Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: Chapter 494 - You Can“t Be Like This, Okay~

What should I do? Is there a way to restore my human body? Zhou Wen tried all kinds of methods, but he remained a cat . His body structure was completely different from before . He couldn’t use the Essence Energy Art or various Companion Beasts he had cultivated in the past . What else could he do?

The antelope and chick looked at him with interest . The antelope even used its hooves to rub his head as though it was comforting him, but Zhou Wen could see the smile in its eyes .

The chick bounced around him, sticking close to him as though it wanted to compete with him to see who was taller . However, when the chick stood, it was actually slightly taller than Zhou Wen when he was on all fours .

No, I have to think of a way to recover my human body . Zhou Wen used his paws to hide his phone and the bracelet which had the Chaos Bead embedded before walking towards the dormitory’s door .

Looking at this world from the perspective of a cat, his view was obviously much lower . Even the dormitory door was very large in his eyes .

Zhou Wen leaped up and tried to grab the handle to unlock the door .

In the past, jumping to such a height was trivial . However, even when reaching his paws to the limit, he was still quite a distance away from the door handle . His body then fell to the ground .

Zhou Wen landed on the ground and used all his strength to leap up once again . Only then did he jump up and open the door handle .

Although he was used to walking with two legs, if other students and teachers in school saw a cat walking with two hind legs, it would probably spell trouble .

Therefore, Zhou Wen could only sprawl on the ground and walk like a cat . Although it wasn’t a problem for a cat to walk like this, Zhou Wen felt extremely uncomfortable walking in such a manner .

After exiting, Zhou Wen planned on heading to the chancellor’s office . Most people probably wouldn’t be able to resolve his current situation . Therefore, he wanted to find the chancellor of Sunset College, Leng Zongzheng .

He had heard that Leng Zongzheng was good at dispelling illusions, Zhou Wen felt that it was impossible for him to turn into a cat, so he suspected that it was just an illusion .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, At the very least, I’m a student at the school . I don’t think Leng Zongzheng will leave me in the lurch, right?

However, Zhou Wen had no confidence in Leng Zongzheng’s ability to turn him back into a human . He only wanted to try his luck .

Just as he walked to the yard, Zhou Wen heard the door to the building next door ring . He hurriedly hid in the bushes and peeked at the yard next door .

Wang Lu walked out with two trash bags in her hands . It looked like she was going to throw the trash out .

Zhou Wen didn’t want anyone who knew him to know that he had turned into a cat . Be it Li Xuan or Wang Lu, they would definitely mock him for a long time .

Furthermore, as a cat, he didn’t have any clothes on him . Although he had fur, he still felt uncomfortable when people he knew saw him . Therefore, he didn’t contact Li Xuan and company .

Although Zhou Wen knew that Wang Lu probably couldn’t recognize him as a cat, it was better to be careful just in case .

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After Wang Lu left, Zhou Wen prepared to leave in another direction . He planned on taking a detour to the chancellor’s office using the old school district behind Four Seasons Garden to avoid encountering so many students and tutors .

Although he had become a cat, Zhou Wen couldn’t tolerate having others looking at him with him being naked .

The yard’s door was locked from the inside . Although Zhou Wen could jump up and open the door, it was too eye-catching . He looked at the wooden fence in the yard and then at his body . Zhou Wen felt that it wasn’t difficult for his body to crawl out . Although he looked a little plump, most of it was fur .

Zhou Wen came in front of the wooden fence and chose a relatively large gap . He extended his head out, and there was a perfect outcome . Without any pressure, his head squeezed out .

As he continued squeezing his body, his stomach ended up stuck . Something seemed to have hooked his fur . If he tried to force his way through, he would feel a little pain .

“Poor kitty . Where did you come from? Why are you here?” Zhou Wen was about to squeeze back when he heard a familiar voice .

Not good! Zhou Wen immediately felt uncomfortable when he heard the voice . For some reason, Wang Lu had returned .

Zhou Wen struggled to retreat back into the yard, but he didn’t know what caught the fur on his belly . He couldn’t retreat even if he tried . His belly felt like it was about to be ripped apart .

“Poor little guy, why are you so stupid?” Wang Lu squatted down and pressed down on Zhou Wen . Then, she reached out her other hand to help him remove a wire he had been entangled with . This allowed Zhou Wen to escape before finally squeezing out .

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Zhou Wen wanted to leave, but he was being carried by Wang Lu . “Although you look like a stray cat and aren’t an expensive breed, you look quite pretty . Wanna come back with me?”

Zhou Wen struggled with all his might, trying to escape Wang Lu’s demonic claws . After struggling to free himself, he landed on the ground and immediately ran away .

“Strange . That cat actually rejected me?” Wang Lu was slightly surprised . She never expected the cat to be so difficult to get along with . She had a much easier time with the stray cats she had encountered in the past .

Zhou Wen ran out of Four Seasons Garden as though he was fleeing for his life . Only after running for a long distance did he slow down . He felt exhausted . This was the first time in his long cultivation that he had felt this exhausted .

I have to recover my human body as soon as possible . Zhou Wen continued walking forward . Before long, he saw a few ferocious tigers blocking his way .

No, they should be described as fierce cats blocking the way .

At the corner of the building in front, four cats walked out and glared at Zhou Wen as though warning him not to enter their territory .

The four cats were a lot bigger than Zhou Wen . Furthermore, Zhou Wen found them familiar . On careful look, he recalled that they were the ones that Gu Dian secretly fed .

Zhou Wen still remembered that one of them was named Little Mei . Her body was pure white, with only an orange-red fur growing on her forehead . She looked very striking .

However, when Zhou Wen first saw her, she was still a tiny kitten . Now, she was already about the same size as her mother, a size bigger than the present Zhou Wen .

“I’m just passing by . I definitely have no intention of snatching your territory, nor do I have any intention of offending you . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, his voice turned into meowing . He slowly walked to the side, wanting to circle around them .

“Meow!” Little Mei and company didn’t care much as they pounced forward, wanting to deal with the intruder, Zhou Wen .

Holy sh*t, are you really treating me, a sleeping tiger, as a cat!? Zhou Wen was depressed as he prepared to fight .

Although he was now a cat and had lost all his strength, his reaction and various techniques were still present . Under the combined attacks of the four of them, he was still as brave as ever . He used his sleek movements to restrain the four cats and then tore out of them one by one . His little paws gave them a beating, causing them to mew in pain .

“Haha, want to fight me? Now, do you know who’s the real king here?” Zhou Wen beat the four cats up badly . He even used his paw to press down on Little Mei . Just as he was feeling smug, he suddenly felt the skin on his back being grabbed by someone . Then, he heard a familiar voice .

“You can’t be like this, okay~”

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