Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Chapter 495 - Gu Dian“s Secre

Zhou Wen flailed his four paws, trying to break free from his grasp, but he failed .

The scene in front of him changed—a face . It was a ferocious and ghastly face, but the eyes on the face had an indescribable gentleness as they looked at him .

“Were you abandoned by your master? You must be hungry after coming here, right? Have something to eat first,” Gu Dian said as he placed Zhou Wen on the ground beside him . There were two saucers right there . One was filled with milk while the other had cat food .

Zhou Wen had never seen Gu Dian so gentle to others, nor had he seen him speak to people in such a gentle manner . This was completely different from the Gu Dian he knew .

“Hurry up and eat . ” Gu Dian squatted beside Zhou Wen, who was placed beside a saucer containing milk .

The four cats looked at him covetously but didn’t dare come over . They only meowed from afar .

“Little Mei, Little Yong, you can’t be like that . It’s the same as you—pitiful and homeless . You should all love one another,” Gu Dian said to the four cats .

Zhou Wen had goosebumps all over his body when he heard that . He turned around to leave . In order to prevent Gu Dian from catching him again, he used all his strength to run .

However, after he ran some distance, he couldn’t hear Gu Dian’s footsteps behind him . Instead, he heard an unfamiliar man’s voice coming from afar .

“Have you done what I asked you to do? It’s been so long, yet you can’t handle such a trivial matter . Are you afraid of Zhou Wen?”

Zhou Wen didn’t plan on stopping, but after running a few steps, he heard his name . He couldn’t help but stop and look over .

He saw a boy in a school uniform standing opposite Gu Dian . Zhou Wen didn’t know the boy, but he looked like an upperclassman . He was slightly older than him .

“Why do you want to do something to Zhou Wen?” Gu Dian asked the boy .

“You don’t need to know . You just need to do as I say . ” The boy pursed his lips and said, “I’ll give you three more days . If you haven’t carried out my instructions, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you keep that secret anymore . Think it through carefully . ”

After that, the boy turned around and left with a cold face .

Based on Zhou Wen’s understanding, he didn’t think Gu Dian was someone who was afraid of anything . If someone dared to threaten him like this, no matter who he was, he would probably throw a punch over, right?

But this time, Gu Dian watched helplessly as the arrogant boy left . He didn’t show any intention of resorting to violence .

Zhou Wen was very curious . He didn’t know who the boy was . What was he planning to get Gu Dian to do? What skeleton in Gu Dian’s closet was he aware of?

After some thought, Zhou Wen decided to hang around . He wanted to figure out what was going on . After all, this matter involved him . If he didn’t figure out who the mastermind was, something similar might happen in the future .

Zhou Wen walked to Gu Dian’s side . When Gu Dian saw him, his ferocious expression turned gentle . He squatted down and placed the milk saucer in front of Zhou Wen . “Eat quickly . ”

Zhou Wen was a little anxious . Gu Dian clearly wasn’t someone who liked to talk . It might be unrealistic to wait for him to mutter to himself about what had happened .

How can I get Gu Dian to tell me the entire story? Countless thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind, but he failed to come up with a solution .

Ask Gu Dian after transforming back into a human? This clearly wasn’t a good idea . His relationship with Gu Dian wasn’t that close . Their relationship was only slightly better than that of an unfamiliar classmate . If he were to ask him directly, they might fall out on the spot . Even if he didn’t fall out with Gu Dian, Gu Dian probably wouldn’t tell him anything given his personality .

As Zhou Wen pondered, Gu Dian nudged the milk towards Zhou Wen’s mouth . How could Zhou Wen drink milk meant for cats? He subconsciously turned his head to the side, indicating that he didn’t want to drink it .

However, when Zhou Wen’s action landed in Gu Dian’s eyes, he sighed softly . “Do you also think that it’s not right? Do you think I’m wrong?”

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Zhou Wen subconsciously nodded, but just as he nodded, he regretted it . He was a cat, so how could he understand Gu Dian’s words?

Gu Dian looked at Zhou Wen in surprise . However, his ability to accept the cat’s actions was clearly stronger than Zhou Wen had imagined . He didn’t suspect Zhou Wen at all, believing that he was a very intelligent cat .

“I also know that this isn’t right, but if I don’t do it, they will spread the news of me possessing the bloodline of a dimensional creature . When that happens, everyone will treat me like a monster and not a person,” Gu Dian said .

Zhou Wen nearly cried out in surprise . He never expected Gu Dian to have the bloodline of a dimensional creature .

Could it be that Gu Dian’s father or mother is a dimensional creature? Can humans and dimensional creatures mate to give birth to offspring? Countless strange thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind .

“But for so long, Zhou Wen and company have treated me like an ordinary person . They aren’t afraid of me because of my looks . They don’t ostracize me, and they treat me as one of theirs . How can I do something like that? Tell me, what should I do?” Gu Dian said bitterly and looked at Zhou Wen .

Gu Dian had no chance of making friends with humans because of his own problems . Furthermore, he didn’t know how to communicate with humans . Instead, he could pour out his heartfelt feelings in front of a cat . Wasn’t this also a tragedy?

“Beat him up and beat that turtle’s son to death . Who cares about you being human? Ignoring the fact that you have a dimensional creature bloodline, I wouldn’t mind even if you were a beast . ” Zhou Wen wanted to say that, but the moment he opened his mouth, it turned into a meow .

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Zhou Wen had no choice but to raise one paw and point in the direction the boy had left . He forcefully pointed a few times, indicating for Gu Dian to beat him up .

Gu Dian seemed to understand something when he saw Zhou Wen’s reaction . His eyes turned determined .

“I know what to do,” Gu Dian said to Zhou Wen before standing up and chasing after the boy .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before chasing after him . He still wanted to know why the boy was targeting him . He might be able to hear the reason why later .

However, after becoming a cat, Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy was completely gone . His fastest speed was only the speed of a normal cat, so how could he catch up to Gu Dian? By the time he caught up, he saw that Gu Dian was already standing in front of the boy, seemingly talking to him .

“I can’t do that to Zhou Wen . Change the condition,” Zhou Wen vaguely heard Gu Dian say .

“Change to another condition? What right do you have to bargain with me? Don’t tell me you really think Zhou Wen and company think of you as a friend? They only want to make use of you because you are foolish and powerful . If they know that you have a dimensional creature bloodline, do you think they would still be willing to let you stay in the Xuanwen Club? When that happens, they will only treat you as a monster—a pig or dog . It’s like you are a beast,” the boy said as he pointed at Gu Dian’s nose .

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