Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Chapter 491 - The Luck of a Lifetime

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As time passed, various dimensional zones were developed. More and more geniuses appeared among humans, and the age for reaching the Epic stage was declining.

However, even the geniuses of the six families would usually only have the chance to advance to the Epic stage when they were in their twenties or thirties. These were people with extraordinary talent.

The college student in front of him had already advanced to the Epic stage and condensed a Life Soul. Even though he was used to seeing geniuses at Imperial Capital College, he could not help but be surprised and happy.

This is a rare genius that only appears once in a hundred years. I have to think of a way to recruit him as my disciple. I definitely can’t miss out on such a genius. Jun Tingyu only wanted to take Feng Qiuyan as his graduate student.

Under the power of the Wordless Monument, Feng Qiuyan constantly practiced his saber, finally gaining some insight. He felt like he had yet to fully vent something in him, so he couldn’t help but unleash his true strength and slash out the saber that slashed at the heavens.

After slashing out, Feng Qiuyan calmed down significantly. He retracted his palm and converged his Essence Energy.

“Hello, I’m Imperial Capital College’s tutor, Jun Tingyu. What’s your name?” Jun Tingyu couldn’t wait for Li Mingcan to introduce him. He walked over impatiently, took out his name card, and handed it to Feng Qiuyan.

Feng Qiuyan was puzzled and looked at Jun Tingyu, unsure why he was here for him.

“Feng Qiuyan, are you willing to be my graduate student at the Imperial Capital College? I can apply for the best scholarship for you. Furthermore, you can directly work in my laboratory and participate in the project I’m researching. During this period of time, you can enjoy the treatment of a researcher. I will also apply for passage to all the dimensional zones in Imperial Capital College for you…” Jun Tingyu couldn’t wait to throw out all his chips. He really wanted Feng Qiuyan.

It was easy to obtain a thousand soldiers, but not a general. There were many humans who could cultivate, but very few had the chance to break through to the Mythical stage. It had been so many years, and the number of people who had the ability to break through to the Mythical stage could be counted on one hand.

From Jun Tingyu’s point of view, Feng Qiuyan was the person who could very likely break through to the Mythical stage. If he could be carefully nurtured by him, he might become a legend of the Federation in the future.

“Sorry, I have no intention of leaving Sunset College,” Feng Qiuyan said.

After experiencing Ming Xiu’s previous experience, Jun Tingyu’s mental fortitude was much greater. After being rejected, he didn’t feel too agitated. He asked Feng Qiuyan, “Why are you refusing? Does Sunset College give you better treatment than me?”

“I’m only a first-year student at Sunset College. I don’t receive any special treatment, nor do I need any special treatment,” Feng Qiuyan said.

“Another first year…” Jun Tingyu looked at Feng Qiuyan with an even more fervent gaze. This was simply a gifted talent. A first-year student was only seventeen years old. A seventeen-year-old Epic was just too shocking. It was likely that not many of the six families could produce such a powerful genius.

No, I have to think of a way to poach him away from Sunset College. From his looks, he doesn’t seem to lack money. His background must be extraordinary. If his surname is Feng, could he be a descendant of the Feng family? Jun Tingyu pondered for a moment before asking, “Although the Feng surname is the number one surname in ancient times, there aren’t many people with the surname Feng in the present world. Now, there are two famous Feng family clans. They are situated at the capital and Sea Return. Which one are you?”

“Sea Return’s Feng family,” Feng Qiuyan replied.

Jun Tingyu was overjoyed when he heard that. “Old Master Feng Boren from the Feng family of Sea Return and I have a good relationship. I have some understanding of your Feng family’s Essence Energy Art. If you are willing to study at the Imperial Capital College with me, I can provide you with a special Wind stat crystal. It’s sufficient for your cultivation.”

A special wind-elemental crystal wasn’t something that could be bought with money. It could only be obtained by hunting wind-elemental dimensional creatures. However, wind-elemental dimensional creatures were relatively rare, and their drop rate was low.

The Sea Return Feng family’s Essence Energy Art required a large amount of wind-elemental crystals to advance to a higher realm. As a result, the Feng family’s wind-elemental crystals were never enough. They needed to spend large amounts of resources to purchase them. Even so, it was still not enough. He had made a generous offer that even Jun Tingyu felt his heart ache.

From his point of view, Feng Qiuyan didn’t have any reason to reject him. A wind-elemental crystal was too important to the Feng family.

“Sorry, I don’t plan on leaving Sunset College.” Feng Qiuyan didn’t hesitate as he rejected him once again.

Jun Tingyu was somewhat stunned. He looked at Feng Qiuyan and asked, “Can you tell me why you’re unwilling to go to Imperial Capital College?”

Li Mingcan and company also looked at Feng Qiuyan. They really couldn’t figure out why Feng Qiuyan would reject him. If Jun Tingyu gave any university student those conditions, they would usually follow Jun Tingyu to Imperial Capital College without any hesitation. Let alone poaching a first-year student, the offer was more than enough for poaching a famous researcher.

Furthermore, Jun Tingyu was willing to offer the wind-elemental crystals from his prized collection. This was simply a blessing from the heavens. They really couldn’t understand why Feng Qiuyan would reject him. Was his brain damaged?

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Feng Qiuyan said matter-of-factly, “Because there’s Coach here, but there’s no one like him in Imperial Capital College.”

Hearing the word ‘Coach’, Jun Tingyu, Li Mingcan, and the others felt their hearts skip a beat. They thought, It can’t be?

Jun Tingyu’s expression was extremely odd. He glanced at Zhou Wen, who was gaming not far away. He then looked at Feng Qiuyan and asked, “Which coach are you referring to?”

“He’s right there.” Feng Qiuyan pointed at Zhou Wen, who was gaming.

Although they were mentally prepared, when Feng Qiuyan pointed at Zhou Wen, Jun Tingyu and company’s expressions changed.

Jun Tingyu’s emotions were extremely complicated as he looked at Zhou Wen with a strange gaze.

Li Mingcan could no longer hold back his anger. He could not help but ask, “Feng Qiuyan, you said that he’s your mentor. Can you tell us who he is?”

“His name is Zhou Wen. Just like me, he’s a first-year student at Sunset College,” Feng Qiuyan answered.

Jun Tingyu’s heart skipped a beat. “Another first-year student?”

Li Mingcan asked in confusion, “He’s also in his first year. How can he be stronger than you?”

Li Mingcan actually wanted to say, what right does he have to be your coach? However, he was someone who still cared about his reputation, so he was too embarrassed to say such words.

However, in Li Mingcan’s heart, Feng Qiuyan was already an unprecedented genius. It was understandable for him to have a tutor or a famous person as his coach, but he was also a first-year student. The fellow who was addicted to gaming was actually Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu’s coach. Li Mingcan felt that it wasn’t something to be believed at all. It was likely that Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu were just patronizing them, making excuses that they didn’t want to go to the Imperial Capital College.

Upon hearing Li Mingcan’s doubts, Feng Qiuyan immediately said seriously, “Coach is obviously stronger than me. Compared to Coach, I’m worlds apart from him. I’m less than ten-thousandth of Coach. It’s the luck of my lifetime to be able to cultivate alongside Coach.”

Jun Tingyu and Li Mingcan were dumbfounded when they heard that. They couldn’t help but look at Zhou Wen. Looking at Zhou Wen, who was engrossed in the game, they really couldn’t associate such a student with Feng Qiuyan’s description of him.

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