type Primordial Energy Skill, this was undoubtedly good news for him . They were relatively rare and were very useful .

With something to look forward to, Zhou Wen worked even harder . He used a syringe to draw some blood and dripped it on his screen, reviving the blood-colored avatar and immediately sending it do battle .

When he came in front of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant again, Zhou Wen lasted an additional three seconds . The third time he fought it, he used positioning and Ashen Palm that threatened the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, successfully dodging its use of the Primordial Energy Skill twice .

Zhou Wen exchanged the repeated deaths for combat experience as he slowly approached his goal of killing the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

Finally, he confirmed that the Silver-Winged Flying Ant could only use its Primordial Energy Skill twice . This was its limit . As long as Zhou Wen could dodge the greatest threat twice, he would have the chance of defeating it .

During his seventh encounter with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, he successfully dodged the two critical instances and found an opportunity to deliver Ashen Palm, striking at the thin waist of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .