Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 490

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Chapter 490: Chapter 490 - I Only Want to Learn From Coach

Ming Xiu stopped his practice . The influence of the Wordless Monument had disappeared from his body . Ming Xiu was just about to look at the Wordless Monument again to continue practicing when he saw Jun Tingyu walking over with his group of people .

“Hi, can we have a chat?” Seeing Ming Xiu stop practicing, Jun Tingyu walked over impatiently .

“Hello, what’s it about?” Ming Xiu asked Jun Tingyu doubtfully .

Jun Tingyu looked at Li Mingcan . There were some things that he couldn’t say, but if he didn’t say them, it would be difficult to move a talent like Ming Xiu .

Of course, Li Mingcan understood Jun Tingyu’s intentions . He lightly coughed and said to Ming Xiu, “Hi, what’s your name? Which school are you studying at?”

“My name is Ming Xiu . I’m a first-year student at Bright Prospects College . I’m now studying at Sunset College on exchange . ” This wasn’t a secret, so there was no need to hide it . Ming Xiu told the truth .

“Only a first year?” Jun Tingyu’s eyes lit up . Ming Xiu was more outstanding than he had imagined . He had originally thought that Ming Xiu was already a third or fourth-year student, but he hadn’t expected that he would still be a first-year student . He was even younger and more outstanding than he had imagined .

Furthermore, when he heard that Ming Xiu was a student at Bright Prospects College, but was only now on exchange at Sunset College, Jun Tingyu became more confident .

If he was really a student of Sunset College, with Ming Xiu’s excellent performance, he would definitely be heavily nurtured . However, Bright Prospects College was far from being on the same level as Sunset College .

As for the Imperial Capital College where he hailed from, it was definitely not inferior to Sunset College . Its ranking was even higher . As long as he had enough chips and sincerity, he wasn’t afraid that Ming Xiu would be tempted .

Should he be an exchange student at Sunset College, or should he directly go to Imperial Capital to be his graduate student? Any student with the ability to judge should know how to choose .

“Ming Xiu, let me do the introductions . This Mr . Jun Tingyu, a tutor from Imperial Capital College and also an honorary vice-chancellor . He’s a famous Daoist expert…” Li Mingcan listed a lot of titles . Even without those titles, just being a tutor of Imperial Capital College was enough to make people respect him .

“Ming Xiu, are you interested in studying at the Imperial Capital College? I happen to be short of two graduate students . I can also apply for a scholarship for you,” Jun Tingyu interrupted Li Mingcan . Li Mingcan had gone overboard with the accolades .

Ming Xiu finally understood that this old man in front of him wanted to recruit him into the Imperial Capital College .

“I’m sorry to disappoint you . ” Without any hesitation, Ming Xiu rejected Jun Tingyu . Originally he hadn’t wanted to come to Sunset College, now he did not want to go to Imperial Capital College .

“Why? If you have any difficulties, you can tell me . I can think of a way to help you resolve them . ” Jun Tingyu was slightly taken aback . He didn’t expect Ming Xiu to directly reject him .

“There aren’t any difficulties, but I still wish to stay at Sunset College for my studies,” said Ming Xiu .

“If I remember correctly, Bright Prospects College’s exchange students will only be studying at Sunset College for three months, right? In three months, you will be returning to Bright Prospects College, right?” Jun Tingyu looked at Ming Xiu and asked . He suspected that he had remembered wrongly .

“That’s right . I have less than a month left in Sunset College,” Ming Xiu said with a nod .

“Then why aren’t you willing to go to the Imperial Capital College?” Jun Tingyu was even more confused .

“Because someone here can teach me things that I can’t learn from anywhere else,” Ming Xiu said seriously .

Jun Tingyu noticed that Ming Xiu was speaking very seriously and didn’t seem to be patronizing him . He thought for a moment and said, “Sunset College is indeed a very good college . It won’t be much inferior to our Imperial Capital College . However, if one were to say that the teaching standards here are better than the Imperial Capital College’s, that’s not necessarily the case . In the entire Sunset College, I, Jun Tingyu, only admire Leng Zongzheng . Your tutor isn’t Leng Zongzheng, right?”

“No . ” Ming Xiu shook his head .

“Then who is your tutor?” Jun Tingyu asked again .

“It doesn’t matter who my tutor is . My staying at Sunset College isn’t because of the tutor, but because there’s someone here . To me, he’s the best coach . He’s someone no one can replace . He taught me how a sword should be used,” said Ming Xiu .

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“Oh, who is he?” Jun Tingyu was a little interested .

To be able to teach such an outstanding student like Ming Xiu, Jun Tingyu believed that he must be a highly-respected tutor, or perhaps a sword arts master . Perhaps it was some special treatment the college had given Ming Xiu .

However, Ming Xiu turned around and pointed his finger in one direction . Then he said, “That’s him . He’s my coach . ”

Jun Tingyu was a little surprised . He didn’t expect Ming Xiu’s coach to be here as well . However, when he looked in the direction Ming Xiu was pointing, he was instantly shocked .

There was only one person in the direction Ming Xiu was pointing . It was Zhou Wen, who was gaming there . At that moment, Zhou Wen had entered the dungeon and continued playing his game . It looked like the battle was extremely intense .

“You’re saying that the student who’s playing games is your coach?” Jun Tingyu thought that Ming Xiu had made a mistake . The person who could teach such a genius student was naturally a true expert . How could it be a student, and such a student at that?

“Yes, he’s my coach . He taught me how to use the sword, so even if there’s less than a month left, I still hope to learn from him,” Ming Xiu said seriously .

Jun Tingyu, Li Mingcan, and the others all had their mouths agape, unable to speak . From Ming Xiu’s expression, it didn’t seem like he was spouting nonsense . However, to give up the chance of going to Imperial Capital College as a graduate student with Jun Tingyu for just another month of study with another student, this was simply incomprehensible to them .

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“Ming Xiu, you should consider it again . Although that student… might have something extraordinary about him, there’s definitely a gap between him and a famous tutor like Elder Jun . You’re too young, so you might not know much about him . Among the students taught by Elder Jun, many of them are already famous Epic experts in the Federation…” Li Mingcan said .

“Jun Tingyu, a mentor at the Imperial Capital College, the honorary vice-chancellor, and a famous Daoist expert . He has the reputation of being a famous Daoist master, and his strength is outstanding . He even taught Li Zijian, Zhang Huayu, and other famous Epic experts of the Federation . He groomed more than 30 Epic experts for the Federation…” Ming Xiu recounted Jun Tingyu’s accolades as though he knew them all .

But in the end, he bowed slightly to Jun Tingyu and said, “Thank you for your kind offer . If this was before I came to Sunset College and met Coach, I would have agreed to follow you to Imperial Capital College without any hesitation . But now, even if there’s only one day left, I still wish to learn from Coach . ”

Jun Tingyu and Li Mingcan were both dumbfounded . They watched as Ming Xiu turned around and walked to the Wordless Monument . He sat down and continued to look at the monument . They were unable to regain their senses for a long time .

Suddenly, they heard a saber hum go straight into the clouds . They turned their heads and saw Feng Qiuyan slash at the sky with his palm like it was a saber . He was like a heaven-defying dragon . His aura was terrifying, as though he could slice apart the heavens and earth .

Life Soul! He actually condensed a Life Soul! Heavens! How old is he! Jun Tingyu’s body trembled as he widened his eyes in disbelief at Feng Qiuyan . It was as if he had seen a ghost .

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